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New Redemption Press Book Names Eve as Revolutionary and encourages self-reflection

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – 2020 marks the centennial of the nineteenth Amendment, which granted US women the right to vote and was a huge step in gaining women’s equality. Today, women still fight for equal rights and use recognition of women’s achievements as one manner to continue to effect positive change.

The world’s first woman, Eve, is not frequently among recognized women noted for their remarkable achievements. Yet she is considered revolutionary by some.

Becoming Revolutionary, by Analisa Turnow and Jillian Marie, explores the life of Eve. Though she is most remembered for her sin, Eve persevered through the pain and shame of her mistake to experience God’s unconditional love and mercy, which left her praising God and becoming the mother of the future generation

“You can be revolutionary but still have problems and dysfunction,” said Turnow. “Becoming Revolutionary helps women to see that they can overcome their sin, blame, shame, and hiding, as Eve did, to live a life that glorifies God.”

“Nevertheless, she persisted” was the rallying cry for the 2018 National Women’s Month.** The cry is true of Eve. She persisted and became an overcomer despite her reputation. Eve didn’t stay in the darkness and isolation of her shame. Becoming Revolutionary states, “When Eve stepped out, she became revolutionary. She was not destroyed.”

Becoming Revolutionary provides opportunities for purposeful self-reflection to guide readers to step out of their darkness into Christ’s perfect love that covers sin and shame and casts out all fear.

“Revolutionary women, like Eve, are often not appreciated in their time,” Marie says. “Our book will help women who feel in bondage of their mistakes and shame to embrace the fact that we have a revolutionary Savior who enables us to live revolutionary lives.”

Becoming Revolutionary is written for women in all walks of life who want to leave a transformational legacy for the next generation. Cullison and Turnow hope the book will help women identify dysfunctional patterns in their own lives and persevere to live a life worthy of legacy.




Analisa Turnow is founder of Ellis Ministries, a nonprofit organization with the mission to love the broken, equip believers, and ignite passion in women. Through the ministry, she has spoken to and taught hundreds of women at conferences and retreats to help them find their identities in Christ. She also works as a high school transition specialist and is an organic farm specialist for the USDA.

Jillian Marie enjoys speaking engagements at women’s conferences through Ellis Ministries. She also writes Bible studies and focuses on living each day with purpose and looking at every opportunity with hope and love. She works as a physician assistant and also enjoys a career in education.

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