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the covenant story

The Covenant Story Is Free to Download From August 1, 2022

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Sonya Anderson is pleased to present her debut release, The Covenant Story.

In The Covenant Story, Sonya weaves biblical narrative with personal experience to create a relatable portrait gallery of the God who never stops loving, despite our failures.

Is God good, and can we trust him? The Bible answers this question with a story. The Covenant Story: Trusting the Love of a Faithful God is a retelling of the biblical narrative through God’s Bible covenants and his faithful hesed love. This is the story of God and humans in relationship. When people fail to keep their covenant vows, God sends Jesus to do the unexpected—he keeps his side of the covenant, and he keeps our side too. Through the Holy Spirit, followers of Jesus become ministers of a new covenant and ambassadors of God’s love. Written with beautiful prose, The Covenant Story envelops you with the knowledge that our faithful God doesn’t stop loving you, no matter what. He promises it, he’s proven it, and he’ll keep doing it. Forever. This is The Covenant Story—and it is the story we are invited to enter.

Sonya Anderson’s The Covenant Promise will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (8/1/22-8/5/22). The Covenant Promise is currently rated at 5 stars by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what some of the reviewers have said:

Anonymous – 5.0 out of 5 stars
Simple yet profound

Verified Purchase

Through simple, yet profound storytelling Sonya Leigh Anderson leads us on a page turning sprint through the big story of the Bible. This quick read helped me understand God and his relationship to humankind more than any book, podcast, sermon or class. If you’ve ever wondered if God is good, or even worthy of your consideration, you should read this book before you decide.

Amazon Customer – 5.0 out of 5 stars
Profound made simple. Reads like a novel, but highlights incredible truth!

Verified Purchase
Fascinating read! Sonya understands the Bible from cover to cover and writes in a way that the reader can clearly understand, too. She takes you on a journey through the Bible and invites the reader to look through the lens of a covenant promise that God makes with us.

People in any stage of their faith can grow to understand the way the Bible in a way that it was made to be understood. A life or death decision, a promise kept by God for us. She writes with the action and intensity of a mystery novel but with truth unveiled for the reader to see. The truth is taught so simply like a child could understand, but so profound that scholars will scratch their heads and wonder why they didn’t think of it this way before.

For More Information: For more questions or to schedule an interview about this press release please contact Sonya Anderson at [number] or email:

About the Author
Sonya Leigh Anderson is an educator, speaker, and Bible teacher whose life was radically changed when she encountered the unconditional and faithful love of her covenant-keeping God. She lives in Princeton, Minnesota, with her husband, Kyle. You can find Sonya’s blog, Seeking God through Story, at


Covenant love is usually seen as something for the Old Testament. What triggered your understanding of it as something pertinent to believers today? Is that what inspired you to write the book?

You touch briefly on the adoption of your two sons as an example of covenant love and relationship. It’s a fascinating thought. Can you expand on that for us?

Could you explain why seeing the Christian life through the lens of the new covenant made such a remarkable difference in your life?

How do legalism and liberalism play out when you look at the Christian life through the lens of the new covenant?

If you could speak directly to your reader, what is the message you want them to hear most from your book?

What Scripture passages were most meaningful to you as you wrote this book? How did you decide which Bible stories to include?

What book do you hope to write as a follow-up to Covenant Story?

dabar promises

New Book Delves into the Promises for Christians who understand God’s Word

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Have you ever wondered why the people who lived during Jesus’s ministry, fully aware of the promises of a redeeming Saviour and witnessed for themselves the marvel of His many miracles, refused to see Him for who He truly was?

Many times I have pondered this and ashamedly I fear that I would be included with those mentioned in the lines of a famous song, “in vain I hear my mocking voice call out among the scoffers”!)  But now I realize that because of Christ’s death and resurrection, Christians today can acknowledge Him as Lord and Saviour.

At the same time, the people of times long ago may not have inscribed God’s teaching deeply within their hearts.

Dabar Promises was written in response to these deliberations. What might have happened if the people were more aware of what the promises of the Messiah entailed? Would they have reacted as Ananiah and his family did and welcomed Jesus in far greater numbers? Will people of today, after fully appreciating the greatness of the man Jesus Christ, be willing to accept Him as the Promised One?

