Best Seller, Secret Letters from God’s Heart: A Devotional of Love, Grace, and Healing, Free to Download for One More Day (through June 3, 2023)

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secret letters from god's heart

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—June 2, 2023

Melissa Jo Croucher is excited to announce the release of her new book , Secret Letters from God’s Heart: A Devotional of Love, Grace, and Healing for the Fearful Heart.

This devotional comes at a crucial time as women worldwide face increasing mental health challenges amidst the pressure to excel, achieve, and conquer. Croucher’s book provides a much-needed beacon of hope and healing for women searching for their true worth.

Secret Letters from God’s Heart is a heartfelt and transformative journey for women who long to believe in God’s love for them. Utilizing a “love letter” approach, Croucher skillfully combines Scripture, stories, and songs to guide readers towards a healing relationship with God. Through this journey, women will discover authentic love, acceptance, and a true sense of identity, offering healing for even the most wounded hearts.

Croucher envisions her book as an integral part of women’s journey towards deep, lasting healing and transformation, which ultimately leads to a significant shift in their lives. She emphasizes that this journey is not about meeting certain expectations, adhering to performance-based teachings, or following church traditions. Instead, it is a personal exploration of the intimate, thriving relationship between the reader and their Father God.

Melissa Jo Croucher’s book, Secret Letters from God’s Heart is available to download for free through June 3, 2023. Secret Letters from God’s Heart continues to receive rave reviews! Here’s what just a couple reviewers have said:

5 Stars – Uplifting Devotional

“Secret Letters from God’s Heart: A Devotional of Love, Healing, and Grace for the Fearful Heart” is an incredible book that truly speaks to your soul. Offers comfort, healing, and a renewed sense of hope when you need it most. Prepare to be moved and uplifted by the messages within its pages.

5 Stars – Helped Mend My Heart

“The “Letters From God” pulled on my heart strings and drew me into a deeper understanding of God’s love & supernatural provision for me. It really hit home. The prayers helped me connect in a way I couldn’t before. I loved the stories and could relate to them. The journaling questions helped me delve deeper in my walk with God and helped me resolve issues in my past that I’m now free from! I recommend for anyone battling any type of worry, anxiety, depression, unworthiness and more. It touches on so many issues, anyone, but especially women can relate! The songs at the end of each day matched up with that particular topic and I loved worshiping to them, it made for an amazing experience!”

About the Author

Melissa Croucher is God’s princess. Her Father God’s faithfulness throughout her life has compelled her to show women how they can experience their own transformational healing and live in the freedom of who they are in Christ. Melissa enjoys loving her grandchildren, horseback riding, and DIY projects. She and her husband of twenty-five years have three grown children, Alijah, Cameron, and Jenna, and several grandblessings. They live in rural southern Indiana with their horses.


Instagram: @melissacroucherauthor

Twitter: @melissacrouche2

For review copies and media interviews, contact Melissa Croucher:

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. The title of your book conveys your understanding of deeper life topics, especially culture and love. What do those words mean to you?
  2. How has modern culture distorted our view of love?
  3. How have you seen love throughout your life?
  4. The opposite of love is often fear. What does your book say about fear getting in the way of love?
  5. We know that God is love, and he guides us every day. In what ways has God revealed his true love to you?
  6. Your book is filled with examples from your own life experiences. You’re a beacon of hope to so many women. How do you find hope in the middle of painful circumstances?
  7. What is your favorite Bible verse on God’s love?
  8. Where can we learn more about you and your book?
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Best Seller, Secret Letters from God’s Heart: A Devotional of Love, Grace, and Healing, Free to Download for One More Day (through June 3, 2023)

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Redemption Press

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