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Best Seller, “BEYOND: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms” Free to Download July 11

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—July 10, 2023

In a world often swept by tempests of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and heartache, a beacon of hope emerges in the form of Cindy Saab’s newest book, “BEYOND: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms.” The book is a riveting journey that sails through life’s most formidable storms, providing readers with a lifeline of strength, hope, and unwavering faith.

“BEYOND” is not just a book—it’s a compass to navigate the tumultuous seas of life. It serves as an intimate guide that empowers readers to find solace and strength during their darkest hours.

Author Cindy Saab combines her rich experience and deep biblical knowledge to offer readers a unique blend of practical wisdom and spiritual guidance.

The book is meticulously structured, featuring insightful Bible teachings, thought-provoking questions, and heart-touching stories of individuals who have braved life’s roughest waters. Each lesson is designed to break down complex biblical concepts into easy-to-understand pieces, accompanied by journaling prompts that provide a sacred space for readers to pour out their hearts to the Savior.

“BEYOND: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms” invites readers on a transformative journey to discover how refuge, hope, trust, love, joy, and strength can be unearthed even under the heaviest of life’s clouds.

Brace yourselves for a voyage that promises to take you beyond your current trials to a place of thriving strength—a place ‘Beyond’.

Don’t just weather the storm, go through the storm to a place BEYOND what you could have imagined or hoped for. Order your copy of “BEYOND: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms” today and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Cindy Saab’s book, BEYOND: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms will be available to download for free for five days through July 15, 2023. BEYOND: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms has launched with rave reviews. Here’s what just a couple reviewers have said:

5 Stars – Highly recommend

“Bought a copy for me and now am buying a copy for my sister. Compassionate and encouraging read from someone who has experienced intense storms to remind you of the God who will be by your side through your life’s storms as well. Good study to do on your own or with a group.”

Laura Acuna
5 Stars – Are you living through a hard season?

“If you are currently experiencing a hard season, Cindy Saab’s Beyond: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms will teach you how to re-frame your thinking on grief, suffering and disappointment through the lens of God’s Word and His life-giving grace. I highly recommend gathering with a few friends and going through this EXCELLENT and compassionate six-week Bible study, together!”

For More Information

Cindy is an intentional CEO—a Connector and Encourager to Others. She loves to inspire, empower, equip and coach those traveling through unexpected storms and motivate them toward new seasons of life. Cindy is an award-winning Bible study author, a passionate communicator, and a strong biblical teacher who participates in Christian writing and speaking conferences and coordinates for a nationwide Christian outreach ministry. The mother of two adult children, she can often be found at the local coffee shop or the inspirational beach near her New Hampshire home.

For interviews, contact cindy@cindysaab.com

Website: cindysaab.com

Facebook: CindySaab

Instagram: CindySaab

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. If it’s okay, could you tell us a little about your own storms? Did you immediately turn to God, or did you try to navigate on your own for a while?
  2. You teach Bible studies on this topic. At what point in your storm did you feel ready to start teaching others?
  3. Speak to the woman who has just been hit by a major storm and doesn’t feel ready to tackle a six-week Bible study. What would you tell her is the first step to moving through the storm?
  4. If the storm seems too big, like it will never end, what encouragement can you offer? How can readers know the storm will end?
  5. The book is called Beyond, and you talk about getting to a place beyond the storm. What can readers look forward to on the other side?
  6. You share a lot of stories in the book from other women who have faced major life storms. Can you share a story with us that inspired you?
  7. Of the women whose stories you share in the book, can you share where any are now and maybe how they have moved beyond their storm?