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another moment with god

Want to start a fresh relationship with God! This book will show you how.

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – As Australian woman Nenia Tavrou travelled extensively – both locally and overseas, including working in 12 countries – she noticed many people do not see themselves as clearly as Creator God sees them.

Regardless of their past, God values and adores each person for who they are and wants to spend time with them. Yes, this includes you! God sees you as a miracle of great workmanship. Where you live life, who you share life with, and what you do are all orchestrated as opportunities by God. Why? Because God doesn’t make mistakes. Nenia believes your past makes you into who you have become today. The trials of life make each person into stronger, wiser and informed people – equipping you to not only cope, but to thrive in the next season of life.

The short devotions of Another Moment with God are designed for the busy person. They are each around 200 words and include a story or event in life and how it relates to connecting you with the Lord Jesus Christ. There are plenty of suggestions on how to put various strategies into practice, all with the intention of drawing you into a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ.

What is the best way to pray? What if you just can’t get motivated? How can God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit all be one and the same? Is the Trinity real? What are the real seven wonders of the world? Why are perfect relationships no good? How does science prove God exists? How does God Bluetooth your heart? All these questions and more are answered in Another Moment with God.

In her unique book, Nenia believes prayer shouldn’t just be used as a desperate cry to God in an emergency or crisis. Prayer is communicating with God on a regular basis. It is knowing God as your close and most trusted friend. Someone you can talk to about anything at any time. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that!

Nenia was born in Australia. She previously fostered children from all walks of life for fourteen years with her husband. She worked as a Project Manager in the communications sector and also trained as a family counsellor. Her previous books include:

  1. Bottled Tears
  2. Scarred by life, repaired by Life
  3. A Moment With God
  4. Magical Moments of an Adventurous Life
  5. A Humorous Look at Living with Epilepsy
  6. But Mummy I am a witch!
  7. But Daddy, I am a superhero!

Nenia regularly attends church with her husband and enjoys doing volunteer work. All of her devotions have been inspired by real life experiences. She hopes Another Moment with God will help you to strengthen and enjoy your relationship with the Creator of the Universe – God himself.

Another Moment with God, along with all of her other books, are available from www.neniawriting.com. Another Moment with God is also available from Amazon and other major booksellers globally.

dabar promises

New Book Delves into the Promises for Christians who understand God’s Word

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Have you ever wondered why the people who lived during Jesus’s ministry, fully aware of the promises of a redeeming Saviour and witnessed for themselves the marvel of His many miracles, refused to see Him for who He truly was?

Many times I have pondered this and ashamedly I fear that I would be included with those mentioned in the lines of a famous song, “in vain I hear my mocking voice call out among the scoffers”!)  But now I realize that because of Christ’s death and resurrection, Christians today can acknowledge Him as Lord and Saviour.

At the same time, the people of times long ago may not have inscribed God’s teaching deeply within their hearts.

Dabar Promises was written in response to these deliberations. What might have happened if the people were more aware of what the promises of the Messiah entailed? Would they have reacted as Ananiah and his family did and welcomed Jesus in far greater numbers? Will people of today, after fully appreciating the greatness of the man Jesus Christ, be willing to accept Him as the Promised One?

Many years ago, during my devotions, I was reading scripture concerning Jesus. Surely, as the Bible focuses on God, this was not surprising! However, to my dismay, I was reading from the Old Testament!  As a young believer, I had the foolish notion that the Old Testament was old and in the past, while the New Testament concerned the coming of the Saviour – a new chapter in the life of man and a new beginning as well.

The Old Testament was outdated and completely superseded by the new.  But as the passages I was reading were coming from the Old Testament, for several years I recorded the passages making note as to when each was fulfilled in Jesus’ short life. Conducting more research by reading books and Internet surfing, I had after several years over 120 promises.

Whilst summarizing the promises, a story evolved about a man who knew and totally believed in God’s Word. I developed a story map and outlined clearly how the life of this man and Jesus would cross.  The story, like my research, lay dormant after several years and was not picked up until after my retirement in 2012.

