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Bestselling author inspired by life after death encounter

FAITH NEWS SERVICELOS ANGELES, CA, April 27, 2021 – Throughout people’s lives, they know that they are inching closer to death with each passing day. We wonder how it will happen. By accident or an injury. Perhaps it will be a disease, or maybe it will be as simple as old age. The what-ifs can consume us.

BUT WHAT IF… What if the most incredible awakening and the next stage of LIFE comes at the time of death?

The Highest of Care: A Journey Through Cancer book follows Lisa M. Roseman as she learns of her mom’s cancer diagnosis, provides hospice care, and witnesses a life-after-death encounter with Jesus at her mother’s bedside.

Lisa reaffirms her faith in God and reminds everyone of his unwavering presence, despite their doubts, heartaches, and relational battles. People may worry over their life, fear death, and question so many of life’s twists and turns. But Lisa engages all these challenges with real-life experiences that reestablish her faith in the Lord and prompt readers to look for evidence of God’s eternal promises as well.

“At some time in your life, you are likely to become the caregiver for a loved one; it is almost guaranteed. It may be for your child or for an aging parent. It may be for another family member or for a close friend. No matter who you are caring for, you will enter into a season that requires a higher level of compassion, selfless giving, and responsibility than has previously been required of you,” said Lisa M. Roseman.”

The Highest of Care is especially helpful to those providing hospice care to loved ones or patients. A caregiver’s ultimate goal is to keep them comfortable and at peace. Now—more than ever—they can be assured that the next stage of “LIFE” is incredible.

“God appears to us daily. Our eyes must be open to see. This book is a nice reminder for caregivers God is everywhere, and in every circumstance,” said Dale Hewett Collier, Manager of Kings Counsel & Trust Family Office.

About the book: Journey with author, Lisa M. Roseman, as she encounters God’s deep love and reassuring presence as well as encourages you to look for evidence of God’s work around you—in the mundane and the miraculous.

Within this journey of caregiving, Roseman details a supernatural display of God’s promise of eternal life through a miraculous life-after-death encounter that occurred at the end of her mother’s life. In the form of a lion that resembles and will remind many of the Narnia series, God revealed himself to Lisa as he gently guided her mother into his eternal presence.

The Highest of Care: A Journey Through Cancer is now available on Amazon. Lisa M. Roseman is available for interviews.

About the Author: Lisa M. Roseman is a theologian and founder of an inner healing Christian ministry in Southern California. Over the last decade, she has helped hundreds of people encounter the healing presence and power of God. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Theology, she has combined her education with her passion for seeing lives transformed—both personally and for the people she counsels.

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‘Prevention and Redemption’: Evangelical Council on Abuse Prevention to Hold Inaugural National Conference

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Jacksonville, FLA – The Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention (ECAP) — a new organization aimed at helping evangelical organizations and ministries prevent and respond to abuse — will hold its inaugural national conference on June 17, 2021 at Nashville First Baptist Church.

The conference theme is “Prevention and Redemption,” and will equip attendees to effectively prevent abuse in the organizations they serve and be agents of redemption when abuse has occurred. Both prevention and redemption “demonstrate the heart of God in his care for his people,” according to the ECAP website.

“My hope is that people will leave this conference reminded anew that all people — including the vulnerable and weak for whom God cares so deeply — bear the image of God,” said Jeff Dalrymple, Executive Director of ECAP. “Caring for children in our churches and ministries is a weighty stewardship, one that should motivate us to do all we can to protect and care for these image bearers.”

The conference will feature keynote speakers, such as Dr. Crawford Loritts, Valerie Bell, Julius Kim, and more. There is also a full slate of breakout sessions addressing a wide variety of practical issues that will be of help to anyone interested in preventing abuse. Attendees can hear from lawyers, authors, pastors, professors, and child safety professionals.

“The work that ECAP is doing is ground-breaking and extremely important for churches and other ministries,“ said Sally Wagenmaker, an attorney serving as general counsel for ECAP and one of the breakout speakers at the conference. “Ministries will benefit tremendously through this upcoming national conference.”

While the conference is happening in Nashville, those who are unable to attend can register for the livestream option. Further details and information on the conference — in addition to general information about ECAP, its child safety standards, and other resources — can be found at

The Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention was formed as a national organization in June 2019 in response to a growing awareness of the problem of sexual abuse within evangelical churches and ministries. ECAP seeks to offer a proactive, comprehensive solution for protecting children and the vulnerable from abuse within evangelical ministries.

ECAP will offer accreditation to ministries that commit to operate according to recently released standards for addressing and preventing abuse of children in their care.

ECAP urges awareness during National Child Abuse Prevention Month

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Evangelical Council on Abuse Prevention (ECAP) seeks to bring awareness to the issue among churches, ministries, and Christian organizations across the evangelical landscape.

Especially noteworthy for churches is Blue Sunday, which takes place on April 25. Blue Sunday is a day of prayer for victims of child abuse, and a day for ministries to commit themselves to preventing abuse and creating safe environments for the vulnerable.

“As someone who survived child abuse in the church, I’m grateful to pastors and church leaders who take initiative against this evil,” said Jennifer Greenberg, author of Not Forsaken: A Story of Life After Abuse. “Abuse perpetrated in the family of God not only ruins lives, it costs souls. It damages how we perceive corporate worship and even our relationship with Jesus Christ. Prevention cannot be over-prioritized, and how we respond when we encounter abuse has consequences in eternity.”

The statistics surrounding child abuse are startling, and yet all too many Christians remain unaware of how pervasive the problem of abuse is. Part of ECAP’s vision is to help churches, schools, and ministries understand the complex topic, and help them know how to work for the protection of children and the prevention of abuse in their context.

“While we grieve the necessity of raising awareness over such an issue, we are glad to do all we can in the effort,” said Jeff Dalrymple, Executive Director of ECAP. “It’s our prayer that Christians will embrace the occasions of National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Blue Sunday to evaluate what they can do to protect and work for the flourishing of the children in their midst.”

Those interested in improving their standard of protection for children can find a variety resources at Those visiting the ECAP website will also find information about the ECAP 2021 abuse prevention national conference, “Prevention and Redemption,” taking place in Nashville.

Resources for Blue Sunday and National Child Abuse Prevention Month can be found at