Divine Purpose Magazine Reveals The Names of The World’s Top 20 Christian Coaches To Work With In 2022

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FAITH NEWS SERVICEPopular Christian magazine, Divine Purpose Magazine, names the top 20 female Christian coaches across the globe in their 2022 January issue.

Divine Purpose Magazine has grown to become a leading Christian lifestyle magazine, covering different aspects of life to help readers live in the way of the Lord, with over 35,000 readers worldwide. In a related development, the magazine published by Divine Purpose Publishing and owned by Vicki L. Otaruyina, an elevation coach, international speaker, publisher and Christian author, recently unveiled the name of top Christian coaches in the world.

The magazine unveiled the names of the World’s Top 20 Female Christian Coaches in their 2022 January issue, which was published on December 30, 2021. The goal is to help readers in 2022 begin the divine purpose journey in their personal lives, businesses and ministries. The coaches are also part of the Kingdom Women In Business Worldwide Network, an initiative that allows Christian female entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and grow, specialize in different aspects.

The top 20 female coaches are experts in life coaching, business and career coaching, style coaching, financial coaching, book coaching, speaking coaching and, with the list consisting women from countries such as Canada, Jamaica, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, UK and USA.

The Winter/January Issue of Divine Purpose Magazine has been themed as “TAKE THE JUMP” to reflect the expectations of 2022, which has been dubbed The Year of The Devil’s Defeat. The goal of the issue is to inspire readers to take a great big jump to become all that God has called them to be, breaking free from doubt, fear, anxiety, insecurity, self-doubt, low self-esteem and anything holding them back.

The Jump is your deliberate decision to take a great leap of faith to become who God has called you to be and do what He has called you to do. It is your intentional decision to live a purpose-driven life led by The Holy Spirit. We believe that it is the time for you to let go of everything that has been holding you back and TAKE THE JUMP. To help persons take the big faith jumps in 2022 we have put together a list of the World’s Top 20 Female Christian Coaches,” said Vicki L. Otaruyina.

The list of 20 top coaches includes Dr. Lynda Barnes, Shanique Blake, Wilma Blyden, Joi Brown, Dr. Sylvia Cole, Kearn Crockett Cherry, Cynthia Damaskos, Crystal Daye, Lorraine Gbadegesin, and SallyAnn Gray. Other names on the list are Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro, Ayana Henderson, Moirar Leveille, Bidemi Mark-Mordi, Jori Mundy, Adalyd Oliveras, Tandra Price, Claudette Ross and Rhonda Wood.

Mrs. Otaruyina also announced the upcoming March launch of the new Christian Motivational Speakers Magazine which will feature the Top 30 Christian Motivational Speakers to watch in 2022. She welcomes Christian speakers who are interested to come on board. The company will also be publishing it’s first Nigeria edition in May of 2022.

For more information about the January issue of the magazine and other projects from Divine Purpose Magazine, visit – www.divinepurposemagazine.com.

About Divine Purpose Magazine

Divine Purpose Magazine is a production of Divine Purpose Publishing, a company that caters to book and magazine publishing for clients all around the world. The goal of the magazine is to connect readers and their God-given purpose, helping them to live the perfect will of God, through discovering, understanding and walking in your divine purpose.


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Divine Purpose Magazine Reveals The Names of The World’s Top 20 Christian Coaches To Work With In 2022

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Divine Purpose Magazine

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