Suspenseful and enthralling allegory explains the Trinity in an action-packed story for children

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The Countries of Whine and Roses

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Could a confusing religious foundation be one of the reasons as many as 60 to 80 percent of children leave the church as teens or young adults? *

Many children have a difficult time grasping the concept of the Holy Trinity or understanding the importance of the Holy Spirit. Without an available concrete image, they may miss the integral part the Holy Spirit plays in each of our lives.

Author Joyce Wheeler worked in children’s ministry and saw a need to simplify the doctrine of the triune God to match what children are capable of comprehending. This led her to write the enchanting story of The Countries of Whine and Roses (Redemption Press), an allegory.

God’s unconditional love for all of his children, no matter how they behave, is demonstrated though the king’s steadfast desire to help the people of Whine. That immeasurable love is evident to children and adults alike when they read about the King of Roses explaining The Plan to his people.

Wheeler says, “I also wanted the readers to know the agony God must have felt to send His son Jesus to earth as a helpless baby.”

The Countries of Whine and Roses is unique and whimsical. Written in clear, concise language, this allegory invites readers to broaden their understanding of key biblical concepts. The book will bring children and adults alike clarity on our triune God with its emphasis on the relevance of God’s heartbreaking decision to send His Son to earth to die as our Savior and what that means for each of us.

* Most Teenagers Drop Out of Church When They Become Young Adults – Lifeway Research


Joyce Wheeler is the author of eight books who makes her debut into children’s fiction with The Countries of Whine and Roses. Her years as a rancher’s wife and homemaker in western South Dakota have given her a variety of skills and experiences that are reflected in and have inspired her writing. Her love of God’s creation as well as her enjoyment of family and friends is evident in her fascinating stories. Learn more at

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Suggested Interview Questions

  1. How did you choose Whine and Roses as the countries’ names? Did you consider any other names?
  2. What inspired you to add the gray tabby kitten and how do think this character will help draw younger readers into the story?
  3. Why do you think children have a hard time understanding the Trinity? Do you have any tips for teaching children about the Trinity?
  4. How did your own childhood understanding of the Holy Spirit influence the story?
  5. What are some misunderstandings you have encountered when teaching children about the Trinity and are any of these addressed in your book?
  6. How could this story also be used to help adults who have difficulty understanding the Trinity?


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Suspenseful and enthralling allegory explains the Trinity in an action-packed story for children

News Provided By

Redemption Press

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