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Sherry Hoppen’s “Sober Cycle” Shines a Light on the Road to Recovery Through an Unforgettable Journey of Resilience

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—Monday, April 29, 2024

“Sober Cycle” will be free to download tomorrow, April 30, 2024.

In an era where stories of personal triumph and resilience are sought after more than ever, Sherry Hoppen’s powerful memoir, “Sober Cycle,” emerges as a beacon of hope for those battling the often silent and solitary struggle with addiction. Published by Redemption Press, this compelling narrative goes beyond the typical recovery story to offer a deeply personal account of overcoming alcohol addiction through an extraordinary physical and spiritual journey.

Sherry Hoppen, once a respected figure in her community, mother, and ministry worker, unveils the raw and unvarnished truth of her decade-long battle with alcoholism—a secret that consumed her life, faith, and family. In a moment of desperation, she embarked on a thousand-mile bike ride from Michigan to Texas, a grueling challenge that she hoped would mark the beginning of her journey toward sobriety.

With a blend of no-holds-barred honesty and unexpected humor, Hoppen takes readers through her numerous attempts and failures at achieving sobriety, the depths of her shame, and the moment of surrender that changed everything. “Sober Cycle” is not just a story about a bike ride; it is a testament to the power of faith, the importance of surrender, and the possibility of redemption.

Ten years sober, Sherry Hoppen is now a passionate advocate for women struggling with addiction. Through her story, she offers a message of hope without judgment, clichés, or trite mantras. “Sober Cycle” assures readers that redemption and healing are possible and that one does not need to embark on a thousand-mile journey to find them.

This memoir is not only for those who are directly affected by addiction but also for anyone seeking a story of transformation and the strength of the human spirit. It serves as a reminder that change is possible, no matter how insurmountable the obstacles may seem.

Sherry Hoppen’s “Sober Cycle” will be available for download for free on Amazon for 5 days from April 30, 2024 through May 4, 2024. “Sober Cycle” is highly rated by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what just two of the reviewers have said:

Debbie H.
5 Stars – The Heart of Vulnerability
“What a beautiful redemption story! I love the raw vulnerability that the author shares. It gives a very real look at the struggle so many deal with silently. Couldn’t put it down!”

Holly VanDalsen
5 Stars – Could NOT put it down!
“This book from start to finish was raw, emotional and truly written from the heart. I could not put it down! I finished it in less then 2 days. I love this book because there is no sugar coating it’s a true story of addiction and the struggle to recovery. It’s very very encouraging to anyone struggling or someone who is close to someone struggling. I would recommend this to anyone! Awesome Book!”

About the Author
Sherry Hoppen has lived in West Michigan her entire life, never more than five miles from her childhood home. She worked in various areas of a pregnancy care ministry for over ten years, first as a volunteer, then as an employee. Sherry is a writer,  speaker, and podcaster who shares her story in any arena. Sherry also works full-time for the ministries of She Surrenders and Selah House Recovery. Both of these non-profits were founded by her and her husband specifically for women who are seeking faith-based recovery to find freedom from addiction.  She and her husband have three adult children and four grandchildren and love being active in whatever they are doing. As empty nesters, they enjoy cycling and finding new trails to cycle together. Sherry is an avid reader who enjoys writing, decorating, and time spent on Michigan’s beautiful beaches. 

For media inquiries, interview requests, or further information, contact: sherry@shesurrenders.com

Website: shesurrenders.com
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Instagram: http://instagram.com/shesurrenders_sherry
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Suggested Interview Questions 

  1. Have you found that alcohol addiction is a problem among Christian women? Is this a hidden issue?
  2. What’s your opinion of the value of going through rehab to attain sobriety?
  3. How important is faith in God in recovery from any addiction?
  4. When you went on that first epic bike ride of a thousand miles, you hoped it would kick-start your recovery. How important do you feel exercise and new habits are to recovery?
  5. Tell us about the day you surrendered your addiction to God. Was it an instantaneous change, or did you experience struggles and temptations afterward?