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Kurt Nickle-Dickle of Whiskers

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The fantasy genre is on the rise. Netflix 2018 findings show an increase in demand for science fiction and fantasy shows and movies.* And book sales for the science fiction and fantasy genre have doubled since 2010, according to publishing industry blog Author Earnings.**

Fantasy and imagination stimulate the mind and play an important role in cognitive development, according to Dr. Deena Weisberg’s study, “The Fantasy Advantage,” which found that children better retain information learned through fantasy play.*** Imagination has other long-term benefits as well. “Fantasy stimulates a child’s imagination! It fosters their belief in possibility,” said psychologist Dr. Christine Gockman. “This often results in children who are hopeful and more optimistic.”***

New children’s fantasy book Kurt Nickle-Dickle of Whiskers was born out of author N. J. McLagan’s esteem for the imaginative. “My passion for creativity and whimsy meshed with my love of fairy tales and children’s literature,” she said.

Kurt Nickle-Dickle of Whiskers is the story of nine-year-old Kurtis Francis Nickle-Dickle, who finds himself in an enchanted animal kingdom full of music, beautiful colors, and animals that communicate using their whiskers. But the land is in danger, and Kurt must choose between finding his way home or fighting to save the land and risking living in the Land of Whiskers forever.

With endearing characters, clever prose, and playful verse, McLagan ties in themes of friendship, faith, courage, and the power of light over darkness. Good is depicted as light, and evil is portrayed as the Thunder Troll and his dark legions, the Gathering Gloom.

“I wanted to take children on an adventure while also leaving a lifelong impression through an engaging storyline and fun, nonsensical rhymes,” McLagan said. “Christian allegory and godly characters are woven throughout to highlight the theme of the power of light over darkness.”

Intended for children ages nine through twelve, Kurt Nickle-Dickle of Whiskers will also be an enjoyable read for the growing number of young adults and adults with an appreciation of fantasy.




About the author:
J. McLagan is a lover of children’s literature and fairy tales. She fell in love with classic children’s books while taking courses in children’s literature, children’s theater, and music for children at San Jose State University. A native of South Carolina, McLagan attributes her playful imagination to a childhood surrounded by a vast array of wildlife, sunny beaches, mossy oaks, and plenty of room for a child’s imagination to soar. When she’s not writing, McLagan enjoys painting in watercolor and oil. She holds a Certificate of Fine Arts Painting from Famous Artists School and is a member of Oil Painters of America, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the Authors Guild. McLagan lives in the Seattle area with her husband, Virgil, a tuxedo cat named Tabitha, and a toy poodle named Oliver.

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Redemption Press releases endearing children’s fantasy book

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Redemption Press

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