Encouraged and inspired by many friends in the church I attended, I finally had time to sit down and write the book that had lay dormant for many years. Prior to the writing, I had managed to reduce the number of promises to approximately 92, ensuring that each promise was noted in the writings of Jesus’ life in the New Testament.  There was such a lot of research to do, some of which occurred before and during the writing of the book. As quite a lot of the research was found on the Internet and many blogs provided different information, I tended to use information which blended with the story that I was writing.

The writing of Dabar Promises was such a pleasurable experience.  Nowhere during the ten months of writing was there only “one set of footprints in the sand”. Meticulously I sought where incidences within the story were located in the Bible so that the reader, particularly those who were not familiar with the Bible or its contents, might be able to do further investigation. Hence it is my recommendation that the readers simply read the story before returning to the given biblical passages.

Dabar Promises is fictitious, yet some of its story has been based on facts. The challenge for all Christians today is to know God’s Word deeply. While the Bible is full of so many promises, the Dabar Promises are especially precious to us all!

40 days with grace

From the pain of a broken marriage, author pens powerful new devotional

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The pain of a broken marriage was difficult to bear, but despite the struggle, Australian author Sherylle Wells made the decision to document her journey.

40 Days with Grace is a devotional book with a difference. The author has a wonderful way of expressing herself and sharing the journey. The layout, style and format make it easy to read and the content is easy to digest. I found everything about it encouraging and inspiring and it was hard to put down. The text was not heavy going or gloomy, and had a sprinkling of humour which brings the light of God into each situation.

I read through the writer’s reason for penning her story and admired her honesty and openness. Her vulnerability touched me as she wrote about her extreme pain at the end of her marriage. From this pain, I concluded that she chose to use the following stories to encourage and support others who may be going through a difficult time.

These experiences which the author has transcribed into stories became powerful in their message, so being intrigued, I kept on reading. In her own words, she expresses that “as she started to write, more words would naturally flow”. These she attributed to the leading of the Holy Spirit. He helped her through those difficult times and many lessons were learned. These stories were strongly impressed on her by God Himself. She then followed that leading and began writing in order to help other people out of their own personal calamities.

The author has travailed along a treacherous pathway and has discovered her God through each one.  Descriptions are presented in an appealing way that the reader can relate to, some are semi-realistic and many are from personal experience. All held my interest.

In her explanation of The Hole, which vividly describes her difficulties and loss, I finally understood her pain and confusion. She tells of a traumatic time that she and her young family had endured. I was captivated by the writer’s depiction of that time. She had graphically and picturesquely portrayed a message that could be easily understood. The pain was entirely relatable to many of us, and let’s face it, most of us have a history of personal pain, be it anxiety, abuse or humiliation. We all struggle at times.

It takes courage to share The Hole that many of us find ourselves in. With candour and grace, Sherylle takes us on a journey of embracing the pain of our past, teaching forgiveness and above all, reaching hope. When she recounts The Story, she recognizes the impact of pain and tragedy to all, rather than to herself, alone. Our circumstances may not be the same, but we have all suffered betrayal, disappointment and being let down. She uses her experience to reach out to others who are suffering.  Her overriding themes are forgiveness and love.

She takes the everyday moments of life, and finds in them, the sacred. She shows us how God speaks to us through the ordinary, if we are willing to hear Him. Her simple every day observances and listening for the Holy Spirit, encourage us to apply God’s Word and His works to our everyday life. She teaches us how to listen and embrace His Presence.

The language is clear and direct, simple enough to centre our thoughts and eyes on God each day.  There is plenty of scope for those who want to dive deeper, using the scripture for further study or to journal our own response, or to begin a dialogue with God, through prayer. This devotional guide can be used daily or for those wanting to savour its message, weekly. I didn’t want to finish it too soon and found each chapter had an application for what I was experiencing at the time.

This writer offers an opportunity to journal our deepest thoughts, feelings and longings. Through these 40 devotions, we come to understand what God desires for us.  We must let go of the past to move forward and embrace the future.  We do this in the present, as we come to Jesus, surrendering our circumstance to Him.

Over time, I completed 40 Days which had been an interesting journey and throughout that trip, I had learned some important lessons about trauma and forgiveness. The author gently guided her readers to choose God’s way in handling difficulties when they arise.