Many years ago, during my devotions, I was reading scripture concerning Jesus. Surely, as the Bible focuses on God, this was not surprising! However, to my dismay, I was reading from the Old Testament!  As a young believer, I had the foolish notion that the Old Testament was old and in the past, while the New Testament concerned the coming of the Saviour – a new chapter in the life of man and a new beginning as well.

The Old Testament was outdated and completely superseded by the new.  But as the passages I was reading were coming from the Old Testament, for several years I recorded the passages making note as to when each was fulfilled in Jesus’ short life. Conducting more research by reading books and Internet surfing, I had after several years over 120 promises.

Whilst summarizing the promises, a story evolved about a man who knew and totally believed in God’s Word. I developed a story map and outlined clearly how the life of this man and Jesus would cross.  The story, like my research, lay dormant after several years and was not picked up until after my retirement in 2012.

Encouraged and inspired by many friends in the church I attended, I finally had time to sit down and write the book that had lay dormant for many years. Prior to the writing, I had managed to reduce the number of promises to approximately 92, ensuring that each promise was noted in the writings of Jesus’ life in the New Testament.  There was such a lot of research to do, some of which occurred before and during the writing of the book. As quite a lot of the research was found on the Internet and many blogs provided different information, I tended to use information which blended with the story that I was writing.

The writing of Dabar Promises was such a pleasurable experience.  Nowhere during the ten months of writing was there only “one set of footprints in the sand”. Meticulously I sought where incidences within the story were located in the Bible so that the reader, particularly those who were not familiar with the Bible or its contents, might be able to do further investigation. Hence it is my recommendation that the readers simply read the story before returning to the given biblical passages.

Dabar Promises is fictitious, yet some of its story has been based on facts. The challenge for all Christians today is to know God’s Word deeply. While the Bible is full of so many promises, the Dabar Promises are especially precious to us all!

40 days with grace

From the pain of a broken marriage, author pens powerful new devotional

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The pain of a broken marriage was difficult to bear, but despite the struggle, Australian author Sherylle Wells made the decision to document her journey.

40 Days with Grace is a devotional book with a difference. The author has a wonderful way of expressing herself and sharing the journey. The layout, style and format make it easy to read and the content is easy to digest. I found everything about it encouraging and inspiring and it was hard to put down. The text was not heavy going or gloomy, and had a sprinkling of humour which brings the light of God into each situation.

I read through the writer’s reason for penning her story and admired her honesty and openness. Her vulnerability touched me as she wrote about her extreme pain at the end of her marriage. From this pain, I concluded that she chose to use the following stories to encourage and support others who may be going through a difficult time.

These experiences which the author has transcribed into stories became powerful in their message, so being intrigued, I kept on reading. In her own words, she expresses that “as she started to write, more words would naturally flow”. These she attributed to the leading of the Holy Spirit. He helped her through those difficult times and many lessons were learned. These stories were strongly impressed on her by God Himself. She then followed that leading and began writing in order to help other people out of their own personal calamities.

The author has travailed along a treacherous pathway and has discovered her God through each one.  Descriptions are presented in an appealing way that the reader can relate to, some are semi-realistic and many are from personal experience. All held my interest.

In her explanation of The Hole, which vividly describes her difficulties and loss, I finally understood her pain and confusion. She tells of a traumatic time that she and her young family had endured. I was captivated by the writer’s depiction of that time. She had graphically and picturesquely portrayed a message that could be easily understood. The pain was entirely relatable to many of us, and let’s face it, most of us have a history of personal pain, be it anxiety, abuse or humiliation. We all struggle at times.

It takes courage to share The Hole that many of us find ourselves in. With candour and grace, Sherylle takes us on a journey of embracing the pain of our past, teaching forgiveness and above all, reaching hope. When she recounts The Story, she recognizes the impact of pain and tragedy to all, rather than to herself, alone. Our circumstances may not be the same, but we have all suffered betrayal, disappointment and being let down. She uses her experience to reach out to others who are suffering.  Her overriding themes are forgiveness and love.

She takes the everyday moments of life, and finds in them, the sacred. She shows us how God speaks to us through the ordinary, if we are willing to hear Him. Her simple every day observances and listening for the Holy Spirit, encourage us to apply God’s Word and His works to our everyday life. She teaches us how to listen and embrace His Presence.

