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a determined hope

New Author Chronicles God’s Faithfulness Through Health, Family, and Career Challenges

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – CARY, NC January 3, 2023 – Despite the devastation of bankruptcy and being diagnosed with a crippling disease, author Jeanie Williams powerfully inspires readers with heartfelt honesty and joy as she shares how these challenges led her to deepen her faith in Jesus, build a successful business and bring hope to thousands of people.

The remarkable story of Jeanie Williams is filled with the joys of a loving family, as well as loving friends and a fulfilling business venture. But beneath that story lies a foundation of struggle and challenge – experiences that God has used to forge Jeanie’s character and create a legacy that has inspired her family and will continue to inspire many more. A Determined Hope is the amazing true story of God’s grace in the life of one woman.

“The power of faith can do endless wonderful things in a person’s life. The life of Jeanie Williams is a great example of that. In A Determined Hope, Jeanie shares her life story about walking through adversity and triumph to find God’s love and peace at the other end. With her husband Lee at her side, Jeanie has spent her life, much as Jesus did, in service to others. Her remarkable story of faith is inspiring and heartfelt. I have read her story several times and find more value in it every time I sit down with it.” – Mike Quayle

A Determined Hope will inspire and challenge readers while giving hope that with Jesus, no challenge of life is insurmountable.

“I long for this book to be not only a legacy for my children and grandchildren, but also an inspiration to them and to all who would read it. God desires to do more for us than we can imagine. His purpose for us is to develop the character of His Son in us (Romans 8:29), and in doing so inspire others to seek Him. That is a process that takes a lifetime.” – Jeanie Williams

A Determined Hope is available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BQLNDY5C?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_sem_2S546N6FZ24NFBXRR8Y6.

Learn more about Jeanie Williams and A Determined Hope at www.adeterminedhope.com.

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