Sherylle, a former teacher aide worked for many years in various schools, with children.  This being her first book has left me hoping that there will be others to follow as I have enjoyed the pathway.  While aimed at the adult, it has something for everyone and I would recommend this book to anyone with hurts.  Reading this and learning from it will promote and encourage a deeper faith and knowledge of God, our Heavenly Father.

The 6 Ways You Can Recognize God’s Guidance for Your Life

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Today, perhaps more than ever, people are asking, “what does God want me to do now”? The future may appear uncertain to many considering current events, but my lifetime of experiencing God’s guidance has taught me how to recognise His voice in the wilderness, including my time working as a pastor and doctor in Yemen during the Civil War, which I’ve written about in my latest book, Yemen.

At God’s direction, we have experienced dramatic and overwhelming changes to our lives. Firstly, we married, and that’s one of the biggest steps of faith you can take. Then over time, I transitioned from telephone technician to medical doctor, then specialist, and then ordained pastor.

We’ve lived in Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Yemen and the Northern Territory of Australia, with children in tow. You can read more about God’s guidance during our travels in my books ‘Stethoscopes, Kiaps and the Law of the Jungle,’ ‘To the City of the Great King,’ and ‘Yemen.’

So, how did God “engineer” those momentous changes? Simply, my wife and I learnt how to hear His voice. Below are six ways that you can recognise God’s guidance, which include some of the key ways we heard the voice of God in our daily lives:

  1. Read His word, and especially Proverbs 3:6, “In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.” Claim that as a promise. Our part in that is to totally surrender to Him, really wanting His directions for life and obeying those directions when revealed. His part is to give us straight paths ahead with no forks. My book ‘Stethoscopes, Kiaps and the Law of the Jungle,’ covers the six years we lived in Papua New Guinea. The decision to relocate to PNG with three small children, and to go with patrol officers to uncontrolled cannibal areas, was a result of complete surrender to Him.
  2. Talk often (all the time) to Him. Discuss steps for clarification, “Really? Do you really mean that”? Such praying is indispensable for guidance.
  3. Pay attention to the lives, examples and words of other Christians. The idea of Bangladesh came to us from an unsolicited invitation to a meeting, where the speaker told us of the need for doctors in Bangladesh. The next day, we received a Christian newspaper with the headline “Doctor Needed for Bangladesh”. We were amazed (even trapped) and we had to think and pray about Bangladesh. Our mission, Interserve, ultimately also steered us to the needs and opportunities in Pakistan and Yemen, which is detailed in my latest book.
  4. The “wet and dry fleeces” method used by Gideon in the Old Testament (Judges 5). It basically meant asking God to do something nearly impossible as evidence of God’s leading. I’m not happy with that seemingly bizarre plan, but it’s in the Bible. It worked for Gideon and for my wife, Audrey, when she asked, in prayer, for the Director of the Health Department to personally ring me and ask me why I hadn’t applied for a job he had advertised. He called and I got the job!
  5. Another unlooked-for guidance step, physically unwelcomed, were our numerous health issues. Over a period of 70 years, there have been several major health problems giving rise to unexpected withdrawals from countries. Through the ironing out of circumstances, such as house, children, schools, money and so on, we saw God, who is in charge of our circumstances and surprises, and recognised Him straightening out our path as promised in Proverbs 3:6.
  6. The deep inner peace of God “which passes all understanding”, giving His seal to His plan. His plan wasn’t always easy and there had to be small, practical enabling steps like obtaining appropriate qualifications for the tasks ahead: a long-term plan to be completed before commencing the above; making arrangements for the children; obtaining finance to live and work overseas (including support from family and friends); winning government approval to change regulations; getting agreements for projects and the granting of visas.

The Lord has also guided us through 65 years of happy marriage, with 23 children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. And that has been our greatest adventure of all. He can do the same for you, too. So I encourage you, in these turbulent times, to seek the Lord with all your heart and to bring Him into every part of your life. You too can go on a wonderful adventure with Him – and you don’t even have to leave your home-town to do so.


Dr. Malcolm Dunjey is a medical doctor, ordained pastor and acclaimed author. Together with his wife, Audrey, he has worked in many countries, either for government or as medical missionaries. He has written four books published by Ark House: ‘To the City of the Great King,’136 Questions About God; ‘Stethoscopes, Kiaps and the Law of the Jungle,’, and his latest book on being a medical missionary, ‘Yemen,’. Visit www.malcolmdunjey.com.

