New Release Details One Woman’s Miraculous Story From Planning Her Funeral to Planning Her Future

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FAITH NEWS SERVICE – “Healed! How God Took Me from Planning My Funeral to Planning My Future” Will be Free to Download Today, September 26, 2023

United States—September 26, 2023

Have you ever pondered the power prayer holds in healing illnesses? A study from Baylor University reveals that most Americans have, at some point, sought divine intervention for health-related concerns, often on behalf of loved ones.* But where can we find tangible proof of this healing?

Gayle T. Taylor, an author who has personally experienced the life-altering miracle of healing, unfolds her extraordinary story in her new book – “Healed! How God Took Me from Planning My Funeral to Planning My Future” (Redemption Press). The book serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement for those grappling with debilitating or terminal diseases. It’s a testament to God’s miraculous healing power that she experienced firsthand.

This heartwarming narrative captures how Gayle Taylor, once a young mother battling unexplainable symptoms that sapped her vitality and will, was diagnosed with lupus – a disease with no known cure. Struggling through seven years of survival mode, Taylor soon understood that her fight was not just physical but also spiritual. At the brink of despair, when planning her own funeral seemed inevitable, she heard a divine whisper urging her to choose life.

The next three years were transformative, drawing her closer to a miraculous recovery, both physically and spiritually, and deepening her faith in God. “Healed!” is more than just a story. It’s a celebration of the Word of God, a testament to how the Lord communicates with us personally, and a source of inspiration for those seeking divine healing in their lives.

Whether you’re seeking solace in a free e-book or wish to hold the tangible testament of faith in your hands, “Healed!” is an invitation to embark on a journey of hope, healing, and renewed faith. Download or purchase your copy today and allow Gayle T. Taylor’s remarkable journey to inspire you.

Gayle T. Taylor’s, “Healed! How God Took Me from Planning My Funeral to Planning My Future” will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days, September 26 through September 30, 2023 “Healed!” is highly rated by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what just two of the reviewers have said:

Keith H. Carter
5 stars
An amazing experience and revelation!

“I am very glad this book and I have crossed paths! Gayle Taylor has reasons to rejoice in her healing from such a debilitating disease! And she faithfully and confidently gives credit to whom it belongs—to a loving God.”

5 stars
If only you BELIEVE!

“After reading this book, it will turn hope into faith and faith into power, GOD’S POWER! The author brings Christians back to what God can do if we only believe in Him and His Word which is always true and straight from Him. Read this book and be HEALED!”


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About the Author

Passionate about intercessory prayer, Gayle often ministers to those who contact her for prayer and has been a part of intercessory prayer groups for two churches in South Carolina. As well as serving in other areas of their church, Gayle and her husband, Jimmy, lead their church’s intercessory prayer group. They live in South Carolina and have four children, sixteen grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Gayle has varied ministry experience. She has served Aglow International both on the executive board of the Sumter, SC, chapter and as president of the Andrews, SC, chapter. A speaker at Christian women’s gatherings, she also taught Sunday school for children and adults and led the teen girls ministry for many years.

Suggested Interview Questions:

  1. After your years spent battling lupus, what encouragement do you have for others who are battling serious illness?
  2. Can you tell us about the time when you truly believed you would succumb to the disease and were planning your own funeral?
  3. What do you want people to know about how God moves in answer to prayer for healing?
  4. For readers struggling with illness, in what ways do you believe Healed! will encourage them?
  5. Can you give us some insights for readers who care for a loved one battling a chronic illness?
  6. How did the Word of God factor into your healing journey?
  7. Why do you feel it is important to confess and speak the Word in the middle of a trial?
  8. For anyone who is feeling defeated by the enemy, whether it be through health struggles, or another form of spiritual attack, what is your primary piece of advice for them?
  9. For readers who are interested in intercessory prayer but have never done it before, how would you recommend they get started?
  10. Can you share an incident when you interceded for someone and your prayers were answered?
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New Release Details One Woman’s Miraculous Story From Planning Her Funeral to Planning Her Future

News Provided By

Redemption Press

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