The language is clear and direct, simple enough to centre our thoughts and eyes on God each day.  There is plenty of scope for those who want to dive deeper, using the scripture for further study or to journal our own response, or to begin a dialogue with God, through prayer. This devotional guide can be used daily or for those wanting to savour its message, weekly. I didn’t want to finish it too soon and found each chapter had an application for what I was experiencing at the time.

This writer offers an opportunity to journal our deepest thoughts, feelings and longings. Through these 40 devotions, we come to understand what God desires for us.  We must let go of the past to move forward and embrace the future.  We do this in the present, as we come to Jesus, surrendering our circumstance to Him.

Over time, I completed 40 Days which had been an interesting journey and throughout that trip, I had learned some important lessons about trauma and forgiveness. The author gently guided her readers to choose God’s way in handling difficulties when they arise.

Sherylle, a former teacher aide worked for many years in various schools, with children.  This being her first book has left me hoping that there will be others to follow as I have enjoyed the pathway.  While aimed at the adult, it has something for everyone and I would recommend this book to anyone with hurts.  Reading this and learning from it will promote and encourage a deeper faith and knowledge of God, our Heavenly Father.

twenty four

Author focused on End Times produces powerful new books

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The study of end times might not be for every Christian, but as the book of Revelation tells us, the man who understands this book shall be blessed.

Marc Wheway is one Christian who has developed a serious interest in eschatology. Raised in a traditional Assemblies of God Church from age five, he was exposed to Tim Lahaye’s Left Behind series while attending youth group in the nineteen-eighties. The production both interested him immensely and at the same time, scared him to death. From that time onwards, he was hooked on eschatology.

Marc says that the study of end times helps him to stay awake as a Christian, aware that Jesus could return at any time.

“Regardless of my life concerning Christ, or the circumstances in general, I have never lost sight of the fact that Jesus could come for His church at any moment,” he said. “I also had a strong conviction that I would play a part in the “things to come”.

“Thirty-plus years later, I have not come across anything that has had the same impact as Tim Lahaye’s Left Behind series. Although I have read many books on the subject and have watched just about every teaching series and movie I could get my hands on, still, nothing has come close.”

With many Christian leaders not having a strong interest in the subject, and thus have limited knowledge on the end times, there are not many resources available, and often, what is available falls well short of the truth. According to Marc, many writings and those teaching on the subject lack the theological framework, and historical familiarity, to accurately piece together the puzzle.

“Consequently, erroneous claims populate Christian literature, popularising preterist, or partial-preterist theology, while stating that pre-millennial dispensational theology was birthed in the 1800s and introduced by John Darby,” he stated. “Ephraem of Nisibis’s (306-373 A.D.) sermon, titled “On the Last Times, the Antichrist, and the End of the World” is perhaps one of the strongest pieces of evidence disputing the Darby claim.

“Pre-tribulation eschatology was the original position held by the early church and is still the majority view amongst evangelical believers, although most holding the view know little about it. The importance of recognising that pre-tribulation theology as the original position equips the Bible scholar to rightly handle God’s word and prepares the student of eschatology for the last days, and the return of Christ.

“The evidence of the last days is seen through the signs of the times that are all around us, especially seen through a great falling away from sound biblical doctrine, more recently replaced by scoffers and progressive Christianity. Other signs include, but are not limited to, global upheaval and increasing efforts to establish world peace and security, moving towards a new world order with a yet-to-be-revealed one-world leader. Additional evidence consists of the corruption of God’s creation through human DNA modification and transhumanism, such as in the days of Noah.”

Marc says that few churches and ministries mention anything about signs of the times and most avoid the subject of eschatology altogether. Only recently, people are waking up and asking questions due to the salient, increasing and escalating signs, which is why he wrote the book Twenty-Four Signs of the End Times.

Twenty-Four Signs of the End Times identifies twenty-four signs from Mathew, Chapter twenty-four (the Olivet Discord), focusing on the events leading into the tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ. Marc says the signs of the times reveal the season of Christ’s return. While no one knows the day and the hour, the season can be known through the linear events listed that are being fulfilled. The end time signs are being fulfilled all around us, and they will continue and even escalate during the tribulation and the great tribulation, concluding with the return of Jesus Christ at the end of the age.

