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No longer a surprise: Christians of today have been repeatedly victimized and radicalized by identity theft

Faith News ServiceBaltimore, MD, October 28, 2021. It’s unfortunate, but not shocking, and certainly not the end. The Christian’s identity in Christ has been under attack since Jesus ascended and will continue until He returns. However, the assortment of identity thieves today has adapted to the times and approaches us in unassuming means. So, what do we do? We reclaim our identity!

Considering everything political, social, and cultural that’s been happening in the U.S.  since 2014, Pastor Christopher Davis has had numerous conversations with various  Christians of diverse views across the country. In these conversations, he discovered a  theme: he spent more time explaining to “Christians” who they are and how to think and  be “Christian” first. These topics proved to be the probe that revealed the hidden problem.  Far too many Christians are unfamiliar with their identity as “Christian,” especially among  professing American Christians. Therefore, “Reclaiming Our Identity” is intended to address who Christians are and how Christians can (and should) be living effectively in our current  days, facing the way the world is now and its ever-changing complexion.

Jason Cusick, Lead Pastor of Journey of Faith Church, said,

“As followers of Jesus, we have an identity crisis… With biblical depth and practical  simplicity, “Reclaiming Our Identity” can help us get out of crisis and back on mission!” 

Cecil Ramos (M.Ed.), an Overseas Global Worker and Regional Coach with Multiply wrote,  “This book, though it demonstrates [Davis’] eloquence and deep understanding of  theology, is accessible for those beginning their journey with Christ to those who have  been walking with Him for decades. Enjoy the odyssey you’re about to embark on.” 

“Reclaiming Our Identity” is an adept exploration of the Christian’s identity. It is culturally  current but timelessly relevant. There are plenty of scripture references for this to be used  as a Bible study, and highly recommended for groups. This is not a speed read; it is a tour.  It is available for purchase everywhere books are sold. Go to to select where to get your copy. To request an interview, book  signing, or speaking engagement with the author, please email

Christopher B. Davis is the author of two other books and a ministry veteran with some unique experiences. Chris has pastored and church planted in Central and Southern California. Currently, he is the Senior Pastor of Northwest Baptist Church in Reisterstown, MD.