Never Alone: A Journey of Healing through the Power of God Will be Free to Download Tomorrow (9/24/22)

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never alone

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—September 23, 2022Karen Gruden is pleased to present her newest book, Never Alone: A Journey of Healing through the Power of God

Karen wrote Never Alone to offer encouragement, hope, and healing to readers who’ve experienced deep grief.

Karen Gruden’s Christian spiritual growth started in the most unexpected and startling way—with the tragic and sudden death of her twenty-one-year-old daughter, Taylor. The loss of her daughter ushered in a long period of darkness for the grieving mother. In this story of Christian death and grief, years of deep grief and constant pain left Karen certain she was doomed to perpetual hopelessness. But to Karen’s surprise, her shattered heart became a starting point for a new journey with God, beautifully healing and sustaining her. Never Alone chronicles Karen Gruden’s transformation from brokenness to wholeness—from believer to fully devoted follower of Jesus. No longer defined by tragedy, Karen shares her emotional and inspiring story of personal growth and Christianity, emerging on the other side of grief with strength, purpose, and joy.

Karen Gruden’s Never Alone will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (9/24/2022-9/28/2022). Click here to view. Never Alone has an overall 4.8 rating by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what just a couple of the reviewers have said: 

Susan Clark
Verified Purchase

“Beautifully written testimony of a mother’s grief and her journey of healing. Grief is such an individual emotion and we all have to navigate it as best we can. I understood her desire to not let it devour her. While you may not share her faith, I think you will recognize the feelings and thoughts that come with such raw grief.”

Dawn E. Whitmore
Verified Purchase

“A family friend is walking through the death of her Mom, I already shared something with her from this book. The person said, “I needed that today.”

For More Information: For more questions or to schedule an interview about this press release please contact Karen Gruden at 630-890-3737 or

About the Author

Karen Gruden is an author and a talented graphic designer, spending more than twenty-five years in the graphics industry. With a bachelor of fine arts from Bradley University, she has illustrated books, greeting cards, CD covers, logos, and magazines. Her background includes both freelance and corporate work and spans various roles, including production manager, art director, designer, editor, and proofreader. Karen has two children, one of whom lives in heaven with the Lord. Her son is married and lives close by. She has three grandchildren. Karen and her husband, Jim, reside in the Chicago area.

Suggested Interview Questions

Tell us a little about your daughter—some of your memories of her and what you miss most about her.

As you wrote this book what was the process like as you had to relive those dark times following Taylor’s death, but also the ways you experienced God’s grace?

You said that through the tragedy of losing your daughter, God transformed you from being a believer into becoming a fully-devoted follower of Christ. Tell us a little about your faith journey and how you describe the difference in believing and being fully devoted to Christ.

What advice would you give to someone wading through the darkest moments of loss and grief? How do they begin the journey of healing and can they ever fully recover and have a life of happiness and joy?

You went through years of grieving. What was the turning point that began moving you from grief to healing?

Grief looks different for everybody. You said your grief was excessive and even self-destructive. How would you identify self-destructive grief, and what made you recognize that your grief had passed the point of being a natural outcome of your loss?

Even while you were in your deepest pain, you said you were aware of God and that he was a lifeline for you. How did he eventually become more than just a presence and a lifeline to you?

You write that knowing more about God’s love and faithfulness was essential for your healing process to begin. What did you learn about His love and faithfulness?




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Never Alone: A Journey of Healing through the Power of God Will be Free to Download Tomorrow (9/24/22)

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