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breaking strongholds

Reflective Media Productions releases season 1 of new mystery drama series “Breaking Strongholds” that tackles suicide

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – A new streaming series filmed in the small town of Montgomery, Texas releases just in time for Summer.

Breaking Strongholds is a faith-based mystery-drama series with four episodes that keeps viewers intrigued while addressing serious issues like suicide, depression, and deception that are ­­­plaguing culture.

The show centers around a missing high-school teacher and the family of Detective Ethan James, whose son, unbeknownst to him, is considering suicide to escape the pain from the loss of his mother. All while a small Texas town is distracted and deceived by the arrival of world-renowned, best-selling author and thought leader, Redmond Quinn.

Like a modern parable, the show creatively weaves God’s truths into the storyline, directing those hurting to Jesus, the only One capable of truly Breaking Strongholds. Additionally, each episode shows solutions, such as peer support and professional counseling to help those struggling with hopelessness.

“Breaking Strongholds is going to turn traditional faith-based media on its head, entertain millions of people, and provide a message of hope to the brokenhearted,” shared Terry Weaver, Lead Actor.

Suicide has increased 33% from 1999 to 2019 according to the CDC. Reflective Media Productions desires to reverse this tragedy that impacts countless families and affects every walk of life. A study guide accompanies each episode of the show and suicide intervention training is being offered through a partner organization.

To watch Breaking Strongholds visit
For additional details, please contact Terry at

running on broken legs

Redemption Press author shares moving story of how God equips those He calls to do the impossible

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – A newly released Redemption Press book by author Elinor Young is more than a missionary’s account of her experience in another country. It’s an engaging story of God’s faithfulness when he calls one of his children to an insurmountable task.

At five years old, Elinor contracts polio. Though the disease doesn’t take her life, she is left weak and physically disabled. By age ten, God’s unmistakable voice is clear, telling her she will be a missionary. A few years later, when a guest speaker at church asks, “If anyone here feels God wants you to be a missionary, would you step up to the front here and say so openly?” Elinor grabs her crutches and hobbles down the aisle.

To those watching, she knows it looks impossible. But Elinor doesn’t let her physical disabilities stop her from what God is calling her to do. She knows God will be faithful despite her weaknesses.

And he is. Elinor works as a missionary for almost eighteen years in Irian Jaya (now Papua), Indonesia, with the Kimyal tribe, where she first analyzes their language—its sound system, grammar, and story structure—and then begins the insurmountable task of translating the Bible.

She knows she could not translate effectively without understanding the culture, to “see the world as they do.” So she enmeshes herself in the Kimyal people’s lives. “I had to see them as distinct persons,” Young writes. “Learning about them up close made them real, with names and faces, feelings, and intelligence.” Only then can she translate and summarize Bible books for the Kimyal tribe in a way that will be transferable to their way of thinking.

Her time in Indonesia is not easy. Earthquakes, clan wars, language barriers, a draining load of daily responsibilities, frequent illnesses, and bouts of depression from the weight of it all will test her spiritually, physically, and emotionally. But through it all, she grows to love the Kimyal people as family. For Elinor, her time in Indonesia is more than simply translating the Bible—it is about bringing the light of the gospel to a people in darkness.

Running on Broken Legs is Elinor’s story of how God’s still, small voice brings a girl across the ocean to a people whose language she does not know but whom she grows to love. It’s a vibrant reminder that it is not through overcoming our weaknesses that we are more useful to God. Rather, we become useful when we recognize our weaknesses as an ongoing call to dependency on his grace and the work of his Spirit in us and through us. Through her journey, Elinor learns that wholeness, not merely a “better self,” is found even in the broken areas of our lives when we let God be our guide. 

Elinor Young grew up on a small farm north of Spokane, Washington. After graduating from Prairie Bible Institute, Whitworth University, and Wycliffe Bible Translator’s Summer Institute of Linguistics program, she worked as a missionary for almost eighteen years in Irian Jaya (now called Papua), Indonesia. Today she lives in Chattaroy, Washington. She mentors future and current and missionaries, edits the Great Commission Kids publication, blogs, speaks on behalf of spreading the knowledge of God around the world.

