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Where Are You Going?

New Release Helps Young Readers Navigate Feelings of Grief After Loss

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Why is it important to address a child’s grief after losing a loved one?* Some adults may find the topic heavy and unpleasant and shy away from discussing it. When these discussions do not occur, a child can feel anxious and overwhelmed.

However, being open with children about death can help a child navigate and identify their feelings while offering them healthy ways to cope, such as sharing their special memories of the loved one who has passed. It can also lead to important conversations about God and heaven.

Author Sandy Haney knows from personal experience that children benefit when they know they can lean on God for comfort and strength. Shortly after she turned fourteen, Haney lost the grandmother who raised her and credits her faith in God for getting her though this difficult time.

That experience and the understanding that came from losing someone dear to her at a young age inspired her to write Where Are You Going?

The story follows a natural progression of showing how God cares for all His creatures, no matter how small they might be. Page by page, younger readers see animals they are familiar with and ways God provides for them. It gradually eases into how God provides for the little girl while addressing her feelings of grief.

The reader then learns along with her that God continues to care for the girl’s grandfather now that he is with God in heaven. Echoing the theme of her book, Haney says, “It is my most heartfelt prayer that readers embrace the fact that God gives us what we need to survive, especially when we suffer loss.”

* How to Explain Death to Your Children – Christian Parenting (


Sandy Haney devoted thirty years of her life to teaching elementary school and forty years to children’s ministry. Now retired, she fills her days with volunteering, speaking, and, of course, writing. Where Are You Going? is her first children’s book but the accomplished author has also published a collection of poetry, a memoir, and a mental health guide for teachers. She currently lives in the Texas Panhandle with her husband and the two of them love spending time with their two grown children, their children’s dream-come-true spouses, and their four delightful grandchildren.

For interviews, contact:

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. What led to your decision to use animals as a way of showing how God provides?
  2. Many of the observations fit a child’s unique viewpoint. Were any of these inspired by a child in your real life?
  3. Do you have any tips for describing heaven to a child?
  4. How did your years spent in education and ministry influence your writing?
  5. Do you think it’s ever too early to teach a child about heaven?
  6. You’ve written a variety of other books, all intended for older readers. What inspired you to write a children’s book?
  7. What were some differences you came across between writing for adults and writing for children? Were there any unexpected challenges?
The Adventures of Cari and Joe

Creative Christian Allegory Uses Sea Creatures to Share the Gospel with Children

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Pixar’s highly successful movies Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2013) popularized an evolving fish adventure movie genre. The resulting “Nemo effect” was even thought to influence the purchase of guppies.

But Kay Vandette, staff writer at, comments, “While animal movies can impact viewers, the researchers found that people are not driven to buy pets but rather seek out information. Animal films even have the power to increase conservation efforts.”[1]

A new book release for juniors, The Adventures of Cari and Joe, by Micah Newcome (Redemption Press), uses sea creatures to share a Christian worldview and ethics for ages eight to twelve. The main character, Cari, a blue tang fish like Dory, has autism and must battle the evil intentions of Deceiver Shark’s attempts to spoil Guppywood.

Cari is different. Joe, a black-and-white jackknife fish who delivers mail at the SeaGalaxy Studio where Cari reviews scripts, tries to take advantage of her kindness. But Cari depends on Father Whale, who created all the sea creatures, and his son, Guardian Dolphin, to guide her through the seas of the Great Barrier Reef. Joe must choose whether he will be Cari’s friend and follow Father Whale and Guardian Dolphin or be lured away by the evil Deceiver Shark and the scheming pufferfish.

This fun, gospel-reinforcing book written by Micah Newcome, script reader and children’s worker, helps young readers “choose Jesus over the world,” according to Newcome.

[1] Kay Vandette, “New Study Finds the ‘Nemo Effect’ to be Inaccurate,”,

About the Author
Micah Newcome has been an intern at a radio station, a script reader for Marilyn Atlas Management and Eclectic Pictures, and a volunteer first-round reader for Austin Film. He lives in Northern California, where he enjoys writing, sports, and helping with Awana.

