New Release Shows Parents how to Leave a Lasting Godly Legacy for the Next Generation, Will be Free to Download Tomorrow, April 11, 2023

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In the Shadow of My Inheritance

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—Monday, April 10, 2023

Jeanie Stewart has written a powerful new book titled In the Shadow of My Inheritance that encourages believers to leave a legacy of walking in the truth of Scripture and pointing this generation to their inheritance in Christ.

As the light of Jesus Christ shined on Jeanie Stewart’s family, her parents and grandparents cast life-giving shadows of biblical principles. They didn’t preach the Bible to her—they lived the Bible in front of her, showing her what it meant to honor God with every thought, word and action.

Jeanie spurs other believers on to Christlike living and leaving a godly legacy for the next generation. She challenges readers to ask themselves if they are walking worthy of their calling—are they reflecting God’s love? With heartfelt conviction, Jeanie explains our responsibility to reflect the love of Jesus and point kids to their inheritance in Christ through Christian parenting—and Christian grandparenting.

Drawing from personal experience, as well as examples from Scripture, Jeanie offers practical advice on how we can live out our faith each day while pointing our children toward their heavenly inheritance. Through her writing and ministry, she seeks help guide others towards a closer relationship with God and inspire them to pass that faith down through generations.

Jeanie Stewart’s In the Shadow of My Inheritance will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days from April 11, 2023 through April 15, 2023. In the Shadow of My Inheritance is rated 5 stars by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what some of the reviewers have said:

Jean Shaffer
5 Stars – A life lived according to God’s direction

“A well written description of lives lived with the word of God as the reference point of all aspects of life. Much scripture throughout the book gives evidence of how to handle many situations in life and how author’s parents and ancestors dealt with them according to God’s word. The author embraces this legacy as she lives in the shadow of these important family members and how they impacted her. 5 stars for a book devoted to an example of godly living.”

Kathy Hoagland
5 Stars – Christlikeness

“The straightforward determination to persevere during disappointment and heartache gives me fresh cause for optimism! There’s an abiding sense of family and purpose, along with challenges to my own faith as a Christian to ponder. The author’s writing style is delightfully evocative, and I will be recommending the book to friends and family.”

For More Information: For questions or to schedule an interview about this press release please contact Jeanie Stewart at (910) 398-7912 or email

About the Author

Jeanie Stewart loves the Lord Jesus Christ and serves Him in whatever capacity He deems fit. With a nearly fifty-year career in education, she is passionate about the younger generation and has invested in them both as a teacher and as an administrator. She is also a gifted speaker and enjoys taking the podium at education and women’s conferences. Jeanie earned a degree in language arts from the University of Rio Grande in Ohio and a M.Ed. in educational administration from Bob Jones University, where she also taught. She resides in Ohio and finds joy in writing, gardening, reading, traveling with friends, art, and music.

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. Your book is titled In the Shadow of My Inheritance. Why did you choose the symbol of shadow and what does it mean in this context?
  2. In your book, you state that we have failed to do our job in providing a consistent example of Christ before our children. How have you seen that in society today, and what do you think is the reason for this failure?
  3. You were blessed to be born into a Christian heritage, including your parents and both sets of grandparents. What hope is there for those who don’t have the benefit those Christlike role models?
  4. When did you decide Jesus Christ was your God, not just the God of your parents? What role your family played in your spiritual development?
  5. What are some of your favorite memories or stories of the ways your family provided Christlike role models and influence?
  6. What would you say to someone who has not provided a Christlike role model for the next generation but who would like to begin living for Jesus later in life?
  7. What would you say to a parent or grandparent who has provided that Christian heritage but has a family member who have decided not to follow Jesus?
  8. What inspired you to write the book? What do you hope readers will take away?
  9. Your book shows a clear conviction of your responsibility to leave a Christian legacy for the younger generation. Tell us about the realization of this responsibility.
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New Release Shows Parents how to Leave a Lasting Godly Legacy for the Next Generation, Will be Free to Download Tomorrow, April 11, 2023

News Provided By

Redemption Press

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