For review copies and media interviews, contact Elinor at:
Website: https//
Pinterest: @elinor2you
Twitter: @ElinorDoesWords
Instagram: yanmeeli2
YouTube: “Bad Legs” ~ Elinor, A Missionary Story





broken and blessed

New Redemption Press release shines light on childhood sexual abuse and the grooming process

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Childhood victimization and abuse is a widespread problem in American society. Statistics show that every nine minutes, Child Protective Services substantiates a claim or finds evidence of child sexual abuse. Among cases reported to law enforcement, 93 percent are perpetrated by someone who the victim knows.

Unfortunately, in addition to physical and emotional pain, victims undergo serious mental health issues as adults, including drug abuse, PTSD, and major depressive episodes.* Also, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime, children who are victims of “prolonged sexual abuse usually develop low self-esteem, a feeling of worthlessness and an abnormal or distorted view of sex. The child may become withdrawn and mistrustful of adults, and can become suicidal.”**

Tracy Michaud is no stranger to these statistics and has come forward to tell her story of childhood abuse, tragedy, abandonment, and neglect—and how God freed her from generational sin and oppression. Her book, Broken and Blessed: How God Set Me Free from Abuse, Dysfunctional Relationships, and Generational Sin, is the remarkable story of a strong, stubborn, and determined girl who, despite all earthly odds stacked against her, does not allow life-altering circumstances to change her smile or her destiny.

Young Tracy knows Jesus loves her, and she often sings “Jesus Loves Me,” as taught by her stepfather—who then goes on to abuse her. Later, as a teenager, Tracy drives the car that kills her stepfather and leaves her an amputee. Her mother refuses to engage in her rehabilitation, so Tracy vows to take care of herself. But filled with shame and feeling unworthy, Tracy leads a rebellious life marked by fear, depression, and hopelessness. But she knows that God sees everything, and she never gives up on seeking Him.

“I hope my story will help others see that they don’t have to remain stuck in the pain of their circumstances,” Tracy says. “While my story and life has many, many tragic elements to it, today, by the grace of God, I am happy and free from the fear and toxicity of my past. Everyone matters, everyone’s pain is real, and there is healing in talking about it. I hope because of me, more people will talk about it.”

Mind-boggling and miraculous, this is a story of how God uses Tracy’s grit, courage, and faith to free her and her family from generational sin and oppression. Her book is a true testimony of God’s power, mercy, and grace and how He can use just one person to change the course of eternity for generations.



Tracy Michaud is passionate about using her stories of abuse, abandonment, tragedy, and brokenness to help others rise above their circumstances and believe they are stronger than they think they are. Tracy regularly shares God’s love and transformational truth about who He is and how He works through our pain and sufferings to bring about redemption and healing beyond ourselves. Since childhood, Tracy has endured numerous life-altering tragedies, abuse, and chronic pain, but nothing has changed her smile or faith. Today, she lives free from the bondage of fear and shame in West Michigan with her husband, Albert, and their two Chihuahuas. She enjoys her family, biking on her custom-handmade cycle, swimming, kayaking, and watching the sunset over Lake Michigan. For more about Tracy, visit

For review copies and media interviews, contact:
Tracy Michaud


New book provides an encouraging book of hope, healing, and achievement in the midst of broken relationships

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – This book Jacob, is clearly a Bible commentary. And yet, the author Martin Ellgar has breathed life into the characters in the Jacob narrative giving them heart and soul. The author’s style has made it easier for the reader to relate to the characters in the book, and even to see themselves in the character of Jacob. In places, it reads more like a novel.

There is drama throughout the Jacob narrative, from the womb to the grave. It becomes intense in places, where the author has released the passion from within the text, to immerse the reader in the narrative. The reader will soon notice that the voice of fear leads Jacob into making some bad choices in his life. It leads him into further difficult situations. Twice he had to flee for his life. In his flight from his twin brother Esau, God said to Jacob in a dream, ‘I am with you, and will watch over you wherever you go, …’ (Genesis 28: 15) God by choice becomes Jacob’s travelling companion.

The reader will find it interesting, how Jacob at a low point in his life, made a deal with God, whom he barely knew. It paid off handsomely. There is much for the reader to contemplate in the narrative. There are themes to consider of fear and faith, love and sacrifice, and of course birthright and blessing.

Many readers will find Leah, one of the wives of Jacob an admirable character in the narrative. The author has extolled her virtue of faith. Leah’s faith in God allowed her to be fruitful with many sons. According to Martin Ellgar, ‘They are her sons of consolation.’ Leah’s hope and dream was finally fulfilled, although ironically in the grave.

