Gathering the Wayward Heart, Will be Free to Download Tomorrow, March 21, 2023

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Gathering the Wayward Heart

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—Monday, March 20, 2023

Tracey Glenn invites readers to join her on a journey of faith and trust with the re-launch of her debut memoir, Gathering the Wayward Heart: Lessons on Faith, Trust, and Surrendering Our Best-Laid Plans.

Available for free download tomorrow, March 21, 2023, this powerful story is one woman’s account of how God rescued and healed her from the pain of harrowing circumstances and near-catastrophic events to establish her feet on new ground.

This story of hope will inspire those trapped by shame from past events to discover your life purpose and know you have a Savior who pursues, protects, and heals. Tracey recounts how she found solace in her personal relationship with the Lord as she faced difficulties and chaos that threatened to derail her future. She shares how His guidance enabled her to overcome fear, doubt and despair as she learned how to surrender control in order to find true peace.

Through candid stories of courage and resilience along with practical steps for spiritual growth, Tracey offers readers insight into how they too can build faith through trusting God’s promises. She encourages them to step out in faith even when the outcome appears uncertain because He is the only one who can bring true hope through difficulties.

Tracey recalls how God used difficult situations in her life as opportunities for growth rather than punishment or destruction. “My heart began to turn toward Him more quickly when I realized I could trust Him even when my plans were being derailed,” said Tracey. “I soon discovered that his plans are far greater than anything I could ever imagine.”

Gathering the Wayward Heart is an inspirational read about learning to lean into faith instead of trying to control every situation. In it, Tracey shares how trusting God can be a catalyst for transformation both spiritually and emotionally–and ultimately lead us down paths we never imagined possible!

Download your copy of Gathering the Wayward Heart: Lessons on Faith, Trust, and Surrendering Our Best-Laid Plans beginning March 21st through March 25th on Amazon.

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About the Author

Tracey Glenn is an author, blogger, speaker, and searcher of biblical wisdom. With a heart for God, kids, and all God’s creatures, Tracey engages hearts and minds to help others understand God’s truth. Tracey has an associate’s degree in psychology, completed the Living Waters School of Biblical Evangelism, and co-founded a business that provides services for children with special needs. She lives in southeast Arizona with her husband, Link. They have three children and four grandkids.

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. In your book, you tell of a date rape you endured as a college student. How hard a decision was it to reveal the incident, and what do you hope readers will take from it?
  2. Riding with your husband driving trucks seemed very harrowing at times. What advice do you offer to other wives of truck drivers? What was it like for you?
  3. Growing up on a ranch in southeast Arizona must have been rewarding but hard work. What is one memory you have about that time in your life that stands out, that isn’t talked about in the book?
  4. You and your family lived near one of the Arizona border crossings by Mexico, and you talked candidly about the violence and abuse against the illegal migrants coming into the country. What do you want people to know about their plight?
  5. When you found out you were pregnant with a baby who would have special needs, abortion surely was an option. What would you say to someone who faces the same decision?
  6. Raising a child with special needs led you to co-found Caring Connections for Special Needs (CCSN). Can you tell us about your organization and the services it provides?
  7. Tell us how you came to the decision to adopt your son. What encouragement can you give to someone thinking about adoption? What advice can you give them when they decide to adopt?
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Gathering the Wayward Heart, Will be Free to Download Tomorrow, March 21, 2023

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Redemption Press

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