New Inspirational Release Issues an Invitation to Authentic Worship

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How Can We Not Worship Him?

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Denominations, congregations, and individuals often differ on the correct answer to the question “What is worship?” Sinclair Ferguson writes, “There is a difference between going to a service ‘for the worship’ and going to a service ‘to worship the Lord.’ The distinction appears to be a minor one, but it may imply the difference between the worship of God and the worship of music.”[1]

Brad Tuttle, a worshiper and intercessor who teaches on worship, says, “We have a choice to be the kind of worshiper the Father seeks or to be the kind of worshiper the Father does not seek.” In his new release, How Can We Not Worship Him? (Redemption Press), Tuttle defines worship and draws the reader into the authentic and biblical worship of God with forty-four short chapters containing encouragement to draw close to God, an invitation to delight in worship of Him, and a call to partake in worship that pleases the Father.

This devotional volume is written for those who want to be closer to the Lord, feel his presence, and worship him from the heart but may not know how to enter in. Those who already delight in worship and experience awe and wonder in God’s presence will be drawn deeper still.

Each reflective thought contains an invitation to come before the throne of God. Each entry contains scripture that invites a response and prayers that will lead you into God’s presence. Also included is the author’s testimony of his supernatural experience of salvation and the account of his recent death-to-life experience.


Brad Tuttle recently retired after forty-two years in the mortgage banking industry. A worshiper and intercessor since 1985, he is a speaker and writer of articles on worship and prayer. A member of the board of directors of Colorado Prays, he is one of the hosts of a joint TV prayer program sponsored by Colorado Prays and Rocky Mountain Christian Television Network. He and his praying wife of fifty-five years, Juneal, have two daughters, two sons-in-law, and four grandchildren. They live in Colorado, where he enjoys working in his multiple flower gardens.

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Suggested Interview Questions

  1. What was your first experience with worship in a church like?
  2. What is your definition of a worship service?
  3. Do you think men, as a rule, have a harder time than women freely expressing themselves in worship? If so, why?
  4. What do you feel pleases God in corporate worship? What doesn’t?
  5. What’s the difference between singing and worship?
  6. You’ve written articles and spoken on worship. What do you want people to know most about becoming a worshiper?
  7. How has your recent near-death experience affected your relationship with the Lord?

[1] Sinclair Ferguson, A Heart for God, 1987, in “Conflict Over Musical Styles in Christian Worship,” by Eric Beechem, www., Apr. 11, 2021.

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New Inspirational Release Issues an Invitation to Authentic Worship

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Redemption Press

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