If you have never read a Bible commentary, then an excellent place to start would be with this book Jacob. Through the Jacob narrative, the reader will be called to reflect upon their own struggles in life, and perhaps even make a deal with God for a better life. Readers of this book will walk away with new understanding and appreciation of God in his relationships with all manner of people. Jacob is now available globally.

About the author
Martin Ellgar is an educator, pastor, master electrician, and currently retired from paid work. He continues to serve the Lord in various callings as a volunteer. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology, and a Bachelor of Education. He is author of ‘God’s Cry to the Church’ by Austin Macauley Publishers 2020. Martin continues to write in his retirement, and enjoys being a mentor and entertainer to his grandchildren. He can be contacted by email at



dangerous god book

Thoughtful Book from New Ministry Teaches the Importance of Fear and Trembling with Worship

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Cary, North Carolina, May 18, 2022

Addressing the lack of material that focuses on the severity of God, Dangerous God Ministries is offering a book authored by ministry co-founder Jim Albright: “Dangerous God: Wrath, Vengeance, Recompense, and Terror,” along with a separately published study guide.

Readers of the book will be called to a profoundly deeper place to know and worship Jesus Christ more fully and to be agents of change in their respective realms of influence by exhorting the church to return to its rich history of “beholding the severity of God.”

“Dangerous God is actually a book of good news—terrifyingly good news—because it is a book full of truth about God. If you want to know God more as He reveals Himself in the Bible…you’ll be grateful for this book.”—Donald S. Whitney: Professor of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Contemporary Christianity properly delights in the kindness of God, but has forgotten the severity of God, that is, His holiness as revealed in His wrath, vengeance, recompense, and terror. We are humbled when we behold the severity of God; we are instilled with the fear of the Lord. As our fear of God increases, all other fears decrease. God is able to balance in the hearts of believers the fear of the Lord, with love and intimacy for the Lord.

Let the word go out…the church must stop ignoring God’s holiness, His hatred of sin, and His fierce wrath. We must learn to tremble with utter humility, reverence, and gladness at who He is, as the fear of the LORD always leads to God-sized delight.

Dangerous God Ministries exists to proclaim the terrifyingly good news of a dangerous God so as to fully behold both the severity of His holiness and the kindness of His grace. To learn more, please visit

Ministry co-founders Jim Albright and Brad Vaden are available for interviews and speaking engagements. Contact Carl Dobrowolski at:

“Dangerous God: Wrath, Vengeance, Recompense, and Terror” by Jim Albright is available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook format from Amazon.

john macarthur

New Book Pays Tribute to Prominent pastor John MacArthur

FAITH NEWS SERVICE –  Cary, North Carolina, May 16, 2022
“John MacArthur: An Insider’s Tribute” will be available on May 17, 2022. Authored by Pastor Don Green, this new book will give readers access to exclusive interviews and never-before-published photos of Pastor John MacArthur and his ministry. The book will be released at a special event “An Evening with John MacArthur” at the Truist Arena at Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, KY on May 17, 2022. A live stream of the event will be provided by Truth Community Church.

Millions have known John MacArthur as a steadfast and trustworthy voice for biblical authority and teacher for over five decades. But what kind of man is he in private?

Don Green had the opportunity to observe him closely over a fifteen-year period in leadership roles at Grace Community Church and Grace to You. In “John MacArthur: An Insider’s Tribute,” you’ll find winsome short stories, exclusive interviews and photos to give you access to the man whose service to Christ has benefited so many – all as a testimony to the grace of God in the life of John MacArthur.

“This is a sweet personal tribute to John MacArthur, whose biblical teaching and pastoral gifts have blessed multiple generations of believers worldwide.” – Phil Johnson, Executive Director, Grace to You.

Don Green, the author of John MacArthur: An Insider’s Tribute, comments: “Readers of this book will walk away with new understanding and appreciation of John MacArthur, the man the minister, and his message. More so, they will observe the powerful effects of the Word of God when it is central to a gospel ministry such as John’s. No one should be without this book.”

“John MacArthur: An Insider’s Tribute” is available on Amazon.

About the Author:
Don Green is the founding pastor of Truth Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the featured Bible teacher on the radio program “The Truth Pulpit.” A former attorney, he is a graduate of the Master’s Seminary, a past elder at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, and author of the forthcoming “Trusting God in Trying Times” (Trust the Word Press, 2022). Don and his wife, Nancy, have been married since 1988 and have six adult children and three adorable grandchildren.

