New Release Helps Young Readers Navigate Feelings of Grief After Loss

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Where Are You Going?

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Why is it important to address a child’s grief after losing a loved one?* Some adults may find the topic heavy and unpleasant and shy away from discussing it. When these discussions do not occur, a child can feel anxious and overwhelmed.

However, being open with children about death can help a child navigate and identify their feelings while offering them healthy ways to cope, such as sharing their special memories of the loved one who has passed. It can also lead to important conversations about God and heaven.

Author Sandy Haney knows from personal experience that children benefit when they know they can lean on God for comfort and strength. Shortly after she turned fourteen, Haney lost the grandmother who raised her and credits her faith in God for getting her though this difficult time.

That experience and the understanding that came from losing someone dear to her at a young age inspired her to write Where Are You Going?

The story follows a natural progression of showing how God cares for all His creatures, no matter how small they might be. Page by page, younger readers see animals they are familiar with and ways God provides for them. It gradually eases into how God provides for the little girl while addressing her feelings of grief.

The reader then learns along with her that God continues to care for the girl’s grandfather now that he is with God in heaven. Echoing the theme of her book, Haney says, “It is my most heartfelt prayer that readers embrace the fact that God gives us what we need to survive, especially when we suffer loss.”

* How to Explain Death to Your Children – Christian Parenting (


Sandy Haney devoted thirty years of her life to teaching elementary school and forty years to children’s ministry. Now retired, she fills her days with volunteering, speaking, and, of course, writing. Where Are You Going? is her first children’s book but the accomplished author has also published a collection of poetry, a memoir, and a mental health guide for teachers. She currently lives in the Texas Panhandle with her husband and the two of them love spending time with their two grown children, their children’s dream-come-true spouses, and their four delightful grandchildren.

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Suggested Interview Questions

  1. What led to your decision to use animals as a way of showing how God provides?
  2. Many of the observations fit a child’s unique viewpoint. Were any of these inspired by a child in your real life?
  3. Do you have any tips for describing heaven to a child?
  4. How did your years spent in education and ministry influence your writing?
  5. Do you think it’s ever too early to teach a child about heaven?
  6. You’ve written a variety of other books, all intended for older readers. What inspired you to write a children’s book?
  7. What were some differences you came across between writing for adults and writing for children? Were there any unexpected challenges?
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New Release Helps Young Readers Navigate Feelings of Grief After Loss

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Redemption Press

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