Center for Mission Mobilization Now Via New name brings clarity to global efforts

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FAITH NEWS SERVICE – FAYETTEVILLE, AR. — The Center for Mission Mobilization is now Via. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit, headquartered in Fayetteville, AR, launched its new brand in 2023 to bring more clarity to the organization, to serve more effectively cross-culturally, and to unify a growing network of teams and partners in over 25 countries.

The name changed, but the vision of Via remains the same: to catalyze mission-sending movements from 50 countries having the greatest access to over 3 billion people who remain unreached with the gospel.

Why Via?

Via means “through another” or “by way of.” Via seeks to reach the nations through the nations — through the church God has established within those nations. By engaging indigenous believers with resources and training, Via equips believers worldwide to lead a new era in mission sending.

“Through the nations to the nations – Via is memorable; it’s clear. It fits our humble posture, ” said Dave Rofkahr, executive director of Via. “We work through, with, and by others. We’re not the only thing going; we’re here to come alongside the global church to reach the nations.”

Via’s former name, Center for Mission Mobilization, carried some terms that posed challenges as the organization grew globally. The word “mission” can be a red flag in many countries, and “mobilization” is often viewed as a military term. Additionally, Via seeks to come alongside the global church with humility and meekness, so there is value in placing less emphasis on words that would position it as the “center.”

Changing the name also brought more clarity to the mission by eliminating confusion about Via’s sub-ministries—Via Generosity (formerly Support Raising Solutions), Via Families (formerly Weave) and Via Students (formerly Campus Ministry Today). The sub-ministry names transitioned to fit succinctly with Via so that all are connected.

Global Reach

Via launched its new website in April 2023 and continues to roll out new solutions for churches, families, students, and support raisers across the globe. New doors have opened for Via throughout Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

According to Via’s 2023 Global Vision Update, more than 126,000 people were exposed to God’s global mission this past year. Over 61,000 people were further developed through training and discipleship, and over 5,000 new missionaries were deployed by staff and partners of Via.

“I’ve observed many times, in country after country, the nationals in those countries view our staff differently,” said Steve Shadrach, founder and global ambassador of Via. “They view them with great appreciation and admiration because our staff did not come as prideful Americans, but really as humble servants, not taking charge, but really helping them accomplish what they want to accomplish.”

About Via

Via is a leading mission mobilization organization. Churches, agencies and ministries use Via’s proven studies, resources, training and events to strategically mobilize students, families, ministry leaders and missionaries to unreached people groups. Via is reaching the nations through the nations.

Via Media Contact: Nathan Rofkahr, Director of Marketing & Communications

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Center for Mission Mobilization Now Via New name brings clarity to global efforts

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