Drawn into Scientology, New Age & a Christian Cult, Athena Dean Holtz Describes what Led Her into, and Ultimately how She Escaped Unthinkable Deception

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FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Athena Dean Holtz (with Inger Logelin), author of Full Circle: Coming Home to the Faithfulness of God, is releasing her revised and expanded memoir for free download through April 1, 2023. This true account of turning from extreme deception and new age to Jesus explores the depths of healing from your past and finding restoration through the faithfulness of God.

Holtz’s journey began when her desire for affirmation and significance led her into deception and spiritual abuse in a toxic “Christian” cult. This caused her to lose all she owned, her thriving publishing company, and her reputation. She was left with nothing but the love of God to see her through.

In Full Circle, Holtz shares a candid memoir of loss and restoration, love lost and found. She reflects on how she was able to turn away from the darkness that had threatened to consume her life. “The faithfulness of God took first place in my heart,” says Holtz. “I want others who have been traumatized by their own experiences or those who are seeking freedom from their pasts to know that there is hope in Him alone.”

Through her book, Holtz encourages readers who have experienced similar trauma or are looking for answers in their own lives. She wants them to find solace in knowing they can always rely on the faithfulness of God even when everything else has failed them. Questions have been added to each chapter for personal reflection or small group study, to help readers engage.

This book will be available for free download through April 1, 2023. Download Full Circle: Coming Home To The Faithfulness Of God today and take part in Athena Dean Holtz’s inspiring story about loss, hope and the ultimate redemption! Full Circle is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what some of the reviewers have said:

5 stars – From Darkness to Light

“Trapped in spiritual bondage, Athena shares a heart wrenching story of pain, loss, longing, and love that transforms it all. With her characteristic openness and humility, she loses all to gain the very best. The transformation and freedom Jesus brings is hope for all who are entrenched in darkness and need His unconditional love. Thank you, Athena, for your transparent heart. Thank you for allowing your readers to see that Jesus really is who we need to be set free. This is a must read!”

Konnie Viner
5 stars – Transparency and authenticity on every page!

“Transparency and authenticity on every page! Athena’s memoir is a moving account of the steadfast love of the Lord which never ceases and His mercies which never come to an end. Her journey showcases God’s faithfulness and healing in overcoming abuse, trials, heartaches, disappointments, and losses. Her courageous account is hopeful for anyone who is in the valley, wondering if God can redeem what has been lost. Yes, He can! You will remember Athena’s story long after closing the cover.”

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To schedule an interview or for more information about this press release, please contact Athena Dean Holtz at info@redemption-press.com.

About the Authors

Founder and publisher of the hybrid Redemption Press (a Best Christian Workplace in 2021 and 2022), award-winning podcast host Athena Dean Holtz is also co-author of Together for a Purpose. Her acclaimed She Writes for Him events connect, inform, and inspire writers and speakers. She and her pastor husband, Dr. Ross Holtz, live in Enumclaw, WA and enjoy their leisure time in their sailboat on Puget Sound.

Inger J. Logelin is a freelance writer, author coach, and long-time senior editor of Redemption Press. She and her husband live in the wheat country of eastern Washington State where many back-country roads wait to be explored.

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. What impact do you feel your vow to never let anyone use you again had in your life?
  2. How did your feelings of rejection from your mother affect your relationship with her and with others? Did God bring healing to that relationship?
  3. From your experience, what do you think draws people into cults such as Scientology?
  4. What did the Lord ultimately convict you of when you were prominent in multi-level marketing? Why do you think MLM is dangerous for Christians?
  5. You were involved for twelve years in a toxic and legalistic cult led by so-called believers. How did your unhealed wounds draw you into this deception?
  6. Your love story is unique. Can you share how you were “set up” for your eventual marriage by your husband’s deceased wife?
  7. What are some other “full circle” moments of God’s faithfulness that you’d like to share?
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Drawn into Scientology, New Age & a Christian Cult, Athena Dean Holtz Describes what Led Her into, and Ultimately how She Escaped Unthinkable Deception

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Redemption Press

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