About the Illustrator
Maizie Langum is a designer and illustrator from southern Oregon. Her favorite part about creating art is making connections with people from all walks of life through various mediums, including printmaking, digital art, and creating murals for her community. Connect with Maizie on Instagram

For interviews, contact Micah Newcome at:

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. How did you come up with the plot ideas for this “fishy” story?
  2. What is your main goal for The Adventures of Cari and Joe?
  3. Was it important to you to include a girl character with autism? Why?
  4. You very creatively share the gospel in your story, using Father Whale and Guardian Dolphin, as well as the evil Deceiver Shark. Do you think children will see the connection to Father God and Jesus Christ in the story?
  5. How can parents use this allegory to reinforce the teaching of the gospel to their children?
The Patriot Barbie

Headline: The Patriot Barbie announces a national speaking tour

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Lindsey Graham, The Patriot Barbie, has begun a national speaking tour. The notorious Oregon salon owner who is famously known for defying lockdowns in 2020 has a powerful story to tell that goes way beyond politics.

Since her stand against tyranny during mandates, Lindsey’s story has gone global, and her fight has only strengthened. This mom and entrepreneur’s life changing battle has called her into a bigger purpose and America is astounded. Once a small business owner minding her own business, her fight to provide for her family awakened a lioness and a mama bear was called into fierce action.

Lindsey became an unapologetic activist for life, liberty, freedom, and conservative Christian values. She uses her colorful past to reach people where they are, and share God’s grace, love, and forgiveness, particularly in the pro-life movement.

Lindsey is now known for her boldness in the fight for children, speaking at school boards and exposing indoctrination in schools. Her platform on social media is recognized for her fiery confrontations with radical extremists.

Lindsey has become an icon for not just freedom, but now faith and a resounding message that being obedient to a God will produce great plans for us all. Her story has accidently become a ministry, as she shakes up political events and rallies with her tear-jerking testimony.

In her book, Targeted, she details the pain and sacrifice her family endured due to her government defiance, but the story has become an astounding success amongst believers. God revealed His purpose through this one action and now her faith and boldness is shaking up a movement.

Lindsey has become one of the most surprising influential leaders in the nation, empowering women, emboldening patriots, and stirring up the silent Holy Spirit in anyone who hears her speak. Her faith is unwavering, her story inspiring and her complete and utter devotion to giving God all the glory, is impactful.

Lindsey has begun traveling the nation, speaking at political events, rallies, churches, and women’s events, leaving no truth behind. Sharing her powerful testimony leaves her audience with a call to action and a humbled heart. God can use anyone.

She has since shared the stage with Olympic athletes, Kari Lake, Officer Brandon Tatum, Charlie Kirk and other conservative comedians and keynote speakers.

Read and be inspired by Lindsey’s story, book her to speak, schedule book signings at


New Release Details One Woman’s Miraculous Story From Planning Her Funeral to Planning Her Future

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – “Healed! How God Took Me from Planning My Funeral to Planning My Future” Will be Free to Download Today, September 26, 2023

United States—September 26, 2023

Have you ever pondered the power prayer holds in healing illnesses? A study from Baylor University reveals that most Americans have, at some point, sought divine intervention for health-related concerns, often on behalf of loved ones.* But where can we find tangible proof of this healing?

Gayle T. Taylor, an author who has personally experienced the life-altering miracle of healing, unfolds her extraordinary story in her new book – “Healed! How God Took Me from Planning My Funeral to Planning My Future” (Redemption Press). The book serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement for those grappling with debilitating or terminal diseases. It’s a testament to God’s miraculous healing power that she experienced firsthand.

This heartwarming narrative captures how Gayle Taylor, once a young mother battling unexplainable symptoms that sapped her vitality and will, was diagnosed with lupus – a disease with no known cure. Struggling through seven years of survival mode, Taylor soon understood that her fight was not just physical but also spiritual. At the brink of despair, when planning her own funeral seemed inevitable, she heard a divine whisper urging her to choose life.

The next three years were transformative, drawing her closer to a miraculous recovery, both physically and spiritually, and deepening her faith in God. “Healed!” is more than just a story. It’s a celebration of the Word of God, a testament to how the Lord communicates with us personally, and a source of inspiration for those seeking divine healing in their lives.

Whether you’re seeking solace in a free e-book or wish to hold the tangible testament of faith in your hands, “Healed!” is an invitation to embark on a journey of hope, healing, and renewed faith. Download or purchase your copy today and allow Gayle T. Taylor’s remarkable journey to inspire you.

Gayle T. Taylor’s, “Healed! How God Took Me from Planning My Funeral to Planning My Future” will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days, September 26 through September 30, 2023 “Healed!” is highly rated by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what just two of the reviewers have said:

Keith H. Carter
5 stars
An amazing experience and revelation!