For interviews contact: Carl Dobrowolski, Goodwill Media Services


New book helps Christian men start, continue and finish the race God has set before them

FAITH NEWS SERVICEENDURE is a practical, Scripture-steeped guide to help men finish the race God has set before them. Written by Pastor Bill Newton for all men – young or seasoned, married or solo, spiritually fit or totally anemic, ENDURE will help men grow in biblical maturity, be challenged to change, and find strength for the road ahead.

Too many Christian men start enthusiastically, and then fall short. Falling short can be a public fall—a church-going husband has an affair, a high-profile ministry leader gets caught in a scandal, or an outspoken advocate is marred by blatant hypocrisy.

But for most men, falling short isn’t a newsworthy spectacle. It’s subtler. Closer to home. It’s floundering in the faith. Stunted spiritual growth. It’s entering the race God has called them to, then choosing to coast. This story doesn’t make headlines, but it’s far more common.

According to Bill Newton, the author of ENDURE, “men are weighed down with far too many things, are failing and losing Christ’s purpose for them. ENDURE will give them a practical spiritual roadmap starting with the ultimate secret: falling in love with Jesus.”

Readers of this book will be encouraged by real-life stories of men who have endured in their own lives and callings while pastors will find it helpful to stimulate the growth of the men under their care.

Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor of Parkside Church and voice behind Truth For Life radio, says ENDURE is “a thoroughly biblical and intensely practical call to press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

Readers can purchase ENDURE from or Amazon.

Bill Newton is available for interviews and speaking engagements.

Contact: Carl Dobrowolski, Goodwill Media Services

About the Author:
Bill Newton is a pastor with a heart to “help men grow up”—to see men transform from acting good to being godly. Long before he stood behind the pulpit, Bill was playing and coaching football, flying over 250 combat missions in Vietnam, graduating from Harvard Business School, working on Wall Street, buying and selling businesses, raising a family, and the list goes on. In other words, Bill has been there, done that. But while his bio sounds impressive, Bill’s story is not one of win after win. His story is one in which God graciously allowed him many opportunities to fail, learn, and recover. Find out more at Bill’s website,

tom and carla

Miracle of God continues in April as TFEA – East Africa Evangelists see over 15,000 Prisoners come to Christ in 10 Ugandan prisons.

FAITH NEWS SERVICETom Flaskerud Evangelistic Association is excited to announce that in April our 3 East Africa Evangelism Teams conducted 93 ‘Prisoner of Pain…..God’s Grace’ video documentary events in 10 Ugandan prisons. The prisoners were both men and women who responded with 14,407 recording a first-time profession of faith in Christ and another 1,116 recording a rededication to Christ. All of the responding inmates were given New Testament Bibles.

TFEA East Africa Director, Evangelist Bryan Wisdom Ohiirwe reports: “There is nothing like this that has happened before in the East African Prisons, and God has chosen the TFEA/Freedom Team to use them as his vessels during this special season of Harvest and revival in Prisons. we are thankful to the TFEA and the Freedom Team, and all partners for your continued support, prayers and spiritual guidance.”

TFEA Executive Director, Tom Flaskerud writes: After receiving direction from God we were compelled to start Prison Cell Churches in Kakiika Prison and we are happy to announce that God has gone before us and prepared the hearts of every leader to fulfill His direction and purpose. We started with 1 prison cell church on March 5th and God has now miraculously blessed us with 30 prison cell churches with 3200 prisoners attending twice-a-day for an hour each. TFEA has supplied the sound equipment and Bibles for these inmates. We hope to begin Prison Cell Churches in Nyabuhikye Prison by June 1st.

Evangelist Joshua Tukesiga reports: “The New Testament Bibles have had a great impact on the inmates and the ministry here in prison both staff and inmates. We have the portable speakers, microphones, and stands, this has helped us during these daily services. In a typical service we have praising and singing worshiping songs in adoration and a time of prayer, testimonies from individuals and prayer requests then ministration of the Word during services. As I said before, revival already started in prison here, thousands are getting saved and coming to Christ than ever before, the prison Cell Churches are growing so fast, God is building His church for His people and it is exciting and such an honor that God has counted us worthy to be a part of this.”

