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The Christians Merging Together Ministry

Pastors and Leaders Unity Day announced for July 30

FAITH NEWS SERVICEDaytona Beach, Florida, 21 April, 2022 – The Christians Merging Together Ministry (CMTM) and Volusia County have proclaimed July 30, 2022, to be Pastors and Leaders Unity Day. It is a time to come together as one people under God with the shared goal to reduce violence and let God in.

The in-person event will be held at Chuck Lennon Park, 5000 Greenfield Dairy Road, Deleon Springs, Florida. There will be speakers, singers and prayers, as well as food trucks and “love gift” give-aways. Live broadcast of Unity Day will be broadcast by Zoom across the country.

Over 100 pastors are expected to participate locally, and over 100 pastors from across the country plan to participate virtually.

“God said that this is the time for the people of our nation humble themselves,” said Pastor Sammy L. Jackson, Minister of CMTM. “Ask him for corrections, because correction is not rejection. But correction will make you a better person.”

With high-tension political friction across the country, Jackson believes it is time for people to return to their roots. He reminds Americans that their forefather founded the country on trust in God, and that the country can regain its strength by putting its trust back into the hands of God once again.

“It’s time to be about the business of our Father’s Kingdom, so I say to you today: follow God’s vision and accept his invitation let him in,” said Jackson. “Prayers matters – and your prayers matter – because when you stand fast and wait on God, your prayers will make change happen.”

CMTM urges an end to violence, which stems from divisions in society. The focus is on helping young people turn issues over to God rather than to violently take matters into their own hands. Community prayer can bring neighbors back closer together, so that people can become “our brother’s keeper” and bless each other daily.

Anybody with prayer requests is asked to send them to Pastor Sammy L. Jackson, Post Office Box. 10782, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32120 or to

Participants are encouraged to bring fold up lawn chairs and wear their church’s logo tee shirts.

CMTM are now airing on Preach The Word Worldwide Network TV, All Nations TV and The NOW Television Network. Over the past weeks the Christian Television Network broadcast CMTM’s “Vision of God’s Invitation” to audiences in 83 countries. Any other broadcasters who want to bring the CMTM message to their audiences is invited to contact Minister Sammy Jackson

Sammy L. Jackson
Christian’s Merging Together Ministry Foundation
P.O. Box  10782
Daytona  Beach, Florida  32120


covenant token

First Christian faith-based token launches globally on Easter Sunday

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Covenant Ministry, a non-denominational Christian ‘Crypto-Ministry’, will launch the first mainstream community run, faith-based, Christian cryptocurrency.

Covenant Token is a community run, faith based, token on the BNB Smart Chain. Covenant Token is the first mainstream Christian token with listings on decentralized exchanges, Pancakeswap, Apeswap, Sushiswap, Bakeryswap, and the Dodo Exchange.

10% of the funds raised through Covenant Token’s presale will be donated in
support of the Ukraine. Covenant Ministry will be establishing partnerships with
ministries and charitable organizations globally and has reserved a share of
their token supply to support community development projects globally.

Covenant Ministry is building a Christian cryptocurrency community across
various social networks and, through its token launch, NFT’s, and additional
projects, will help to support international community development and Christian
charities worldwide.


the crucifixion

A New Perspective on The Crucifixion

FAITH NEW SERVICE – For New Zealand author Roger Taylor, writing a book was never something he had on his ‘must do’ list. But a vision placed on his heart in 2004 changed that, and ‘The Crucifixion, A Short Story’ was born.

The vision was that of Jesus Christ carrying his cross along a dusty street lined with jeering crowds, and hundreds of thousands of demonic beings circling overhead, celebrating what they perceived as a great victory over heaven.

Roger began making notes, and as he did, more and more of the story was revealed to him. There was the vision of the armies of heaven looking on but not allowed to intervene; the mighty Archangel Michael falling at God’s feet, broken at what he saw happening to Jesus on earth; the confrontation between Michael and Satan at the cross; and finally, the glorious sight of the vast armies of heaven being released, pouring out of heaven’s gates and heading to the cross.

Then, while on a police deployment to Bougainville, Papua New Guinea in late 2020, early 2021, Roger finished writing the book.

He recalls however, since the initial vision in 2004, being confronted with the thought, “What am I doing? Who am I to be re-writing the Easter story? Are you even allowed to do that? What will people think?”

What kept coming back to him though were two things. Firstly, has anyone ever written the story of Easter like this, from the perspective of our Father and the angels at the time? And secondly, it’s another opportunity to get out to the world the powerful message of God’s unquenchable love for us as sinners, and just why He allowed His son to bear such immense pain.