“I am very glad this book and I have crossed paths! Gayle Taylor has reasons to rejoice in her healing from such a debilitating disease! And she faithfully and confidently gives credit to whom it belongs—to a loving God.”

5 stars
If only you BELIEVE!

“After reading this book, it will turn hope into faith and faith into power, GOD’S POWER! The author brings Christians back to what God can do if we only believe in Him and His Word which is always true and straight from Him. Read this book and be HEALED!”


For More Information: For more information or to schedule a media interview please e-mail:

About the Author

Passionate about intercessory prayer, Gayle often ministers to those who contact her for prayer and has been a part of intercessory prayer groups for two churches in South Carolina. As well as serving in other areas of their church, Gayle and her husband, Jimmy, lead their church’s intercessory prayer group. They live in South Carolina and have four children, sixteen grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Gayle has varied ministry experience. She has served Aglow International both on the executive board of the Sumter, SC, chapter and as president of the Andrews, SC, chapter. A speaker at Christian women’s gatherings, she also taught Sunday school for children and adults and led the teen girls ministry for many years.

Suggested Interview Questions:

  1. After your years spent battling lupus, what encouragement do you have for others who are battling serious illness?
  2. Can you tell us about the time when you truly believed you would succumb to the disease and were planning your own funeral?
  3. What do you want people to know about how God moves in answer to prayer for healing?
  4. For readers struggling with illness, in what ways do you believe Healed! will encourage them?
  5. Can you give us some insights for readers who care for a loved one battling a chronic illness?
  6. How did the Word of God factor into your healing journey?
  7. Why do you feel it is important to confess and speak the Word in the middle of a trial?
  8. For anyone who is feeling defeated by the enemy, whether it be through health struggles, or another form of spiritual attack, what is your primary piece of advice for them?
  9. For readers who are interested in intercessory prayer but have never done it before, how would you recommend they get started?
  10. Can you share an incident when you interceded for someone and your prayers were answered?
The Countries of Whine and Roses

Suspenseful and enthralling allegory explains the Trinity in an action-packed story for children

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Could a confusing religious foundation be one of the reasons as many as 60 to 80 percent of children leave the church as teens or young adults? *

Many children have a difficult time grasping the concept of the Holy Trinity or understanding the importance of the Holy Spirit. Without an available concrete image, they may miss the integral part the Holy Spirit plays in each of our lives.

Author Joyce Wheeler worked in children’s ministry and saw a need to simplify the doctrine of the triune God to match what children are capable of comprehending. This led her to write the enchanting story of The Countries of Whine and Roses (Redemption Press), an allegory.

God’s unconditional love for all of his children, no matter how they behave, is demonstrated though the king’s steadfast desire to help the people of Whine. That immeasurable love is evident to children and adults alike when they read about the King of Roses explaining The Plan to his people.

Wheeler says, “I also wanted the readers to know the agony God must have felt to send His son Jesus to earth as a helpless baby.”

The Countries of Whine and Roses is unique and whimsical. Written in clear, concise language, this allegory invites readers to broaden their understanding of key biblical concepts. The book will bring children and adults alike clarity on our triune God with its emphasis on the relevance of God’s heartbreaking decision to send His Son to earth to die as our Savior and what that means for each of us.

* Most Teenagers Drop Out of Church When They Become Young Adults – Lifeway Research


Joyce Wheeler is the author of eight books who makes her debut into children’s fiction with The Countries of Whine and Roses. Her years as a rancher’s wife and homemaker in western South Dakota have given her a variety of skills and experiences that are reflected in and have inspired her writing. Her love of God’s creation as well as her enjoyment of family and friends is evident in her fascinating stories. Learn more at

For interviews, contact


Suggested Interview Questions

  1. How did you choose Whine and Roses as the countries’ names? Did you consider any other names?
  2. What inspired you to add the gray tabby kitten and how do think this character will help draw younger readers into the story?
  3. Why do you think children have a hard time understanding the Trinity? Do you have any tips for teaching children about the Trinity?
  4. How did your own childhood understanding of the Holy Spirit influence the story?
  5. What are some misunderstandings you have encountered when teaching children about the Trinity and are any of these addressed in your book?
  6. How could this story also be used to help adults who have difficulty understanding the Trinity?


the best trophy

New children’s picture book depicts the self-sacrificial love of friendship

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The repeated lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic reminded us that human beings need each other. “Human beings are wired to connect,” says Michael Platt, Ph.D., a biological anthropologist from the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.

