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Advent through the eyes of hope

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – In our chaotic world, we need the reminder that hope is still alive. As we head into the winter season, we get to experience the beauty of Christmas. It’s more than tinsel and cookies and giving gifts. The beauty of Christmas is exploring the true gift of Christmas in Luke 1 and 2.

When we look back over the year at the tumult and triumphs we may have endured, it is powerful to remind ourselves that because of Jesus—as Isaiah prophesied, our “Immanuel”—our God is with us. This means that in the day to day and changing seasons, God is with us. In sadness and celebration, God is with us. And even in the breakups and restorations, God is ever with us.

Hope Has Come: An Advent Devotional is a family-style devotional to be read each day in December leading up to Christmas. Experience and explore the most incredible story ever told. The advent story. Jesus came, and He is our living hope.

With a heart for Jesus and for others to really know Him, author Jayne Patton says, “My prayer is that through writing, the messages God gives me will minister to those who may never hear me speak. Writing leaves a mark that speaking can’t. Perhaps someone will pick it up after I’m long gone, and the Lord will continue to use it to encourage them.” This beautiful and interactive devotional is relatable, enjoyable, and understandable—for families to enjoy each and every Christmas season.


Jayne Patton is a veteran speaker of over twenty years in women’s ministry. She is the founder and managing director of Altered Ministries (a 501[c] 3), an author, and a popular speaker at women’s events around the country. While she loves to read in her spare time, she can always be bribed with Mexican food and never ever turns down a double-stuffed Oreo. Visit her at www.alteredministries.com.



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