“Again, due to the lack of teaching resources available, general awareness, and amount of Bible prophecy being fulfilled, this is why I wrote the book Twenty-Four Signs of the End Times and other books on the same topic,” Marc continued. “However, my qualification and credibility do not come from writing books but from a doctorate on the topic. As mentioned, there is little material available on the topic of eschatology, which motivated me to help fill the void.

“In my early years, Tim LaHaye significantly influenced my life, steering me into a lifelong pursuit of understanding Bible prophecy. When seeking formal training on the subject, Chuck Missler was the next major influencer, leading me to Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary, offering post-graduate studies in Bible prophecy.

“After five years of rigorous study, in 2014 I graduated with a Ph.D. from Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary in Biblical Studies, majoring in eschatology. Twenty-Four Signs of the End Times is a continuation of my research, being my fourth published book. Twenty-Four Signs of the End Times follows Daniel’s Divulgement (2021), The Revelation, Proclaimed and Explained (2021), and The Revelation, The Revival (2015).”

In addition to studying Bible prophecy and writing books, Marc is the founder and overseer of Kingdom Seekers. Kingdom Seekers was founded in 2008 as a ministry focused on the signs of the times, leading to the return of the coming King, Jesus Christ. Kingdom Seekers Fellowship began in 2018, meeting every Sunday, majoring on preparing the church for the rapture.”

Marc’s books are all now available globally and will help steer any Christian interested in end times in the right direction.

unwanted no more

New Release Shows the Power of Redeeming Love to Transform an Ugly Past

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Enumclaw, Wash.—A preteen shattered by a sexually abusive father and an absent mother, B.J. Garrett was left unprotected, and unloved. Unwanted by the people who should have loved her most, she found herself wanted by the wrong people for the worst reasons.

In Unwanted No More: From Exploited to Embraced by God (Redemption Press), author B.J. Garrett vulnerably shares her search for self-worth that led to sexual promiscuity and unplanned pregnancies, and a trail of broken relationships. After losing everything in a house fire, B.J. turned toward God. With the shadow of shame lifted by her newfound faith, B.J. made a startling discovery—she’d been wanted all along.

B.J. Garrett tells her story with soul-searching vulnerability and transparency. In full-time ministry since 2004, she is the executive director of Christ-centered Abortion Recovery & Education (CARE) in Tyler, Texas, where she had been a client herself in need of post-abortion healing. Garrett says, “Regardless of what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, there is hope and redemption in a relationship with Jesus.”

Unwanted No More reminds readers they can experience unconditional, love, and a life of purpose. B.J. Garrett says, “I need women hurting from their past to understand they are not alone, and that there is nothing too ugly for them to overcome. Their life matters.”

# # #

For more information, contact author BJ Garrett:, phone 903-360-4093.

Author Bio
B.J. Garrett is a fun and energetic speaker and author. Full of joy and passionate about helping others, B.J. has served on numerous non-profit boards of directors and administrative teams and has served in full-time ministry since 2004. Student ministry, women’s ministry, missions, and abortion recovery are closest to her heart. BJ has been involved with Christ-centered Abortion Recovery & Education (CARE) since the spring of 2012, and has served as the executive director since June 2016, initially becoming involved with this ministry as a client in need of post-abortion healing.

BJ is a graduate of the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Texas, loves to teach Bible studies, and welcomes any opportunity to share her personal testimony of redemption from a childhood full of abuse, teen pregnancy, working as an exotic dancer, and overcoming the wounds caused by her two abortions. Passionate about serving in missions, she has been able to share her testimony of restoration and abortion recovery as far as Uganda and Cuba.





When Hope Met Hopelessness: A True Story

New Redemption Press book shares story of hope after honeymoon tragedy

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – In 2002 the State Department began tracking the number of US citizens who die abroad from unnatural causes, finding car accidents, homicides, and drowning to be the top causes. Fortunately the risks are relatively low—in 2018 only 724 Americans fell victim.*

Despite such low odds, tragedy does, indeed, happen, and it strikes newlyweds Victor and Crystal Rodriguez on their honeymoon in the Bahamas. Just twelve days after their wedding, Victor’s mom, Jeanne Rodriguez, receives a horrific phone call . . . Crystal is dead, and Victor lies in a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

“Crystal was like a daughter that I never had or never even knew I needed,” Rodriguez says. “Watching my son suffer emotionally and physically, while I myself grieved Crystal’s death, was excruciatingly painful, and I wondered if I would ever be happy again. But those dark, hopeless moments provide the opportunity for discovering divine hope in Jesus.”