“This social behavior is a critical part of our adaptive toolkit. It allows us to come together and do things that we wouldn’t be able to do on our own.”1 Conversely, social isolation can lead to loneliness, anxiety, depression, and even poor cardiovascular health and cognitive function.

“Children are not immune to such issues: “The proportion of children’s emergency room visits related to mental health . . . increased significantly during the pandemic,” reports Emma Goldberg for the New York Times.2

The Bible repeatedly proclaims the value of friendship and how vital it is to “encourage one another and build each other up” (1 Thess. 5:11 NIV). In her picture book The Best Trophy (Redemption Press), Jennifer Noel Wilson demonstrates how friendship can help children learn to put others ahead of their own self-centered interests to benefit others, while encouraging sportsmanship, and teamwork.

In this new release, Liam learns this on the day of the big trail race. He sets out, flying over sticks, pebbles, and leaves to the front of the pack. But just when the finish line and the trophy are in sight, an accident on the trail challenges Liam to choose what he values most.

“I wanted to combine my passion and knowledge of running and children’s ministry to write a great story that will appeal to kids and encourage them to be there for each other,” says Wilson. As an athlete, Wilson longs for children to learn “how to be a Christ-like friend and to understand that reaching out to help a friend is more important than trophies, ribbons, sports, or anything materialistic.”

Whether competitive or not, young children will thrill to the excitement of the race in this engaging portrayal of kids growing in their Christian faith by learning victory doesn’t always mean bringing home the trophy.

irish frost

New Poetry Book “Irish Frost” Available Nationwide

FAITH NEWS SERVICESeptember 12, 2023 – Author Sean Ewing proudly announces the release of his poetry, “Irish Frost”.

Ewing’s verse delves profoundly into the intricate tapestry of grief, anguish, and heartfelt pleas to God. Though life presents challenges, as disciples of Jesus, we are never isolated in our moments of distress.

About the Book: This entrancing anthology of poetry explores the profound depths of human anguish and the fragile nature of our existence. Yet, it consistently echoes a commitment to faith and a heart full of gratitude towards the Divine.

With evocative verses, the collection mourns life’s inherent sorrows and trials, recognizing the hardships of our temporal journey. But within these shadows, it brilliantly casts rays of enduring hope and deep-seated thankfulness rooted in unwavering faith.

Each poem becomes a mirror of introspection, encouraging readers to reflect on life’s tribulations while nurturing resilience and an enduring trust in God. The book’s succinct and engaging style welcomes readers into a realm of reflection, providing comfort, upliftment, and a refreshed outlook on personal trials.

In essence, this collection is a beacon of hope, emphasizing that even amidst adversity, our unwavering gratitude can anchor us, guiding our hearts towards a deeper recognition of God’s boundless grace and affection.

About the Author Sean Ewing, with three poetic works to his name, combines his rich background in Theology to craft verses that seamlessly intertwine real-life with biblical insights. Readers are treated to a deeply resonant and enlightening journey through his words.

“Irish Frost” is available in paperback and eBook (ISBN: 9781666783612) currently at and online at Amazon and by September 20, 2023


Unlock Spiritual Renewal Through Unforgettable Worship Experiences this October

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Fort Worth, Texas – Encounter Church Fort Worth extends a warm invitation to its Praise & Worship Conference and Bishop Oliver & EC Band Gala, set to occur on October 20-21, 2023. This monumental event marks 23 years of Encounter Church’s legacy in uplifting communities through faith and music.

Bishop Oliver & EC Band Gala: Celebrating 23 Years of Spiritual Journey

Bishop Gary Oliver will dazzle attendees alongside the EC Band on Friday, October 20th, kick-starting the two-day event. The reception begins at 6:30 pm, followed by a captivating Praise & Worship Concert at 7:30 pm. Tickets are affordable at $20.00 and can be reserved via QR code, registration link, or directly on the EC website.

A Legacy of Enriched Worship with Bishop Gary Oliver

Bishop Gary Oliver, a trailblazer in modern worship, boasts a remarkable 40-year career. With contributions spanning from New Birth under Bishop Eddie Long to hosting TBN’s International Praise the Lord show, Bishop Oliver has become a cornerstone in the spiritual community.

The Praise & Worship Conference: A Golden Opportunity for Spiritual Enrichment Saturday, October 21, is designed for worship leaders, choir members, marriages, and families aiming for a deeper spiritual connection. Registration for this enlightening day is also set at $20.00. With limited seats available, early registration is strongly advised.

