Best Seller, The Covenant Story is Free to Download for One More Day

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FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States – August 5, 2022

Sonya Anderson’s new release, The Covenant Story, maintains best seller status.

In The Covenant Story, Sonya weaves biblical narrative with personal experience to create a relatable portrait gallery of the God who never stops loving, despite our failures.

Is God good, and can we trust him? The Bible answers this question with a story. The Covenant Story: Trusting the Love of a Faithful God is a retelling of the biblical narrative through God’s Bible covenants and his faithful hesed love. This is the story of God and humans in relationship. When people fail to keep their covenant vows, God sends Jesus to do the unexpected—he keeps his side of the covenant, and he keeps our side too. Through the Holy Spirit, followers of Jesus become ministers of a new covenant and ambassadors of God’s love. Written with beautiful prose, The Covenant Story envelops you with the knowledge that our faithful God doesn’t stop loving you, no matter what. He promises it, he’s proven it, and he’ll keep doing it. Forever. This is The Covenant Story—and it is the story we are invited to enter.

Sonya Anderson’s The Covenant Promise will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (8/1/22-8/5/22). The Covenant Promise is currently rated at 5 stars by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what some of the reviewers have said:

Kendrari – 5.0 out of 5 stars
Beautiful picture of God’s love and promise
Verified Purchase

This book is an easy read that paints the most beautiful picture via Sonya’s storytelling of God’s love for us and how our purpose is carefully thought out and meaningful. A great reminder of why we are here and how we can trust God’s covenant to us. This book breaks down Biblical stories and words to demonstrate what it means for us, here and now.

Jenna Hubin – 5.0 out of 5 stars
An Invitation
Verified Purchase

At one point Sonya mentions a “holy collision”, and that is precisely what this book was to me. The same Biblical story I have heard time and time again, was met with a perspective that stood in stark contrast to the legalistic way of thinking that has smothered my soul for decades. The constant pressure to uphold it all, when I knew I never could, so why continue? The farther I read, the more invited I felt – beckoned to glimpse the hope laid out on these pages. As someone who often approaches scripture, and works containing it, with deep a rooted resentment that dates back many years, I am grateful for this story. If you are like me, and faith feels like an unattainable longing, then may this invitation extend to you as well.

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About the Author
Sonya Leigh Anderson is an educator, speaker, and Bible teacher whose life was radically changed when she encountered the unconditional and faithful love of her covenant-keeping God. She lives in Princeton, Minnesota, with her husband, Kyle. You can find Sonya’s blog, Seeking God through Story, at


Covenant love is usually seen as something for the Old Testament. What triggered your understanding of it as something pertinent to believers today? Is that what inspired you to write the book?

You touch briefly on the adoption of your two sons as an example of covenant love and relationship. It’s a fascinating thought. Can you expand on that for us?

Could you explain why seeing the Christian life through the lens of the new covenant made such a remarkable difference in your life?

How do legalism and liberalism play out when you look at the Christian life through the lens of the new covenant?

If you could speak directly to your reader, what is the message you want them to hear most from your book?

What Scripture passages were most meaningful to you as you wrote this book? How did you decide which Bible stories to include?

What book do you hope to write as a follow-up to Covenant Story?


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Best Seller, The Covenant Story is Free to Download for One More Day

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