‘God’s ad-man’ overcomes failure and depression to help many Christian groups

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Is the advertising industry a tough place for a Christian to work?

Not for a sixteen-year-old Tom Glynn who joined a Sydney advertising agency and later worked for top advertising agencies in Sydney, Singapore and London.

Tom tells his extraordinary life story in his biography, “God’s Ad-Man” released in August 2021.

The son of an illegal SP bookmaker and a failure at school, Tom became a Christian in his late teens. He believed the principles of advertising could be applied to Christian organizations to improve their communications and fundraising.

In 1974 he started Tom Glynn Advertising with two clients, Anglican Home Mission Society (now Anglicare) and Scripture Union.

“We also attracted commercial clients to keep up to date and provide income,” Glynn said.

Despite his success and the ground-breaking work, he did to make

Christian ministry more visible and effective, Glynn had his own battles to fight.

“During this time, I was suffering from clinical depression which was only diagnosed years later when I was thinking of committing suicide. I wrongly believed it was a mid-life crisis.”

God’s Ad-Man is a story of success and failure, commitment and hope, in business as well as personal life. It also paints a picture of how Christian organizations were able to begin telling their stories in effective, relatable ways.

Tom published Which Christian Guides (Mission, College and School) for fifteen years.

“As well as understanding something of the challenges of the era, a reader will be encouraged to walk their own journey of fulfillment, courage and commitment, in the life God has called them to,” Glynn concluded.

God’s Ad-Man is available worldwide and from Koorong.

The market place is our ministry, but how do we actually share our faith?

Not too many years ago, Christians looked to their church for all the answers regarding the salvation of mankind. The goal was to bring unsaved people to church and then let the church – and the pastor – do the rest. As time has progressed, however, and there has been more teaching on Christians being the ‘arms and legs’ of the church, Christians are more aware of the role that they play in being a witness for God in their workplaces and communities.

The challenge is that many Christians simply don’t know how to effectively share their faith. Ross Walker is one man who does not fit into this category. Sharing the Gospel comes easy to him, and rather than keep his secrets to himself, he has released a new book, which helps Christians reach out to the unsaved people in their worlds.

Market Place Ministry is a book that all Christians should read, especially in an age where getting people to church is becoming increasingly difficult to do. Yet, these same people are interested in God and faith – but perhaps do not want to hear about God inside the church.

Ross Walker has been involved in market place ministry for almost 40 years and has made the observation that Christians who are unable to confidently share their faith will often remain silent at a time when “the rocks and stones are wanting to cry out that Jesus Christ is Lord”. (Luke 19:40)

“My personal observation over many years is that many Christians are reluctant to share their faith in the wider community outside the bounds of their church community and close friends,” Ross stated.

“While there may be many reasons for this, it is most probably due to the lack of priority that has been attached by church leaders to the training and equipping of Christian believers to share their faith. I had an encounter with God at age 22 and became a Christian. It was a life changing experience.

“Immediately after this, I had a burning desire to share the good news of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with the people I would meet from all walks of life and I began to do so soon after my encounter with God.”

Many Christians feel that their role is to defend their faith. Ross believes that the evidence of true discipleship includes always being ready to give an account of our faith; and that your testimony and reason for our faith is the key to sharing Christ with other people.

“This book is basically a series of snapshots of my life as I have sought to find effective ways to share my faith in keeping with every believers responsibility to take part in the Great Commission,” Ross said. “Jesus committed this ministry to Christian believers, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to change their world and we all have a role to play.

“The teaching and testimonies contained in this book are meant to be an encouragement to every Christian believer to step into the greater purposes of God for their lives, which includes being “the light of the world” and the “salt of the earth” people whose faith shines through their everyday lives.”

Born in North Queensland, Australia, Ross is a successful businessman and a current company director. Graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, he worked in the the Queensland State Government, before commencing work within thr private sector. He also graduated from Strikeforce Ministry Training Institute in 1997 with a Diploma in Christian Ministry.

