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Through the changing face of worship services

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – As a whole, most of us do not like change and that also includes the church. But because of Covid-19, churches have had to change to adapt to this pandemic. No longer being able to meet in person has changed how they provide church services. But this negative has been turned into a positive because now through technology (Youtube, streaming, podcasts etc), the church is now able to spread the message of Jesus Christ through technology to those outside of their congregation.

Now that we have realized that the use of modern technology can be used to provide church services, we need to consider how technology can also enhance our worship services.

There is no denying that our culture today is dominated by images in our everyday life. And like the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Because images are part of our everyday life and they can convey a message better than words, we need to explore more possible ways to affect a person’s understanding of the gospel and God’s love through how we worship.

One of the ways to present a more effective worship service, is to consider using more visualization. By using the visual arts alongside our worship songs, we are able to connect the message of the song more effectively. The use of the visual arts with a worship song is often referred to as “Visual Worship

I saw this explanation of visual worship on the internet and I think it sums it up beautifully “Visual worship is not about what your eyes see, it is about how our mind and heart and spirit connect with and respond to God through those things our eyes see.” had this to say about visual worship “Christian worship is an inherently visual event. Both the setting and the actions of worship need to be seen as well as heard. Contemporary North American culture is becoming image dominated. Television, film, photography, advertising, and computerized graphics are shifting the balance of communicative power between word and image. The visual arts in worship can not be avoided or ignored in the present age. They are an important means of communication with God for artist and participant, drawing worshipers into the story of faith in effective and spiritual ways.”

Because of the changing times and the fact that some people are unable to understand or connect to a worship song, I believe our churches need to consider using visual worship as a way to spread the message of the gospel.

I created a website called that uses carefully crafted images and videos along with worship songs. By creating these worship music videos, I am giving churches a way to apply visual worship to their worship service.

If you think your church could benefit from the use of visual worship, please visit


About the writer: Terrie Carothers is a 62 year old Christian woman who loves the Lord. She lives outside of Huntsville, AL in a small rural community. She is the owner of a small real estate appraisal company and has been doing real estate appraising for over 25 years.

In August 2020, she created a web site called She also has a Christian Facebook fan page that has over 10,000 followers. Her Facebook page is and was created January 2020.

Online Event Provides Motivation and Victory Amid Pandemic

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Mesa AZ. – A local faith-based media ministry is getting ready to host an online event. This event seeks “To motivate our communities and other places we are called to be”.

Marcus King (M.King) Founder of M.King Media Inc. and host for the event aptly named ‘Motivate’ said, “In this time where you have people losing loved ones, bank accounts over drafting and people feeling like they have no hope. We want to come alongside them with God’s word and show them that God is at His strongest when we are at our weakest”.

The theme for this year’s event is victory. To be a part of this online experience streaming on September 26th head to

M.King Media INC. is a faith-based media organization founded in 2013, that has a passion “ To make various types of Creative Christian Media to point people toward the person of Jesus Christ.”

For more information please contact:

Marcus King (M.King)
Founder & President

LA, California Superior Court – County of Los Angeles vs Grace Community Church – John MacArthur (Pastor)

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Last week, a hearing was held in the courtroom of Judge Gregory W. Alarcon regarding an ex-parte application for contempt and for sanctions against Grace Community Church of the Valley specifically naming John MacArthur as the defendant. The County of Los Angeles gave the church a one day notice to appear in court regarding the filing of contempt and request for sanctions against the church and pastor John MacArthur.

Appearing for the defense was Charles Limandri and Jenna Ellis. The County’s attorney Amnon Siegel argued that the church was violating the Sept. 4th preliminary injunction court order by continuing to hold services in excess of 3000 people, not wearing masks, or practicing social distancing. The hearing began with confusion because new judge Alarcon asked why the case was moved to his court from the courtroom of Judge Mitchell Beckloff. There was an hour and a half delay in the proceedings while the County prepared a reason for the change of venue.

