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another moment with god

Want to start a fresh relationship with God! This book will show you how.

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – As Australian woman Nenia Tavrou travelled extensively – both locally and overseas, including working in 12 countries – she noticed many people do not see themselves as clearly as Creator God sees them.

Regardless of their past, God values and adores each person for who they are and wants to spend time with them. Yes, this includes you! God sees you as a miracle of great workmanship. Where you live life, who you share life with, and what you do are all orchestrated as opportunities by God. Why? Because God doesn’t make mistakes. Nenia believes your past makes you into who you have become today. The trials of life make each person into stronger, wiser and informed people – equipping you to not only cope, but to thrive in the next season of life.

The short devotions of Another Moment with God are designed for the busy person. They are each around 200 words and include a story or event in life and how it relates to connecting you with the Lord Jesus Christ. There are plenty of suggestions on how to put various strategies into practice, all with the intention of drawing you into a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ.

What is the best way to pray? What if you just can’t get motivated? How can God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit all be one and the same? Is the Trinity real? What are the real seven wonders of the world? Why are perfect relationships no good? How does science prove God exists? How does God Bluetooth your heart? All these questions and more are answered in Another Moment with God.

In her unique book, Nenia believes prayer shouldn’t just be used as a desperate cry to God in an emergency or crisis. Prayer is communicating with God on a regular basis. It is knowing God as your close and most trusted friend. Someone you can talk to about anything at any time. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that!

Nenia was born in Australia. She previously fostered children from all walks of life for fourteen years with her husband. She worked as a Project Manager in the communications sector and also trained as a family counsellor. Her previous books include:

  1. Bottled Tears
  2. Scarred by life, repaired by Life
  3. A Moment With God
  4. Magical Moments of an Adventurous Life
  5. A Humorous Look at Living with Epilepsy
  6. But Mummy I am a witch!
  7. But Daddy, I am a superhero!

Nenia regularly attends church with her husband and enjoys doing volunteer work. All of her devotions have been inspired by real life experiences. She hopes Another Moment with God will help you to strengthen and enjoy your relationship with the Creator of the Universe – God himself.

Another Moment with God, along with all of her other books, are available from www.neniawriting.com. Another Moment with God is also available from Amazon and other major booksellers globally.