New Release is a Historical Fiction Novel Based on the Shroud of Turin

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the only witness

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – New technology, Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS), provides new evidence that the Shroud of Turin is approximately 2,000 years old.* Author and shroud expert Guy R. Powell has extensively researched the Shroud of Turin, depicting the image of a crucified man that many believe to be the image of Jesus Christ.

He says, “This new testing is exciting as it provides more evidence that the Shroud dates from the time of Jesus,” Powell said. “There is such mystery associated with the Shroud. Some think it is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ. Others believe it to be a thirteenth century fake. Scientists, theologians and even Christians can’t agree.”**

In a new release, The Only Witness: A History of the Shroud of Turin (Redemption Press), Powell uses facts and hypotheses to tell a compelling, fictional—yet plausible—story of the history of the Shroud of Turin. In his intriguing account, readers learn of the shroud’s miraculous survival from harm and destruction despite wars, crusades, floods, and fires.

“Other books on the Shroud of Turin are purely historical or strictly scientific books, but I wanted to create an intriguing story that everyone can read,” Powell said. “The Only Witness can be enjoyed as a novel, yet it allows readers to simultaneously learn facts about the Shroud of Turin along with tenets of the Christian faith.”

Spanning two millennia, The Only Witness relates an account of the burial cloth’s journey from Golgotha in Jerusalem through Asia and into Europe, to its final resting place in Turin, Italy, where it has been housed since 1578. Four hundred years later, in 1978, extensive scientific study began in order to prove or disprove its authenticity.



Guy R. Powell is an author, marketer, part-time historian, and respected Shroud of Turin expert and speaker. He is president of marketing company ProRelevant and author of five business books, with his most recent book achieving a number one ranking among Amazon’s international bestsellers in four categories. The Only Witness is Powell’s first fiction work and brings to life a compelling, possible, yet plausible, story of the Shroud and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Guy lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Karen. He has three children.

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New Release is a Historical Fiction Novel Based on the Shroud of Turin

News Provided By

Redemption Press

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