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The Reluctant Defector in North Korea

New book series will help teens increase their faith and learn God’s plan for their lives

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – After being an overseas missionary for 30 plus years, in more than 10 different nations, Julia Love, as a former teacher, has written a series of 12 short stories for teenagers or middle school students.

Each book is a fast-paced, faith adventure story, situated in a different nation, (for example “Fleeing the War in Ukraine,” “The Toilet Saved My Life in Burkina Faso,” “Daring to Be Different in Bolivia,” and “Big Fish and Deep Forgiveness in Philippines”.

One main aim of each story is to show how the Christian faith works in a practical sense under difficult circumstances, or ‘when the rubber meets the road’, which eventually happens to us all. All of Julia’s remarkable books are fiction, but are written from a biblical perspective.

In each book, the reader will learn about the geography and culture of the particular nation. The readers should also easily be able to relate to the story personally, as the main character usually faces various common teenage challenges, such as: body image issues, bullying, loneliness, racial prejudice, panic attacks, resentment, uncontrolled anger, and so on.

Several of the stories deal with becoming a refugee, or being part of an ethnic minority group.

At the end of each story, there is a section at the back containing study and comprehension questions, word searches, suggestions for writing narratives and artwork, making these unique books ideal for classroom work.

At present only the first 4 have been printed and are available on Amazon.

  • You are now invited to come and join Sveta and her Mum, as she is forced to suddenly abandon her home in Ukraine during the war. She travels to a new, unknown land on numerous trains, with many different challenges and adventures.
  • Alternatively, you can accompany Samuel, as he has to escape a radical jihadist attack in his village in Burkina Faso West Africa, in a most unusual way.
  • Then there is Ana in Bolivia, struggling with her parents’ strict religious upbringing and also trying to be accepted and fit in amongst her peers, despite their bullying.
  • Lastly, there is Nathan in the Philippines, who battles with much anger and resentment towards his step-dad, and a difficult life at home.

All along the unexpected twists and turns in their young lives, the main characters learn to truly know the Lord in a deeper way, and better follow His remarkable plan for their lives.

All four books, published by Ark House, are available for order now:

The Toilet Saved My Life

Daring to be Different in Bolivia

Fleeing The War in Ukraine

Big Fish and Deep Forgiveness