New Book Offers Guidance and Humor for Living Out Faith at Work

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Tom C. Petersen

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thank god it's monday

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – March 19, 2024 — Competition. Greed. Crushing deadlines. Stale breakroom donuts.

The world of work is not the easiest place to practice our Christian faith.

A new book by Tom C. Petersen, “Thank God It’s Monday(?): Balancing Work and Faith While Keeping Your Sense of Humor,” offers readers a humorous field guide on how to do just that.

Building on his experiences from years in the office trenches. Petersen writes about daily issues that confront Christians at work. He chronicles a couple of his successes – and a whole lot more failures – of trying to live his Christian values amidst the challenges of office life. Calling his experiences a “cautionary tale” for others, Petersen says he’s “Exhibit A” for the power of God’s grace in the workplace.

Whether it’s dealing with difficult coworkers, surviving office politics, or finding opportunities to share one’s faith, Petersen draws from scriptural wisdom to offer practical advice for navigating work and faith situations with a lighthearted touch.

Notable chapters include:

  • “The Amazing Identity-Changing Employment” (Chapter 1)
  • “What to Do if You Have a Boss (Chapter 6)
  • “When It’s Time to Go” (Chapter 23)

“Thank God It’s Monday(?)” is about finding humor in the everyday challenges of work and maintaining a sense of God’s presence amidst the ups and downs of work life. Through laughter and reflection, Petersen reminds readers to embrace their faith journey at work with humility and grace, knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. They can be encouraged, celebrating that they are undoubtedly performing better than the author does.

About the Author
After a brief and ill-fated start as a daily newspaper reporter, Tom C. Petersen spent decades in the corporate world as a utility communications professional. He is a husband, father, and son, with two master’s degrees and a deep and bitter jealousy of anyone who has a Ph.D. He has been a church elder, nonprofit board member, and homeowners’ association board president, which is just about the worst job in the entire world. He thinks a lot of serious and important things are very funny.

What (Admittedly Biased) People Are Saying:
“This book is kind of a cross between ‘The Office’ television show and C.S. Lewis… if Lewis had sketchy theology. And didn’t write very well. And talked about himself a lot.” (The author’s co-worker, who preferred to be anonymous)

“Thank God It’s Monday(?)” is a witty and insightful read that will resonate with anyone who has ever grappled with the tension between their professional responsibilities and their spiritual convictions. Petersen’s blend of humor, honesty, and faith makes this book a valuable resource for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace with integrity and a sense of humor. (David Hancock, Founder and CEO of Morgan James Publishing, and very kind person)

“I wrote this book to remind myself to laugh. It’s meant to help me process the dilemma of work and faith when they seem in conflict. It also reminds me that Jesus has saved us from the dire prospect of a life continually chasing our work and worldly things. When you have a heavenly perspective, it is much easier to laugh at the world of work.” (Author Tom C. Petersen)

Final Sweeping Hyperbole

“Thank God It’s Monday(?)” is lauded (by the author) as “The Definitive Field Guide to Effectively Navigating Faith and Work (By someone who is not good at either).”

For anyone who struggles to live out their faith at work, this book has stuff about that.

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New Book Offers Guidance and Humor for Living Out Faith at Work

News Provided By

Tom C. Petersen

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