It’s that inspiring time immemorial message of hope: that God loves us all so much, no matter who we are or what we’ve done, that He would allow His only begotten son to die on a cross, so through Him we could come directly to the Father in prayer.

Told predominantly through the eyes of the mighty Archangel Michael, ‘The Crucifixion’ takes us on an emotional and hard-hitting journey through the events of Christ’s death as they run their horrific course.

As a result, The Crucifixion encompasses moments of deep sadness, raw emotion and unbridled anger, but ultimately that great moment of inspiration and joy we know so well. Once Roger started adding the growing number of mental pictures he had seen to the story, he began to fully realise what God and the angels must surely have been experiencing in heaven. He suggests that in having to stand by and watch while Jesus was humiliated, beaten, stripped naked, and ultimately tortured to death by mere men, must surely have stirred unimaginable grief and anger. How could it not? This was, after all their beloved creator, master, and king.

We often hear of the angels being referred to as God’s messengers and angelic warriors, but have we ever paused to consider what it meant for a true warrior, and not just any warrior, but a mighty, staunch, battle-hardened and powerful warrior such as Michael, to put aside his power, courage and loyalty to protect his divine master, and watch him die such a horrific, drawn-out death? Michael is described in the bible as the Archangel Michael, one of the Great Princes. He appears in the bible on several occasions, either directly in battle himself or leading heaven’s armies in battle.

These simply aren’t the sort of beings that would be at ease looking on unaffected at what was happening to their beloved Creator and King. It is entirely likely that, apart from Christ himself not calling on the angels for help, it was also necessary for the Father to instruct them not to intervene.

Roger grew up in Manurewa, a small suburb situated in the heart of South Auckland, New Zealand. He was raised in a Catholic family, and like many people born into religion, rebelled in his late teens, and from there led a somewhat ‘colourful’ life, until finding a genuine relationship with Christ in his early to mid 20’s. To grow up in South Auckland, you either had to have a very keen awareness of your surroundings, or you quickly developed one. It is to these humble beginnings that Roger credits his dry wit and down-to-earth attitude to most things in life. It’s also working in South Auckland as a young police officer and ultimately as a qualified Detective that gave Roger an unobstructed view of the darker side of life.

Having held various roles as a Detective in the New Zealand Police, Roger has witnessed the tragic and often disturbing results of serious crime and violence and the evil that is ever present in our world today. There isn’t too much he hasn’t seen, which includes on occasion interacting with and even praying over people appearing to be affected by demonic possession.

Roger now works in Family Harm intervention. After years of dealing with the tragic deaths of parents, children and cruelly even babies as a result of family violence, Roger is taking his experiences in this field as a Detective and applying them to bringing intervention and hope to struggling families, where fear and violence are entrenched, as opposed to always being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and picking up the pieces.

It is with these varied experiences, and a long-standing interest in the ongoing battle between angels and demons, and their interaction with mankind, that Roger brings us this powerful new perspective on the Crucifixion story.

Although essentially a narrative, The Crucifixion is based on biblical events and references accounts directly recorded in the bible. Roger’s heart is to honour the sanctity of the Easter story, while opening hearts to what heaven was likely experiencing at the time. His hope in doing this is to lead even more people to understand and appreciate exactly what God and His Son went through, to show us their love for us and allow us to have a full and direct relationship with the Father through Christ.

Capturing the deep loving Father heart of God, not only for His son Jesus, but for us as human beings, Roger now invites us to join Michael as he embarks on this incredibly personal journey through the conflicting moments of incomprehensible suffering and yet ultimate triumph of Easter in ‘The Crucifixion, A Short Story’.

unshakable peace in an unsteady world

Unshakable Peace in an Unsteady World

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Does the chaos of this world jump start your anxious thoughts? If there is anything the last few years have taught us all, it’s that we cannot control many circumstances in life.

In the midst of the chaos of this world and the fast pace of life, it is easy to let worry and fear overwhelm us and leave us stressed. In our ordinary daily lives anxious thoughts can leave us feeling we must be the only one who thinks like this. However, there is One who brings unshakeable peace in the midst of our trials and ever changing lives.

Four writers who had never met in person, took a risk and joined a writers mastermind via Zoom during the global pandemic. In the process of sharing their projects, they shared their successes, their losses, struggles, and lives with each other. After a season of quarantines, personal losses, milestone life changes and the desire to share the hope they have in Jesus, Unshakable Peace in an Unsteady World was birthed.

Filled with honest and beautiful storytelling, reflective questions for further processing, and anchored in Scripture, this devotional helps you take hold of of God’s Word and One who brings Unshakeable Peace in an Unsteady World. Join them in this 12 day devotional as they look at what Scripture teaches about lasting peace. They walk with you for 12 days and encourage you to dig deeper in your own personal study time to see what God has to say about the lasting peace He offers.

