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New Redemption Press book examines God’s grace

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The COVID-19 pandemic has been a universal and omnipresent issue for more than a year, affecting the health, lifestyle, and many. Through mandated guidelines and sometimes personal sacrifices, we have been forced to consider others and look beyond ourselves.

Highlighting our common need for grace, Monsignor Terrence Sullivan said of the pandemic in his blog, “I have become more aware of how dependent we are on each other to do our part.”*

Recognizing humanity’s need to look beyond itself, in addition to the realized rewards of God’s grace in her own life, author Karen Pennington wrote An Anointed Mess: Discovering the Daily Adventure of Grace to encourage and inspire people to move toward more joyful and victorious living in Christ. “I’m grateful for all the life lessons God has taught me and that my journey has led me to lean into Him,” Pennington said.

“There’s something incredibly powerful about seeking out the Lord through Scripture in the midst of obstacles and challenges.” An Anointed Grace is fifteen years in the making—the eventual outcome of magazine articles Pennington published sharing her faith journey through a seemingly uncontrollable financial tailspin. Pennington received widespread feedback, convincing her that everyone’s unique stories, difficulties, and challenges are intimately connected and all in need of God’s grace.

Intended as an engaging and easy-to-read devotional or as a group study, Pennington hopes An Anointed Mess will inspire readers to manage life’s ups and downs with joy, faith, and integrity, whether dealing with daily chaos and frustrating inconvenience or major life hardships. Each stand-alone chapter of An Anointed Grace weaves together Pennington’s personal experiences with biblical parallels and common burdens of today—such as control, anxiety, forgiveness, and shame—along with questions for self-reflection.

“I want readers to discover that they can not only seek and receive God’s beautiful gift of grace but also become grace bearers,” she said. “And if we give Him our weakness and rely on His power, the Lord will transform our burdens to strengthen us and show us His glory.”


A devotional blogger committed to seeking the excellence, fun, and wisdom of God in daily living, Karen Pennington also has written and published Christian magazine articles. Her career has centered on education and Christian ministry, including local, regional, and national lay ministries; curriculum development; and conference and seminar planning. Karen now enjoys substitute teaching and serving at her church. She and her husband, Bill, live in Jamestown, New York, and consider church and Sunday family dinners—with granddaughter Amelia (the light of their lives), daughter Aletha, and son-in-law Baker—the highlight of each week. Second to being in the presence of those she loves, Karen’s happy places are the beach and in the middle of a good clearance sale.

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