Ross is currently the Principal of the Roscar Group of Companies, which has been highly successful in the project management of major event transport. He also has a successful technology business and a management consulting business.

“God called me into the market place back in the early 1980’s and I have witnessed the power of God touching lives in some of the most remarkable ways, a number of which could easily qualify for the Book of Acts,” he said. “I was an ordinary person who had a life-changing encounter with God and from Day 1, I chose to take the Great Commission seriously.

“God blessed me greatly in my state government roles and I had six promotions in seven years – being one of the fastest promoted in the history of the Department of Transport. Over the last 40 plus years, I have had extensive church leadership involvement including being an Assistant Pastor, several Eldership and Board positions, as well as Life Group Leader and Carer roles; plus many other aspects of church leadership. I love the opportunity to serve God.

“However, I agree with Bill Johnson, where he says in his book, ‘Walking in the Spirit’, that “Jesus did not go through what he went through so we could do church”. There is a much greater purpose!”

Market Place Ministry has teaching chapters interlaced with testimonials, describing market place situations where the principles being taught are then demonstrated, as people are led into an encounter with Jesus Christ. The book includes specific teaching on the principles and some proven techniques on how to share your faith in real life situations. The principles used have all been derived from the gospels of Jesus Christ and His Apostles, as well as many great soul winners for Christ.

Finally, the book describes many real life situations in market places, churches and other locations where all nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit have been used with miracles, signs and wonders following. These things are what Jesus said would follow when believers go into all the world and preach the good news!

“Many churches (including some whole denominations) have struggled with declining church attendances for years,” Ross continued. “How to present a never changing God to an ever changing world has become one of the most serious challenges for the church of Jesus Christ.

“However, if church leaders continue presenting the gospel in the same manner year after year and get the same results (including declining attendances), there is clearly something wrong. Within the church community there is tremendous benefit to be derived from modernising the message without compromising God’s Word or His ways and churches that have embraced this principle have experienced great rewards.

“However, for serious church growth to occur, believers need to be trained and equipped to share their faith by church leaders. The law of seedtime and harvest applies to every area of our lives, including church growth. If you don’t plant seed, then don’t expect a crop.

“It was not by coincidence that the sower was the very first parable Jesus taught and it appeared in all three of the Synoptic gospels. The underlying message is that the Word of God needs to be sown into the crowds of people we come in contact with on a daily basis. The fields are actually very ripe, ready for harvest.

“If this is not happening, then church growth will typically only occur when the more evangelical orientated believers within existing congregations invite their friends or through advertising campaigns, special events, and so on. When the church of Jesus Christ seriously recognises that it has a part to play in the Great Commission and trains, equips and empowers its people to share their faith and reach out to people ‘outside the church’, then it is the beginning of the pathway to growth.”

Market Place Ministry offers many practical examples on how to reach out beyond the church walls. This book is also being offered as an assistance to church leaders with their role of training and equipping the saints for works of service. It is effective for both the church leaders, as well as Christians wanting to make a difference.

Market Place Ministry is full of suggestions and advice on how to evangelize practically. Ross suggests that the number one ingredient is for Christians to have their personal testimony ready (as to how they encountered God) and then be prepared to share this when the opportunity arises.

“Pray and ask God to prepare the way for an encounter with someone in need of God in their life,” Ross suggested. ”When the point of encounter happens, look for the leading of the Holy Spirit in what to say and how to say it and you are on your way.

“For some people, their heart can open within a few moments of conversation. With others it may take years, but keep sowing faithfully into their lives until the seed takes root. Every person you meet is on their own journey through life. God treats them all as individuals, so recognize this and let your light shine through good works, genuine love, mercy, compassion and being there for people when they need a friend.

“Be ready to step into the shoes of the Good Samaritan whenever the need arises and you have the potential to change the lives of the people in your world – as God touches their lives through you.”

Market Place Ministry, published by Ark House, is now available globally.


How you can ensure you’re one of Life’s Winners.. and not one of the Few Losers.

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Most of us have had a few losses in life and need to find our ‘mojo’ to once again have the courage to get up and have another try. It’s unfortunately a part of growing up and becoming an adult.

