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The Adventures of Cari and Joe

Creative Christian Allegory Uses Sea Creatures to Share the Gospel with Children

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Pixar’s highly successful movies Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2013) popularized an evolving fish adventure movie genre. The resulting “Nemo effect” was even thought to influence the purchase of guppies.

But Kay Vandette, staff writer at Earth.com, comments, “While animal movies can impact viewers, the researchers found that people are not driven to buy pets but rather seek out information. Animal films even have the power to increase conservation efforts.”[1]

A new book release for juniors, The Adventures of Cari and Joe, by Micah Newcome (Redemption Press), uses sea creatures to share a Christian worldview and ethics for ages eight to twelve. The main character, Cari, a blue tang fish like Dory, has autism and must battle the evil intentions of Deceiver Shark’s attempts to spoil Guppywood.

Cari is different. Joe, a black-and-white jackknife fish who delivers mail at the SeaGalaxy Studio where Cari reviews scripts, tries to take advantage of her kindness. But Cari depends on Father Whale, who created all the sea creatures, and his son, Guardian Dolphin, to guide her through the seas of the Great Barrier Reef. Joe must choose whether he will be Cari’s friend and follow Father Whale and Guardian Dolphin or be lured away by the evil Deceiver Shark and the scheming pufferfish.

This fun, gospel-reinforcing book written by Micah Newcome, script reader and children’s worker, helps young readers “choose Jesus over the world,” according to Newcome.

[1] Kay Vandette, “New Study Finds the ‘Nemo Effect’ to be Inaccurate,” Earth.com, https://www.earth.com.

About the Author
Micah Newcome has been an intern at a radio station, a script reader for Marilyn Atlas Management and Eclectic Pictures, and a volunteer first-round reader for Austin Film. He lives in Northern California, where he enjoys writing, sports, and helping with Awana.

About the Illustrator
Maizie Langum is a designer and illustrator from southern Oregon. Her favorite part about creating art is making connections with people from all walks of life through various mediums, including printmaking, digital art, and creating murals for her community. Connect with Maizie on Instagram @dooty.boots.

For interviews, contact Micah Newcome at: micahnewcome@att.net.

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. How did you come up with the plot ideas for this “fishy” story?
  2. What is your main goal for The Adventures of Cari and Joe?
  3. Was it important to you to include a girl character with autism? Why?
  4. You very creatively share the gospel in your story, using Father Whale and Guardian Dolphin, as well as the evil Deceiver Shark. Do you think children will see the connection to Father God and Jesus Christ in the story?
  5. How can parents use this allegory to reinforce the teaching of the gospel to their children?