Here’s Help for Talking to Kids about COVID-19

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FAITH NEWSWIREChild Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) has provided an effective tool for conversing with children about such troubling situations as the Coronavirus outbreak.

In 2001, after the 9/11 tragedy, CEF prepared a booklet entitled “Do You Wonder Why?” to address tragedy. It speaks directly to children about the emotions they experience due to natural disasters, disability, illness or death of loved ones, crime towards someone they know, and so on. It answers hard questions like, “Does God know and care about me?” “Why do so many bad things happen in the world?” and “How could God allow this to happen?” It guides the child in how to get through terrible circumstances, how to become part of God’s family, and how to receive God’s comfort.

This time-tested downloadable resource is available in PDF and video form at Copies may also be purchased in bulk from Millions of the “Do You Wonder Why?” booklets have been distributed around the US and the world and translated into many languages.

“It is natural to feel afraid, even as an adult when the world faces a crisis like COVID-19. Adults can call television shows, hotlines and church leaders with their many concerns, but often children carry around their questions like heavy burdens. Here is help,” said Moises Esteves, CEF Vice President, International Ministries.

CEF operates over 99,000 after-school Good News Clubs (GNC) around the world but many have been shut down with school closures. In answer, CEF launched Good News Across the Web where GNC students can meet with their regular teachers and classmates on Zoom and ezTalks.

As churches move to live streaming, CEF is posting a weekly video on its YouTube channel U-Nite with a program for children which churches can use for children’s church. People can learn more at Families are welcome to use it as well. A new program will be posted every Friday, and there are song videos, missionary stories and encouragements to read the Bible and memorize verses.

Child Evangelism Fellowship is an international, nonprofit, Christian ministry that has been teaching the Bible to children since 1937. CEF has 400 offices in the USA and is organized in most nations of the world, with over 3,500 paid staff and hundreds of thousands of volunteers. In its last ministry year, CEF ministered to over 25 million children in its face-to-face teaching ministries.

Provided by: Child Evangelism Fellowship, Warrenton, MO

Contact: Lydia Kaiser,, 636-456-4321 x1339 or 636-262-9593

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Here’s Help for Talking to Kids about COVID-19

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