Miracle of God continues in April as TFEA – East Africa Evangelists see over 15,000 Prisoners come to Christ in 10 Ugandan prisons.

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FAITH NEWS SERVICETom Flaskerud Evangelistic Association is excited to announce that in April our 3 East Africa Evangelism Teams conducted 93 ‘Prisoner of Pain…..God’s Grace’ video documentary events in 10 Ugandan prisons. The prisoners were both men and women who responded with 14,407 recording a first-time profession of faith in Christ and another 1,116 recording a rededication to Christ. All of the responding inmates were given New Testament Bibles.

TFEA East Africa Director, Evangelist Bryan Wisdom Ohiirwe reports: “There is nothing like this that has happened before in the East African Prisons, and God has chosen the TFEA/Freedom Team to use them as his vessels during this special season of Harvest and revival in Prisons. we are thankful to the TFEA and the Freedom Team, and all partners for your continued support, prayers and spiritual guidance.”

TFEA Executive Director, Tom Flaskerud writes: After receiving direction from God we were compelled to start Prison Cell Churches in Kakiika Prison and we are happy to announce that God has gone before us and prepared the hearts of every leader to fulfill His direction and purpose. We started with 1 prison cell church on March 5th and God has now miraculously blessed us with 30 prison cell churches with 3200 prisoners attending twice-a-day for an hour each. TFEA has supplied the sound equipment and Bibles for these inmates. We hope to begin Prison Cell Churches in Nyabuhikye Prison by June 1st.

Evangelist Joshua Tukesiga reports: “The New Testament Bibles have had a great impact on the inmates and the ministry here in prison both staff and inmates. We have the portable speakers, microphones, and stands, this has helped us during these daily services. In a typical service we have praising and singing worshiping songs in adoration and a time of prayer, testimonies from individuals and prayer requests then ministration of the Word during services. As I said before, revival already started in prison here, thousands are getting saved and coming to Christ than ever before, the prison Cell Churches are growing so fast, God is building His church for His people and it is exciting and such an honor that God has counted us worthy to be a part of this.”

Unedited letter received from a female prisoner. Agnes – 37 years old, female, Kakiika Prisoner writes: “At my first meeting with the Freedom Team at the hall on Saturday, 12 March, I was frustrated, and hopeless and wished I was never born instead of wasting all my life in prison, but how the Lord has made dramatic changes in my life in the past month is amazing, I have new friends at the prison cell church and we are always planning on how to sing and praise God and testify every morning and evening, I think This is what I want to do when I leave prison, to be a church leader. During these services I have experienced God in ways like never before, I shared my testimony of how me and my sister have been freed from drug addiction during our last service at the prison cell church and we thank the Lord for being at work in our lives, thank you for the Bibles, we are doing Bible study with my sister, this has kept us busy, in these different studies. Praise the Lord for His goodness to us!!!”

Our biggest need is for more Bibles. We have printed over 25,000 since Feb. 8th and have distributed most of them to the prisoners coming to Christ. We are able to have these leather-bound, New Testament Bibles with helps and maps printed for $2 each. The second biggest need we have is for the sound systems and Bibles for the Prison Cell Churches.

The cost for this is approximately $750. If you would like to help, please send your tax-deductible gift to Tom Flaskerud Evangelistic Association, 19053 River Woods Drive, Bend, OR 97702 or visit our website at: www.TFEA.us and click on Donate.

For more information, please contact Tom Flaskerud at 541-390-7770 or email office@tfea.us

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Miracle of God continues in April as TFEA – East Africa Evangelists see over 15,000 Prisoners come to Christ in 10 Ugandan prisons.

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