Rodriguez shares her story of tragedy and loss and her journey to ultimately discovering a new closeness with the Lord in her new book When Hope Met Hopelessness. With refreshing candor, Rodriguez acknowledges her inability to understand God’s plan while also chronicling her transformation from broken to whole—from sorrow to joy.

“I discovered that it’s all right to be angry at God and even to yell at Him, but I also learned that the Lord hears our cries, understands our pain, and loves us deeply,” Rodriguez says. “I wrote my book to encourage others through their grief—talk to God, cry out to Him—and also to share a beautiful story of healing.”

Embraced by family, friends, her community, and her church throughout her despair, Rodriguez’s story also illustrates the power of rallying around loves ones in their time of greatest need.


Jeanne Rodriguez has served for over twenty-five-years in women’s ministry, including speaking at women’s events and serving as the former women’s director at Bayside Church in Lincoln, California. With a master of arts in pastoral care to women from Western Seminary, Jeanne has a passion for helping women know Jesus and experience His love. She is currently the CEO for the Crystal Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund, founded by her son after the death of his wife. She and her husband, Rubén, live in Citrus Heights, California. They are grateful for the blessings of their two sons, Kevin and Victor; daughters-in-law, Katie and Bailey; and grandson, Quinn.

For review copies and media interviews, contact:
Jeanne Rodriguez
Instagram: @Jeanner7212
Facebook: Jeanne Fitzpatrick Rodriguez

we walk this line

New Redemption Press devotional offers support for first-responder couples and families

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The nature of first-responder work and the culture that goes with it can be isolating. “A strong support network is critical for first responders to maintain good mental health,” says Sarah Guenette in her article “The Partner at Home” (Police1).*

Author and speaker Lauren Forbus knows this firsthand, and in her debut devotional We Walk This Line, Lauren’s desire is to come alongside couples and families fulfilling the call to serve.

Having grown up with a dad in law enforcement, Lauren expected the transition from daughter of a sheriff’s deputy to wife of a sheriff’s deputy would be easy peasy. Boy, was she wrong. She experienced the fear and loneliness known to many first-responder spouses, and she realized she and her husband couldn’t walk the line alone. They implemented strategies to help their marriage thrive, found backup from other law-enforcement families, and grounded themselves in the Word of God.

In her transparent, grace-filled, and sometimes humorous interactive devotional, Lauren offers a lifeline for first responders and their spouses to reconnect and deal with their challenges head on.

“My goal with We Walk This Line,” Lauren says, “is to support and encourage first responders and their families across the country in a societal climate that does not.” After she married a sheriff’s deputy and looked for support, she found very few resources, which led her to a ministry to connect and encourage other law enforcement spouses.

“I relied upon successful strategies that were used by my parents as well as a few of my own to build healthy relationships. I found that these strategies were also helpful to other first responder families, and began training officers and their spouses. My wish is that other families will find strength and assurance that they are not alone in their concerns.”

She covers topics such as how to keep from being ships that pass in the night; how to deal with seeing the worst in people every day; how to keep truth and transparency the focus of the relationship; what happens when it’s your own worst-case scenario; and how to stay healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Written with candidness, grace, and humor, We Walk This Line is meant to serve as a pathway for first responders and their spouses to open the lines of communication, reconnect, and deal head on with their challenges.


Author bio
Lauren Forbus grew up in law-enforcement family and then married a sheriff’s deputy—and now she speaks to first-responder families nationwide on how to maintain healthy relationships. Lauren lives in Sparks, Nevada, where she enjoys teaching middle school students—who laugh at her lame jokes. When she isn’t teaching or speaking, Lauren spends time crafting, crocheting, and volunteering for the Reno Rodeo and Northern Nevada chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS). Lauren has one daughter, and their family always includes at least one dog. Find out more about Lauren at

Contact Lauren at

the sonic warrior

New Redemption Press release details experiences of Top Gun pioneer and early supersonic flight

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The highly anticipated release of Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to the 1986 iconic box-office Top Gun hit, makes its long-awaited debut in May 2022, three years after its originally scheduled release date.*

Its original 2019 release date would have coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of the Navy’s real-life Fighter Weapons School—famously known as Top Gun, and founded upon the realization that US flight crews were inadequately trained for close-in aerial combat.

