Custom PR

Needing more substantial PR help? Then we’ve got you covered.

Initiate Publicity is the sister company of Faith Newswire. At Initiate Publicity, getting our clients maximum exposure in faith markets is our specialty. A successful PR campaign can open doors like no other. At Initiate Publicity, that is the goal with every campaign we undertake.

We understand the power of publicity, and we harness it to help you earn maximum attention. Faith Newswire is the perfect solution for getting a general message out there fast and affordably, but if you’re looking for in-depth coverage, where a publicist will personally follow up media outlets and chase down interviews and articles, then full PR is the answer.

So if it’s full-scale PR you need, then Initiate Publicity’s the perfect fit. In a noisy, distracted world, each company and/or individual with a message to tell must find their voice to achieve exposure.

Advertising is one way. Publicity is the other.

Our primary market is faith-based, but we’re also experts at getting mainstream exposure. Our mission is to get our clients results – and we carefully select the Christian or mainstream market – or both – to achieve this. The determining factor in this is the product or service we are representing, and whether it fits both markets.

Our reach is also global.

Our service is personal.

Our team is dedicated.

Our aim is maximum exposure.

So talk to us today to see how we can help you.