The County explained that the new court was assigned because the case may be heard there and was available. Attorney Siegel stated that the church was in violation of Judge Beckloff’s order and that indirect contempt proceedings were appropriate. He said the church was committing a willful violation and announced their intentions to violate the order on TV, radio, and social media. He said the defendants were defying the health department order by Munto Davis, M.D., and the 18 page preliminary injunction court order of Judge Beckloff.

The defense argued that the church and pastor were exercising their 1st Amendment rights under the US Constitution and by the authority of God. Attorney Limandri said the church was entitled to a full hearing with witnesses, discovery, a jury, and a full trial on the merits due to the serious nature of the allegations. Limandri said your chances were greater of dying in an accident on the way to church instead of dying from the Corona Virus. He cited statistics regarding the “flattening of the curve” and that no one at Grace Community Church has died because of the virus despite 9 consecutive church services held there.

Limandri stated “As far as we’re concerned this is all political. Never in the history of the US has anyone asked the court to ban church services.” He also argued that the County was retaliating against the church by ending their parking lease with the county who didn’t deny that was the reason. He also lambasted the LA County Board of Supervisors stating they made a ludicrous argument for closing down the church.

County Attorney Siegel responded by stating that Grace Community Church has fulfilled the four elements of contempt; first by knowledge of the order, ability to comply, failure to comply, and open defiance of the court. He said the church does not get to violate the order simply because they think its erroneous. Defense attorney Limandri further responded by saying the rules on shutdowns had become a moving target constantly changing week by week with some businesses open such as gyms, strip clubs, and nail salons, while attempting to keep the church closed.

He also asked why local protests had not been shut down but instead encouraged by the Board of Supervisors. Attorney Jenna Ellis ended the church’s argument by stating “The Constitution is not a side show.” Attorney Siegel then stated that her statement was a mischaracterization of his argument. Judge Alarcon ended the hearing with “I will get a ruling out soon.” Status of the case is pending as of 4:00 p.m. today.

By Larry Fenton – Independent reporter based in Los Angeles, CA

Temple Coins Announces First Commemorative Medals That Honor the “Abraham Accord”

Proceeds from sales of the collectable medallion to promote regional peace efforts

“And He shall judge among the nations…and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”
(Isaiah 2:4)

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Israel – On September 15 2020, President Donald J. Trump hosted the signing of the “Abraham Accord,” a groundbreaking Middle East peace treaty normalizing relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. In signing the accord, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) joined Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan as the only Arab nations to make peace with Israel.

“The Abraham Accord will prove to be the moment when the grievances of the past no longer overpowered the promises of the future in the Middle East” said Pastor Johnnie Moore in a statement to the media.

To mark this historic occasion Temple Coins has minted a limited quantity of ornate commemorative medals stunningly designed by master numismatic artist Aharon Shavo. The front of the medal is adorned with the Israeli and UAE flags, flying over an intricate silhouette of the holy city of Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital, and Abu Dhabi skylines, which merge together in symbolic unity.

Immediately below the skyline are the words “Abraham Accord” inscribed in Arabic, Hebrew, and English. Abraham was the father of monotheism. The familiar Bible character is referred to as ‘Abraham’ in the Christian faith, ‘Ibrahim’ in the Muslim faith, and ‘Avraham’ in the Jewish faith, and no person better symbolizes the potential for unity among all these three great faiths. An eagle holding an olive branch and arrows, the Seal of the President of the United States, completes the front design.

This historic medallion is available for purchase at for a limited time for $150.

Inspired by the words of the prophet Isaiah, “And they shall beat their swords into ploughshares” (Isaiah 2:4), the back of the medal features a sword that gradually morphs into symbols of peace, prosperity, agricultural and technological advancement.

The commemorative coin features a quote from the Koran “And if one inclines towards peace, it inclines towards you.” It also has a quote from the Prophet Jeremiah “For I will give you lasting peace in this place.”

Temple Coins Director Jason Glick said, “These quotes encapsulate the central teachings of the faiths of Abraham; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, that one has a moral duty to seek out and embrace peace.”

