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My Christian Daily and Faith News Service, our leading Christian press release service division, have partnered together to help ensure ministries and Christian organizations receive guaranteed exposure with their press release.

Starting at just $39, when you publish your press release with Faith News Service, your message is also published on to both popular news sites My Christian Daily and Soul Purpose, meaning you get guaranteed exposure.

We have 3 exposure options (all prices are in USD):
Option 1: Publish your press release on, which then automatically feeds to My Christian Daily and SP homepages and article pages.
Price: $39

Option 2:
Publish your press release on, as per Option 1, and also have your press release-e-blasted out to a key database of 1,000 Christian media outlets and journalists.
Price: $59

Option 3: Publish your press release on, as per Option 1, and also have your press release e-blasted out to 10,000 media contacts at some 3,000 Christian and mainstream media outlets globally.
Price: $99

For tips on how to write an effective press release, please see our help file here.

If you need us to write your release, then please advise us when emailing your release and we will pass this to one of our journalists. One of our team will also be in contact with you with your finished article for approval before it is dispatched.

Click here to send us your press release for distribution or fill in the form below :