We dream big, we try the impossible… and sadly, many times, things do not work out the way we plan them. At least, that is the case the first time around, and as many successful people will tell you, it is often on the second, third, fourth… even fifth attempt that, with all of the knowledge and experience of what went wrong the previous times, you can finally see breakthrough.

Ray Keipert is an Australian author who, from a young boy, has always had an interest in creative writing. In his new book, Life’s Winners … and a Few Losers, the theme for the book was developed as he drafted stories over a period of about three years. As Ray told me, he cast his mind back to people he’d met and places he’d been to, not to mention challenges he had met in his own life.

With age comes wisdom and Ray has taken the time to look back on a range of people – some massively successful, while others not so much – to find out what it is that makes people tick.

“I always loved writing, even as a young boy at primary school,” Ray said. Sometimes, interested teachers would get me to read my school compositions out to the class, so that was some affirmation of my writing. However, once I was in the workforce as a teacher of modern languages, I rarely seemed to have the free time necessary to concentrate on writing. One exception was in the mid-1970s, when I was teaching in England and had time to write during a winter vacation.

I completed a short novel (still stored in the bottom drawer of a garage cabinet). I did send it to a couple of British publishers, but they felt it needed much more work – no doubt it did – and I left it alone. Now that I am retired and have joined a University of the Third Age writing group, I feel much more motivated and have more time to write.”

Most of the stories inside Ray’s inspiring book are based to some extent on true situations, with names and places changed to keep the subjects of the stories anonymous. “In terms of the stories enclosed, there is a thread of truth in most of them,” Ray said. “It could be someone I’d met and quite often, places I have visited. As an example of a minor victory, the ‘Halls of Justice’ story represents me being vindicated in court when I contested a parking fine which I felt was unjustified.

“’Christmas Lunch’ was based on a real event, where a teenage girl was accidentally killed by a wayward golf shot hit by her best friend. The parents of the dead girl reacted magnificently to the girl who caused the death, doing much the same as the reaction in my story.

“As another example, ‘Five and a Half Centimetres’ is, as you see in the book’s final acknowledgement, a depiction of a real event that happened in 1963. Why did I write the story? Well, I remembered when that dramatic escape took place in 1963, recalling that the escapees had used a cut-down sports car. Having substantially written the story, I checked the events on the Internet, yes, there it was, complete with the names. Thus it was fitting to write an acknowledgement.”

So just what is it that makes someone continue through to see their dreams come to life, when others give up, not able to handle the emotional roller coaster? In the words of Ray Keipert: “I think it is strength of purpose that enables some to have success and others not; the ability to persevere in the face of discouragement. I equate it to taking a yacht through often stormy seas: you keep the bow pointing upwards so the waves don’t swamp it. Have Christian faith and pray to the Lord for strength  – I would urge everyone to do so.

“Another key ingredient is strength of character. You need to have that ‘stickability’ in your nature to not be put off by discouragement. Education, devoting time to your craft, surrounding yourself with those who offer encouragement, being reliable and trustworthy, honest in your dealings… all these positive virtues are essential to ensure you emerge as one of life’s winners.”

As a Christian author, Ray stated the importance of having a Christian faith as the base line for a successful life. “On top of this, one must resist fear and panic,” he said. “Everyone should keep company with positive people. Negative people engender fear, which is destructive. Finally, do some uplifting and motivational reading. I do hope that my book provides that and sets people on a pathway to be one of life’s winners.

“While it is easy to make the assumption that this book is for high-achieving Christians, I hope that it motivates people who have had a few losses to find their way back. I trust that they will be inspired to try again when they see ‘ordinary people’ responding to sudden challenges.

“I also deliberately included ‘minor’ matters such as the parking fine and the ‘resistance’ man who refused to pay for his radio and TV licence (abolished in Australia in the 1970s) to indicate that sometimes, minor concerns can become too big in people’s minds. They just have to come to see their problems in proportion and not blow the issue into something that it is not.

“Successful people are good at this. As the old saying goes, they don’t ‘make a mountain out of a molehill’. They don’t over-emphasize their challenges and so, with a calm head, plus prayer and faith, they can work clear pathways to get beyond the challenges they face.”

Life’s Winners … and a Few Losers, published by Ark House, is now available globally.