New Book Shattering Mental Health Stigmas Launches with Rave Reviews

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andrew nyberg

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—March 29, 2023

Andrea Nyberg is thrilled to announce the release of her non-fiction book, I’m Such a Messterpiece: Shattering Stigmas, (Re)framing Our Fears and Finding Ourselves Fully Loved. In her groundbreaking book, Andrea explores the intersection of faith with depression and anxiety, helping reframe what it looks like to both love Jesus and struggle with mental illness. It’s an inspiring read for anyone battling anxiety and depression who needs reassurance that they are not alone.

Andrea was inspired to write this book after her own difficult journey with mental illness. After hitting rock bottom in her physical, mental, and spiritual health, she reached out for help for her anxiety—an act of courage that saved her life and set freedom and healing in motion. In I’m Such a Messterpiece, Andrea offers readers an intimate look at her story while providing them with practical tools and resources to reestablish the foundation of their faith.

This women’s Christian living book provides readers with an opportunity to embrace a survivor mindset as they discover that hope, joy, and healing are theirs for the taking. Through stories from her own struggles as well as other brave individuals who have faced similar battles in silence, the author helps us understand that our stories can bring us together instead of tearing us apart.

“We all have this common thread of brokenness running through us,” says Andrea. “But it doesn’t have to define or control us; it can be used to transform us.” Through this lens, I’m Such a Messterpiece offers readers an opportunity to reframe their trials by arming them with knowledge, tools, and truths from Scripture to help them take a next step in their healing journey.

Andrea M. Nyberg’s I’m Such a Messterpiece will be available to download for free for five days through April 1, 2023. I’m Such a Messterpiece has debuted with rave reviews. Here’s what some of the reviewers have said:

Andrea Lende
5 Stars – From a messterpiece to a masterpiece

“This book is a must read for all of us who feel like we are more of a messterpiece than a masterpiece. The author takes us through her trauma to her discovery of hope and healing. She makes it okay to not be okay while developing the tools to move through the struggle of mental illness to healing and the modalities that helped her. She takes away the stigma that we need to be perfect to beling in God’s kingdom. And she shows us how God loves us just as we are and will be with us through every moment of these earthly lives. I highly recommend this book for anyone who deals with trauma, anxiety, depression, shame, anger, or feelings of unworthiness.”

Stephanie Christine
5 Stars – Amazing memoir about how faith and depression can live hand in hand

“Andrea Nyberg’s I’m Such a Messterpiece gives an eye-opening look at how Christians can and should allow themselves the grace to find treatment for anxiety and depression. The author exposes herself to give a raw look at her messy masterpiece of a life as a mom, wife, and human. This book is perfect for anyone who feels like a mess–whether it’s caused by anxiety or depression or just the craziness of life. You’ll soon realize, with Andrea, that you’re not alone.”

For More Information

For more information or to schedule an interview about this press release, please contact Andrea Nyberg at

About the Author

Andrea M. Nyberg is an author, speaker, and photographer passionate about (re)framing the collision of faith and mental health and its impact on our identity, emotions, and relationships. She holds a Master of Arts in educational leadership from Gateway Seminary and serves in various leadership roles in her church and community. Andrea lives in San Jose, California, with her husband and two children. Connect with her at

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. You say, “Suffering is not without hope.” What advice would you give to sad Christians who might be listening and who feel hopeless in their struggles with anxiety and depression?
  2. Can you speak to your own experience about dealing with mental health struggles and its intersection with your faith as a follower of Christ?
  3. Why did you decide to write I’m Such a Messterpiece? Did you have any hesitation about being so publicly vulnerable, and, if so, what inspired you to put your story out there?
  4. Your book is entitled I’m Such a Messterpiece: Shattering Stigmas, (Re)framing Our Fears, and Finding Ourselves Fully Loved. Can you explain the term messterpiece and speak to how you see yourself and how God sees you?
  5. You say that your journey to hope and healing has not been a linear process. What has the process looked like, and do you see it as a lifelong process?
  6. You mention that anxiety and depression were taking a toll on every aspect of your health—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. What is one thing you have learned or implemented in each area that has been most instrumental toward your healing?
  7. Can you speak to what role community—specifically, your mom group—has played in your healing? What advice would you give to those who are lonely and may not be connected to community at the moment?
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New Book Shattering Mental Health Stigmas Launches with Rave Reviews

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Redemption Press

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