Producer David Ellison said the Top Gun sequel explores “the end of an era of dogfighting,”** which is also what brought about the creation of the elite Top Gun institution when US officials incorrectly assessed that the dawn of the missile age meant an end to one-on-one dogfighting combat.***

Captain Kevin Smith was chosen as part of the team commissioned to quickly revamp close-in-air-combat training for the F-4 Phantom II flight crews being deployed to Vietnam, beginning the elite legacy of Top Gun. Smith’s book, The Sonic Warrior: Chronicles of a Top Gun Pioneer, offers a riveting inside look at the fighter-pilot community from the sixties through the eighties and highlights episodes in his career, including his role in the launch of the aircraft carrier version of Top Gun; his experience flying two supersonic-capable airplanes, particularly the F-8 Crusader; and his perspective on executing combat maneuvers at sonic speeds.

“The Top Gun movies portray the intensity and excitement of aerial combat training,” Smith says. “My real-life Top Gun experience is equally fascinating and provides an inside look at supersonic flight and combat operations near, at, or beyond the speed of sound. Aviation training set the pattern of my life, forever changing how I see the world and behave in the world.”

Beyond a personal memorial and historical account of supersonic aviation, The Sonic Warrior is also an inspiring study in leadership and critical thinking, providing Smith’s valuable insight into solving complex problems and optimizing human performance in any high-stress, intense scenario.

“Air-combat fighting is not just about the aircraft,” Smith says. “It’s about the magnificence of the human spirit and the human ability to perform in stressful and trying environments.”

With a glossary of aviation terms for easy readability, The Sonic Warrior is written for leaders in any industry as well as for aviation enthusiasts and veterans.




With a distinguished twenty-five-year career in the United States Navy, Captain Kevin Smith was among the pioneers of the elite Top Gun training institution. Smith’s unit was optimized to provide advanced close-in-air combat training for the initial deployment of the highly advanced F-14 Tomcat. For this successful deployment, which set a number of records, he received several awards and commendations, including a citation awarded by the commander, United States Seventh Fleet. Since retiring from the Navy, Smith has headed up the Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) initiative to redesign airline pilot training, now utilized by every US airline; consulted with Lockheed on the design of the crew station for the F-22 Raptor, the first fifth-generation fighter; and worked as a commercial airline pilot. He is also a speaker and author, specializing in critical thinking.

For review copies and media interviews, contact:
Kevin Smith
Twitter: throttleupradio

me in a nutshell

New baby book launches for nontraditional and traditional families

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Raising kids today looks different than it did in the past—families today are diverse and constantly evolving.* No matter the family structure, each child is precious, and what better way to commemorate your little one than through a customized baby memory book.

When Lynn Aldo could not find an appropriate baby book for a special baby, she decided to write her own. Using adorable illustrations of woodland creatures, Me . . . in a Nutshell provides new parents or other adults all they need to keep track of every detail about their little chipmunk:

  • A “Little Chipmunk” birth page
  • Individual pages for such items as birth certificate, “paw” prints, and medical notes
  • Two-page spreads to record milestones such as first smile, steps, and words
  • “Chitter-Chatter” pages for stories about celebrations, special occasions, and favorite food, toys, stories, and songs
  • “Masterpiece” pages for baby’s first artwork
  • Additional blank pages for more notes and photos to customize baby’s story.

Although the listed milestones may be common to most babies, Aldo’s book de-emphasizes such traditional elements as the family tree so that nontraditional families too will feel invited to record their baby’s first year. With its warmth and openness, Me . . . in a Nutshell highlights each baby’s uniqueness while remaining accessible to families of every spot and stripe.


About the author
Lynn Aldo grew up showing horses and loves quilting, traveling, and writing. Her degree in communications once took her to Italy, and she enjoys visiting coffee shops to sip hazelnut cappuccino and meet people from all over. When she could not find an appropriate baby book for a special baby, she wrote her own. Lynn is mom to two adult children, Nathan and Nina, who spent many nights of storytelling together. Lynn happily lives in North Carolina, halfway between the mountains and the sea—where there is always a story to be told!