Why Attend?

Experience an intimate, live atmosphere filled with gratitude and exuberant praise!

Explore deep-rooted insights into the Word of God

Unite in glorifying the Lord, led by the seasoned wisdom of Bishop Gary Oliver

Hashtags: #WhyAttend #WordOfGod #CommunityWorship #IntimateExperience

We await your participation in this spiritually rejuvenating event as we unite to glorify our Lord.

living with purpose

New devotional will help you understand God’s blessing in your life

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – A new devotional book Living with Purpose, has just been released and is aimed at unlocking the blessing of God on the lives of the readers.

Dawn Barrie’s Living with Purpose, which essentially takes one through her life with God, including both the cliff tops and the valleys, will encourage readers in their walk of faith.

From having written encouragement verses and words to her family and friends over many years, as well as having journaled incidents in her walk with God, she decided to put her words into devotions for her family as a legacy, inspiring each to know that they too could have a fulfilled relationship with Jesus. Her desire is that long after she is gone, her family will still be blessed by her words.

Having achieved this, she realized that her words could help far more people if released to the outside world. Upon contacting publishers and being successful in securing a publishing contract with Ark House, she says that she realized that she could help many others.

Dawn grew up in a Christian home on a farm, where she learnt love and understanding in her life, whilst also knowing what it meant to work hard and achieve her goals, making her a resilient, determined and independent person. She accepted Christ as her Saviour in her teenage years and at 15 started working, firstly as a private secretary before becoming a nurse until she got married.

She says, “My husband and I were a team and supported each other in everything we did for 53 years, before he passed away. He always allowed me to follow my goals and encouraged me in everything I did. He would give his opinion, but allowed me to make my own decisions, which he then supported me in.”

Whilst maintaining a busy career in different fields of employment and ministry, the church has always remained a big part of her life. She has been involved in church leadership in the fields of children’s ministry, women’s ministry, working with youth and often speaking at functions. Today she is still actively involved in the church.

Dawn says, “Each experience and challenge in life has taught me the importance of spending time in God’s presence every day, from which I have gained wisdom and encouragement to enrich others. I am truly humbled that God led me to write these words for Him.”

Living with Purpose has been written from Dawn’s lifelong experiences of learning to listen and follow what God’s Word teaches and will help you experience the joy of having a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. God wants each person to live in freedom, walking in His perfect love, so that our fears no longer torment us, as His love drives out all fear.

These devotions, having been written in a way that anyone can relate to, giving you wisdom as you apply the truths of God’s Word to experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit more deeply each day. You will find that you want to read them again next year and in years to follow, for God will continue to speak through them to bless your life.

Living with Purpose is now available globally.

motivate 23

YOU’RE INVITED: ‘Motivate 2023’ Event Streaming Free on 9/30/2023

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – MESA, Az. September 1, 2023 /Press Release/ — Whether you have been bothered by the wildfires that swept through Maui killing hundreds, or whether you have been bothered by politics or even deaths occurring because of fentanyl, we know it’s hard for you to see a reason to rejoice in this modern day and age.

We know with everyone the situations around us may cause fear, worry, care, anxiety, and concern, but we are inviting you to come join us for a very special event, Motivate 2023.

On Saturday September 30, 2023, we hope you will gather on your cellphone, computer, or tablet to understand why this year’s theme is “Rejoice”. “This year has been quit a year in our society,” said M.King (Marcus King) Founder & President of the board at M.King Media.

From wildfires to political indictments to drug epidemics, it can be tough to see the Lord in our day and age, but we must also realize that those in the times of Jesus, had it tough like us, if not worse and still managed to find Jesus, even if that meant crawling on the ground through a crowd of people.”

The event will be less than an hour and hosted by M.King. The event will feature worship, a great teaching from the Bible on how to overcome to rejoice and much more. Motivate 2023 will be broadcast online via and their You Tube page.

“We hope people will join us and take a break from the noise around them to worship, be taught from the word and be encouraged to share their faith with the community around them in unique ways.” said M.King

Motivate 2023 will take place on Saturday September 30,2023 at 10AM , streaming free on M.King and their You Tube page.

About M.King Media
Founded in 2013, M.King Media INC. is a faith-focused non-profit based in Mesa, AZ. M.King Media has created more than 271 faith-based media projects and distributed them all over the world.

M.King Media’s mission statement is “To Make Creative Christian Media That Points People to Jesus Christ.” For more info go to