The signature of Donald John Trump, without whose tireless efforts the “Abraham Accord” would not have been possible, rounds off the rear design. The President has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his determination and tenacity in making this historical and religiously significant accord become a reality.

Temple Coins Director Jason Glick added, “In addition to peace between former enemies, the region and indeed the world will benefit from economic prosperity. There is a younger generation in the region that deserves better, safer and more prosperous lives. Immediately following the normalization Israeli and Emerati companies signed agreements to work together for a cure for Covid 19, as well as cooperation in the fields of health, infrastructure, science, agriculture and energy.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the media, “Peace is a good thing and peace unites moderates, two of the most advanced economies in the world – Israel and the United Arab Emirates. We’re fighting Iran and the radicals who are trying to overthrow our order in the Middle East, subjugate people and propagate terrorism. So, this is good for peace, good for security, and good for prosperity. I think it’s good for the United States and good for Israel.”

King David, who wrote prophetically in so many of his Psalms, exhorts us in this way, “Seek peace and pursue it” (Psalm 34:15).

In fact, the Hebrew expression in Psalm 34 implies running and chasing peace, almost hunting it down. Indeed, the Bible repeatedly conveys God’s desire that we should be peacemakers, doing our best to live at peace with everyone.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

There are also scriptural reasons to be encouraged by the new links of peace forming in the south. There are several positive references to Sheba and Dedan (the Persian Gulf area) in relation to Israel in biblical prophecy. One example is from Isaiah 60:6, with similar hints in Psalm 72:10 and Ezekiel 27.

Individuals can be part of these exciting times and the fulfilment of the biblical prophesy by acquiring this limited-edition Abraham Accord commemorative medal. This historic medallion is available for purchase at for a limited time for $150.

One third of each commemorative medal sale will go directly to a fund that will help foster stronger economic ties and partnership between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel. Not only will you be acquiring a highly collectable memento of this historic occasion, but also your purchase will allow you to directly partner with the peace process itself.

“Those who bless Israel will be blessed.” (Genesis 12:13)

# # #

Temple Coins is Israel’s leading maker of historic and artistic medallions for the religious investor and seeker. More information at

From knife to keyboard: The amazing life of the missionary surgeon who became an author

Ken Clezy is a remarkable man. Not only is he a trained surgeon, but rather than simply use his talents to make a lot of money, as surgeons can and do, he decided to heed the call of God and become a missionary surgeon.

Born and raised on the land, he had no interest in following his father into farming. “Nothing about living on the land interested me, not even having a horse to ride to school,” Ken told me. “I was bookish and Dad saw I didn’t have what was needed, so he was happy for me to go my own way. He had unsuccessful neighbors; no point in having his eldest son muddle along like them.”

Ken was in his final year of schooling when he heard a famous missionary speak and felt God’s call to work overseas. Medicine seemed the right way to go and in his final holidays, he had an opportunity to work in New Guinea.  Surgeons were in short supply there, so without any previous ideas in that direction, he came home and told the girl he would marry in December 1953 that life was taking a new turn.

After training in the Australian city of Adelaide, as well as in England, a position in Rabaul was advertised. Ken visited Australia House, where he was to be interviewed for the position. Whilst he had high hopes, he was rejected on account of a history of epilepsy.  While nobody had ever tried to put him off doing medicine or surgery due to his epilepsy, Ken happened to know the man who had become the Director of Health in Papua New Guinea.

He was about to visit England on business and asked to see Ken, advising him that the successful appointee had pulled out because his wife refused to go to New Guinea. He suggested Ken see the best expert in epilepsy possible for an opinion.

“I saw Dr Denis Wlliams, a leading London neurologist who investigated me and found nothing gross,” Ken stated. “He said if he had seen me earlier he would have recommended I do something not as sharp as surgery, but I had my FRCS (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons) and New Guinea needed another surgeon, so…

“I had almost 28 years in Papua New Guinea from January 1961 to November 1988, where my particular expertise was in the reconstructive surgery of deformities in leprosy, which I learnt from Paul Brand in India in 1964.  I’m also part-trained in neurosurgery and removed brain tumors and such in PNG for many years.”