Contact Lynn at

best christian workplaces

Best Christian Workplaces Institute Announces New Leadership to Equip More Flourishing Workplaces

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – (Mercer Island, WA)—Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI) names Jay Bransford as President and CEO as it grows to help more Christian leaders and organizations achieve their full potential by creating flourishing workplaces. As Cofounder Al Lopus steps down after 20 years of service, BCWI has a strong foundation from which it will continue equipping workplaces to thrive through Employee Engagement Surveys, 360 Leadership Reviews, and consulting services.

Jay Bransford brings a strong combination of skills to his role as CEO. He was hired in 2020 in a national search process as the President and COO to come alongside Al Lopus in leading BCWI. Jay has proven experience in executive leadership, organizational consulting, and leadership development.

Al reflects, “Jay has proven himself over the last 18 months to be an effective leader to implement the vision of BCWI. When we started the succession process several years ago, I knew we would need a skilled leader to move BCWI toward its long-range goal of serving 1000 flourishing workplaces in 2030.”

Jay Bransford is passionate about maximizing the performance and effectiveness of Christian leaders, teams, and organizations. He has 29 years of experience as an organizational consultant, executive and leadership coach, human performance expert, change management consultant, mentor, author, and teacher.

Jay has deep experience in both the corporate sector and with Christian nonprofits. His corporate experience includes consulting with Accenture, Fujitsu Consulting, FedEx, American Express, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Sprint, and Qwest. In addition, he provided consulting services in the areas of strategy, organizational, team, and leadership development serving mission organizations, churches, and Christian NGOs across Asia. He launched and served as the Chairman of the Asia Leaders Learning Community, creating the resources, services, and network to develop and equip the next generation of thousands of Christian leaders across Asia. He also co-authored and published two leadership books.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity to lead and serve,” Jay shares. “God brought all the layers of my experience and background together in this role. This is a continuation of the call I responded to when I went to the mission field in Asia, based on John 17:23 and Jesus’ prayer that Christians work together in unity to reflect Christ to those around us. I’m eager for the next season as the team at BCWI grows and continues to help organizations have healthy, flourishing workplaces.”

Along with a strong leadership team and staff, BCWI is led by a board of directors. Dr. Rob McKenna, BCWI Board Member, and CEO of WiLd Leaders, shares about this transition, “The process of identifying and selecting someone to lead the mission of BCWI was a big deal for us. The legacy of both Al and Kathy Lopus and their deep commitment to transforming cultures in our faith-based institutions is profound. Jay brings the full package—strength, discernment, organizational savvy, and a humility that is rare.”

Growing Forward
BCWI is launching into its next season of ministry from a strong position. During the 2021-22 fiscal year, they served the largest number of organizations ever. The BCWI model of flourishing workplaces was featured at the April 2022 Christian Leadership Alliance convention, along with the newly released book, Road to Flourishing: Eight Keys to Boost Employee Engagement and Well-Being, by Al Lopus.

In addition to naming Jay Bransford as CEO, BCWI has strengthened its senior leadership team in recent months as it sets the stage for further growth. Robert Wachter was named Global Marketing Director in early 2022. Robert is a seasoned executive, pastor, and author.

Prior to joining Best Christian Workplaces Institute, Robert served as Chief Marketing Officer for the largest Coldwell Banker affiliate in the world, where he initiated comprehensive branding, marketing, and advertising improvements across the company. In addition, Robert has worked with entrepreneurs and business leaders as a certified leadership and performance coach. Robert has gained valuable executive and ministry experience as a bi-vocational professional for over 20 years, bringing unique insight into the parallels between business and faith. He brings these insights to light in his first book The Art of Marketing Jesus.

Jay underscores the strategic importance of having a dedicated marketing executive: “For every Christian organization that BCWI currently serves, there are 100 more that could benefit and grow to flourishing if only they knew that BCWI exists. Robert brings an incredible depth and breadth of demonstrated marketing expertise across business, church, and not-for-profit sectors that we believe will drive the expansion of our brand identity and awareness so we can dramatically multiply BCWI’s ministry reach.”

As BCWI continues its mission to equip and inspire Christian leaders to build engaged, flourishing workplaces, applying best practices in marketing will enable more organizations and employees to experience environments that promote thriving.

