April 11-13 Event Offers Transformation – SHIFT OUT OF FEAR INTO FAITH at Powerful Conference

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FAITH NEWS SERVICECrowds Rush Into To Hear Nationally Recognized Television Personalities and Authors

Dallas, TX— April 11-13— At the Live Faith Into Fear Event, speaker line-up includes: Summer Dey, founder of the “Fear Into Faith” movement, a highly sought-after International Speaker, award-winning TV show Producer & Host, Author, and Success Coach who has changed countless lives with her powerful and transformative message of shifting out of fear and into bold faith; Real Talk Kim is a pastor, entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker, entertainer, and best-selling author; Staci & Larry Wallace are prophetic and accomplished 8-time best-selling author, speaker, and business strategist who has shared the stage with five U.S. Presidents, and helped build businesses into the hundreds of millions; “PLAY TO WIN” Shawn Harper NFL offensive linebacker; Dr. Clarice Fluitt is an internationally recognized Christian leader, author, accomplished businesswoman, and television personality; Dr. Joshua Fowler is a revivalist, reformer, and fifth generation preacher, who flows with prophetic precision and apostolic authority.

Event Producer, Summer Dey says, “With Interactive Faith-Based Trainings that seamlessly integrate faith, life, and business principles – walk away with actionable strategies and techniques that will empower you to elevate your life & relationships to new heights!”

In person tickets: Reduced price of $99 (regular Price is $197) pp.

Event Website: https://fearintofaithlive.com

We would like to invite our local radio stations to broadcast live at Fear Into Faith Conference on April 11 – 13, 2024 in Dallas, Texas, where up to 1000 attendees gather to hear Live Speakers and participate in hands-on training. 



A Must Attend for Local churches! Local churches should consider attending the FEAR INTO FAITH LIVE event in Dallas because it is a 3 day transformational experience that will reignite your faith and change EVERY Area of your life from work, relationships, worship, and more.

Fear into Faith is not just another conference—it’s an experience. It’s designed to empower attendees to live boldly in the promises of God. Through engaging keynote presentations, interactive sessions, and uplifting worship sessions, attendees will discover practical strategies for overcoming fear and embracing a life of faith, courage, and purpose.

Let the Contest begin!!! – The church with the largest number of members in attendance will win:

  • A National Recognition and Shout out at event that is streamed LIVE internationally
  • An award presented live AT YOUR CHURCH from Founder, Author, Coach and Speaker Summer Dey!
  • A T-Shirt for each of your attending members

April 11 – 13, 2024
Courtyard DFW Airport 2200 Bass Pro Court, Grapevine TX 76051
Dallas, Texas

“Fear Into Faith created a safe space for me to share my breakthroughs, failures, and successes. God taught me so much from the forgiveness model. I highly recommend anyone invest in themselves and do this!” ~Karen, previous attendee of Fear into Faith Live

Positive Customer Impact

Many have already had lives transformed at previously held events like Crystal Jordan shared,

“When I first came to Fear Into Faith I was at the end of my rope, hanging on by a thread. And then at the event, the Holy Ghost moved like never before! Now my life looks completely changed! Step out on faith, get your ticket – watch God show up and your life change!”

This is an experience where you get to network with like-minded people who are hungry for what the Lord has for them. Another attendee Devin had this to share about his experience, “This was a life changing event and an experience that I will never forget. The interactions and connections I made with people there, who will now be life-long friends, was an unexpected bonus!”

Event Availability:
Event details are available for immediately download at www.FearintoFaithLive.com

Founded in 2020, Fear Into Faith ™ started as a movement of 6700 women who God brought together online with the sole purpose of reading the Bible together cover-to-cover in a year. Since then, the Fear Into Faith ™ movement has taken off! The ministry has hosted 10 Live events, led 10s of thousands to read the Bible in a year, launched the award winning TV show “The Global Bible Revival,” and is now on a mission to get 1 billion people to read the Bible in a year. We invite you to join the movement! (View our TV show at www.BibleRevival.TV)

Sponsorship Opportunities Available
Get the opportunity to have your business seen by thousands of people both in-person and virtually all over the world. Vendor Booths available. Email support@summerdey.com for more information.

For more information, press only:
Founder/ Producer: Summer Dey

email : support@summerdey.com
Office ph: (424) 209-742
Cell:         (310) 809-3430

For more information on Events:
Event Website: https://fearintofaithlive.com 
Promo Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROcUvTnyUkI

“The transformation from this event has been phenomenal!” ~Steve K.

“I am completely changed. The woman I was 7 months ago is not the woman I am today.”
-Shannon E.

“All I can say is, Fear Into Faith Live was life-changing! I arrived at the event one way, and left another. I released and left a ‘spirit of grief’ at the event – it is no longer hanging over me after being a part of my life for decades! Fear Into Faith Live – you do not want to miss it!” ~ Liz B

“I encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time. I didn’t know how much the Holy Spirit enjoys being present in the midst of people, and I got to experience His joy for the first time. It has made hearing His voice so much easier in the day to day stuff challenges. I am so grateful to have had this experience in a safe group of people talking about real things….and walking away in joyful energy of faith instead of fear.” ~Kelly W.

“Fear into Faith Live doesn’t just talk about faith, it takes you by the hand and walks you through what the Bible depicts faith to be! Real, loving, supportive, and life changing…just the way Jesus intended it!” ~ Shauna S.

“ Fear Into Faith Live is a place of new beginnings, spiritual growth and powerful connections. Your life won’t be the same. You won’t want to miss it.” ~Jackie D.

“Everything about this event has just changed me to push into my purpose and I just want to do so much more with my life.” Macailey M.

“This event and Summer’s programs helped change my marriage for the positive.” ~Chris O.

“Fear Into Faith Live will leave you speechless!! I have never encountered the Holy Spirit on this level at any other event I’ve been to! Everyone in the room is a champion for YOU! You will connect with so many incredible people and leave with your soul completely full!! The moment you walk out the door, you are counting down the days until the next Fear Into Faith Live!!” ~Tanya H.

“I went to my first Fear into Faith with no clue what to expect. It turned out to be everything I never knew I always needed from a Christ centered community! It was an encounter with the Holy Ghost on a whole different level! I could go on and on about how this is a community that surrounds you in the love of Christ and is genuinely rooting for your win; about how I had friends and sisters in Christ outside of my family; about how dynamic and life changing the speakers were. I COULD get into all of that. Instead I’m going to say, do yourself a favor… GET IN THE ROOM! You’ll never be the same.” ~Crystal J.

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April 11-13 Event Offers Transformation – SHIFT OUT OF FEAR INTO FAITH at Powerful Conference

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