This book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart.

Jess Carey is the award-winning author of Chart a Course – Taking a Journey With God at the Helm. Her writing has been featured in,, and She is a wife of over 15 years and mother to two teenagers. From acting in New York to running an international business, she has had to overcome fear, insecurity, and perfectionism to pursue God’s divine plan. She is passionate about helping every person do the same. Connect with Jess on Instagram @jess_careyaz, or her website

Jodi Kinasewitz lives in Mason, Ohio, with her husband of 20 years Matt, their four children, and their yellow lab, Max. She is an elementary-level reading specialist and a certified yoga instructor. She is passionate about leading Christian-inspired yoga classes, reading, and writing. She loves to travel with her family, and she spends any time she can outdoors. Jodi has had several articles published with various Christian platforms including,,, and she was published in Milk & Honey Women Devotional Journal, Volume 1. Jodi’s hope is by sharing her story of struggle through a season of anxiety and depression her writing will shine a light on the importance of mental health while pointing others to Jesus. Find out more about Jodi on Instagram @jkinasewitz, Facebook – Jodi Kinasewitz.

Elise Daly Parker is a certified life coach passionate about empowering moms to savor and not just survive this busy season of life with clarity, confidence, and calm. She does this through one-on-one and group coaching, workshops (Vision Boards are a fave!), and her podcast MomVision. Elise shares practical tips and openly shares her experiences – the good, the bad, the ugly – of being the mom of four now-grown daughters, 37 years of marriage, and continuing to become the woman she is meant to be. Elise is on a mission to help moms unapologetically – and with no shame or guilt – know, love, and accept themselves today, with the hope and promise of moving towards their goals and dreams for tomorrow. Find her at, on the MomVision podcast, Instagram, and Facebook too.

Michele L. Wilbert is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who lives in California with her husband and son. An experienced marketing and public relations professional, she speaks to others about work as worship and finding your identity in Christ. She writes small group curriculum, devotions, and leadership development. She is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and finds joy teaching others to study God’s Word. Connect with her at and on Instagram @michelelwilbert.

Michele L. Wilbert


Sherman Presents His Highly-Anticipated Inspirational Christian Gospel Single, “I Found”

FAITH NEWS SERVICEMulti-Talented Recording Artist, Music Producer, and Songwriter Delivers A Message of Profound Hope

ATLANTA, GA, March 2022: Sherman’s newest single, “I Found,” is a testament to his actions and demonstration of the challenges he overcomes daily. As an artist, Sherman found the inspiration to write this song after talking to others about real-life happenings and acceptance. While writing “I Found,” Sherman found peace, love, and Jesus, the anointed one Christ. Along with his previous singles, including “God Has A Plan” and “Another Day,” Sherman’s newest song conveys a message of encouragement and hope. As a Christian musician and producer, Sherman has dedicated his life to the church through Christian Gospel music.

Raised in Augusta, Georgia, Sherman began studying and creating music from the young age of ten. He found musical inspiration from R&B, jazz, and gospel genres. Sherman dedicated his time to learning how to play a wide range of musical instruments in grade school, including the trumpet, french horn, and drums. At age sixteen, Sherman began working as a session drummer for fellow artists recording gospel albums. Led by his faith and passion, Sherman brings his Christian community along for his successful musical journey. As a truthful and authentic musician, Sherman is a breath of fresh air for Christian Gospel fans worldwide.

Sherman has worked diligently to perfect his craft and lead with faith throughout his musical career. Along his journey, he has befriended many notable producers and artists. Fellow musicians, mentors, and friends involved in creating “I Found,” include Vance “Maestro” Taylor who contributed as the pianist to the record and has worked with the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire, Toni Braxton and more; and Dwight Watkins, a renowned music producer who has produced for the likes of Peabo Bryson including songs “All My Love”, “When You’re In Love”, “One Time For The Lonely” and more compositions from Bryson’s catalog. Along with his fellow collaborators, Sherman poured his heart and soul into this single. To stay up to date with upcoming music and events, visit Sherman’s business website, El Shaddai Productions at

Sherman’s new single, “I Found,” is now available to stream on iTunes, YouTube, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, and Spotify. As a successful Christian producer and musician, Sherman finds immense fulfillment in sharing his spiritual passion and artistic talents with others. Churches, congregations, and interested groups are welcome to contact Sherman for bookings, performances, teaching opportunities, and music production.

For more information, promo requests, or to set up an interview, please contact Konnea Mcandrew at, (404)857-3071, or  To download or stream “I Found” visit Sherman here at or