Robert Wachter shares his thoughts on moving forward: “I’m excited to be part of the BCWI team. There is so much possibility and potential for the future as we reach more workplaces. As we put in place strategy and systems, we can continue the legacy of BCWI and reach new leaders and expand the network of people who are aware of the value that BCWI offers to organizations. Focused marketing efforts in business development, branding, and awareness will help us reach God-sized goals. In particular, we have a great opportunity to get the message out to Christian business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to make a kingdom impact through their companies. The BCWI Flourish model works for every type of organization.”

Building From a Solid Foundation
BCWI was launched when God used Al Lopus’ years of human resources leadership experience to impact Christian organizations. Al asked the question, “How can we equip Christian organizations to be the best workplaces in the world?” Then God led Al and Kathy Lopus to turn this question into a vision for a new way of resourcing Christian leaders.

The data collected from twenty years of employee engagement surveys, along with expertise in helping leaders take positive steps forward to improve their workplace culture, provide a solid foundation for the ongoing work of BCWI. Independent researchers used factor analysis on the BCWI employee engagement database to determine the eight keys to a flourishing workplace culture: fantastic teams, life-giving work, outstanding talent, uplifting growth, rewarding compensation, inspirational leadership, sustainable strategy, and healthy communication.

Al Lopus still carries the vision that Christian-led workplaces can set the standard as the best, most effective places to work in the world. As he has been intentional about leadership succession at BCWI, he will continue to encourage and support the growth of BCWI into the future. He serves as the chair of the BCWI board and will continue to be a voice promoting flourishing workplace culture.

This solid foundation equips BCWI and the leadership team to carry the vision into the future and impact more workplaces with God-honoring excellence.

If you are already aware of the value of BCWI services in your workplace, then share this information with a peer in another organization. If you would like more information about how BCWI can come alongside your organization, go to


Media Contact
Robert Wachter
Global Director of Marketing


About Best Christian Workplaces Institute
We equip and inspire Christian leaders to build an engaged, flourishing workplace. We believe that Christian-led workplaces can set the standard as the best, most effective places to work in the world. Founded in 2002, we help measure and improve the health of organizations through our surveys, 360 Leadership Review process, and consulting services. BCWI is organized as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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spirit life workshops

The Time is Now for Oregon Prophecies to be Fulfilled: Be Part of the Revival

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – LEBANON, OR. July 2, 2022 – In February of 2022 God planted a seed of revival by giving the Spirit Life Circle mentor team the vision of an interactive event in Lebanon, Oregon, giving birth to the Breakthrough Spirit Life Workshop, October 21-23, 2022.

There have been many prophetic promises about revival for Oregon in recent years. Rob Deluca on the Harvest Church International site received a vision from the Lord, “And I witnessed the settling of God’s glory covering the state. Oregon shall be known as ‘the state of God’s healing power.’ ” Cindy Jacobs shared on Elijah Streams, she received this message from the Lord in 2019 “If I was the devil, I would begin trembling in my boots right now because the glory of God is getting ready to pour out, and not just in Oregon.”

The Lord has been setting the table for this workshop, increasingly revealing His Glory in Lebanon, Oregon. The event host, Pastor George Medellin of House of Glory, shares, “There is an open heaven here. People will get saved, healed, delivered, and anointed to do what God called them to do!” Pastor Lynn Cooper of Reigning Glory has received many prophetic messages about the specific region of this Oregon valley from the 1980s until 2014 where she saw spontaneous healings for people simply being in the glorious presence of God.

“This will be an interactive prayer and deliverance weekend that shows the participants practically how to increase their intimacy with Jesus, allow Him to heal them miraculously, and equip them for their destined callings,” shared Dr. Patty Sadallah. The Lord promised her, “Everyone involved in this Breakthrough Spirit Life Workshop will carry the seed of revival. It’s not just about what happens at the workshop but also what happens after they leave.

“It only takes one incredible moment with Me to fan the flame of revival into a blazing wildfire. I trust this team to create that one moment for everyone present at that event. I know who I want there. I know how to get them there. Follow My lead. Trust me and watch what happens!”

Register for this three-day workshop before August 15, 2022, for $95. Then the rate will be $110 until registration closes on October 1, 2022. For more information and to register for the Breakthrough Spirit Life Workshop, check out, or contact Dr. Patty Sadallah at