Unedited letter received from a female prisoner. Agnes – 37 years old, female, Kakiika Prisoner writes: “At my first meeting with the Freedom Team at the hall on Saturday, 12 March, I was frustrated, and hopeless and wished I was never born instead of wasting all my life in prison, but how the Lord has made dramatic changes in my life in the past month is amazing, I have new friends at the prison cell church and we are always planning on how to sing and praise God and testify every morning and evening, I think This is what I want to do when I leave prison, to be a church leader. During these services I have experienced God in ways like never before, I shared my testimony of how me and my sister have been freed from drug addiction during our last service at the prison cell church and we thank the Lord for being at work in our lives, thank you for the Bibles, we are doing Bible study with my sister, this has kept us busy, in these different studies. Praise the Lord for His goodness to us!!!”

Our biggest need is for more Bibles. We have printed over 25,000 since Feb. 8th and have distributed most of them to the prisoners coming to Christ. We are able to have these leather-bound, New Testament Bibles with helps and maps printed for $2 each. The second biggest need we have is for the sound systems and Bibles for the Prison Cell Churches.

The cost for this is approximately $750. If you would like to help, please send your tax-deductible gift to Tom Flaskerud Evangelistic Association, 19053 River Woods Drive, Bend, OR 97702 or visit our website at: and click on Donate.

For more information, please contact Tom Flaskerud at 541-390-7770 or email

gregory dickow

Pastor Equips Readers to Combat Fear & Anxiety with Joy & Love

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – May 3, 2022 – In a world where an increasing number of people are stressed out, in pain, battling depression or anxiety, Gregory Dickow offers a cure for these forces that sabotage our potential, purpose, and peace. In his new book “Soul Cure: How to Heal Your Pain and Discover Your Purpose,” he presents a power-packed step-by-step Rx for the soul.

In his new book “Soul Cure: How to Heal Your Pain and Discover Your Purpose.” (May 2022; ISBN 9780800762452, Chosen Books), Dickow says it’s time to “experience real freedom by letting God’s love wash over your soul and discovering the simple steps that will unlock emotional healing and the power to change your mood on command.”

The internationally renowned pastor and talk show host authors this book at a time when headlines are full of so much negative news, and an unprecedented number of people are suffering from emotional pain, trauma, or disorder. Dickow’s book aligns with domestic and international research, including Stanford University, the National Institutes for Health and JAMA Network, linking COVID-19 to increased rates of mental illness.

“To quote a timeless proverb,” Dickow says, “‘Eyes that focus on what is beautiful, bring joy to the heart…and strengthen the inner being. Whatever we focus on will bring us joy or sorrow; faith or fear; optimism or skepticism. But the freedom is found in the fact that we get to choose the object of our focus.”

Soul Cure has already caught the attention of Joel Osteen, the Houston pastor and New York Times Best Selling author, who says, “My friend, Gregory Dickow, is a truly inspirational speaker and one of the most influential Christian leaders in the world today. His new book, Soul Cure, is a message of hope and victory in the face of adversity, and one that could not be more timely than it is right now.”

Creflo Dollar, founder and senior pastor, World Changers International Church, says, “By delving deep into Gregory Dickow’s new book, Soul Cure, you will begin to understand your true worth, unlock the secrets to soul health and unleash God’s unfathomable grace in your life. … This book can cure everything that ails you spiritually!”

John Ramirez, evangelist, author, “Armed and Dangerous,” explains, “Soul Cure is a necessary weapon in our arsenal against the enemy. Gregory Dickow takes readers through the journey of understanding the root causes of the spiritual forces behind human pain and suffering.”

In this engaging and powerful new book, Dickow inspires and empowers readers to shift their focus from the adversity they face to the purpose they are chasing. “Each of us is healing from something as we pursue wholeness. And each of us is discovering something –the power and purpose, desires and dreams locked up within us,” Dickow says. “The simple steps and ingredients in Soul Cure will help unlock and unleash the greatest treasures within you.”

For interviews, contact Neil Foote, Ascendant Group Branding,, 214.448.3765.

For more than 25 years, Gregory Dickow has helped millions of people find healing, hope, and transformation through the goodness, love, and grace of Jesus Christ. He is the founder and senior pastor of Life Changers International Church, a multicultural epicenter of ministry called to heal a generation and cover the earth with the love of God. A prolific author and speaker, Dickow is the creator of the internationally acclaimed Fast from Wrong Thinking movement, attracting more than one million subscribers worldwide and transforming lives from the inside out. He is also the host of the worldwide television program Power to Change Today. Learn more at Follow him on social: Facebook: @GregoryDickow; Instagram: @gregorydickow; Twitter: @GregoryDickow; and YouTube: Gregory Dickow.