After such a long period living in a foreign country, Ken felt the call to leave that country to head home.

“I left PNG because one of my trainees wanted my job, but where to go?” he said. “A position was available in Burnie, Tasmania. I knew about that because I happened to know the man who was acting medical superintendent there and somehow he knew I was thinking of leaving PNG.

“We had 10 good years in Burnie – until a young local surgeon came back.  I was brought up in the days when, if you’re not working flat out, you’re not working, period, so I reckoned there wasn’t room for us all.  I was about to turn 69, with plenty of energy left in me, so what to do? I was offered a year at a Southern Baptist hospital in Yemen to ‘mind the shop’ while the new American career surgeon was in Arabic language school.

“As usual, there was far too much work for one surgeon, so as they liked us, and vice versa, we had a holiday at home each year and went back until mid-2005. While I didn’t see miracles in the sense of physical healing, if you’ve seen the transformation in Muslim lives when they become Christians, that is miraculous.  I’ve seen it many times. Islam offers no assurance; you hope that on judgment day your good deeds will outweigh your bad ones.  The assurance we have in Jesus Christ transforms them, as it should.

“And almost every step in my own life has been close to miraculous.  Why wasn’t I there to take the first bullet when three of our senior colleagues were shot dead in Yemen on December 30, 2001?”

So how did a surgeon, with limited spare time, become an author? “The Southern Baptists planned to shut their hospital on December 31, 2001 for what most of us working there thought were unworthy reasons,” Ken said.  “The embarrassment in high places when our friends were shot resulted in partially truthful explanations for why they intended closing the hospital, so I decided that an independent Christian account of events was necessary.  Then I thought my whole life could be of interest to a few other people, and when that proved correct, I reckoned I had more writing in me.”

Leaving medicine behind, Ken now had the spare time needed to not only recount his story, but also to get creative and become a fiction writer. His memoirs, Now in Remission, was published by WP in 2011. “The book sold so well that they took my first novel, Man of the Moment, without argument,” he continued. “They weren’t so keen on the sequel, Like New Wine, because it contained too much gospel for a secular publisher, but publish it they did.”

They didn’t want a bar of Partly Cloudy, the third and last in the series. That’s when Ken sought out a Christian publisher, selecting Ark House to publish his book. Needing a Christian publisher, Ken was able to ensure his strong Christian message was not edited out.

In Partly Cloudy, Ken’s new book, the story centers around Magnus and Sally. He is an Obstetrician and Sally a midwife. They work together in a Muslim country in Africa. While Magnus is not a Christian, Sally is and she leads him to the Lord when they move back to Sydney, where they also marry. In Partly Cloudy, Magnus is interested in Paul’s letter to the Romans, which they often discuss over dinner with Helena, Sally’s best friend and George, her husband.

Magnus employs Helena in his office and when Sally is heavily pregnant with their third child, he and Helena get way too close. They repent, Sally forgives them, and life goes on. Sally feels called back to Africa before he does, but eventually it happens, and the book concludes as they are about to leave Sydney.

Partly Cloudy is the captivating sequel to Man of the Moment and Like New Wine. It is fantastically written and completely based around those in the medical profession, much like the author. Ken Clezy clearly shows that while he might be a talented surgeon, he could also easily have tried his hand at a career as an author.

“My first great blessing was having Christian parents and grandparents on both sides, so it wasn’t surprising that my siblings and I all became believers at an early age,” Ken continued. “Thankfully this has persisted down the generations. I have a 13 year-old great granddaughter who is the most articulate little Christian I have ever known.

“I should say that much of this would never have been possible without the wonderful woman I married.  A really good marriage is a priceless blessing.”

Partly Cloudy is now available globally.

Give The Center for Disease Control an ‘F’ On Migration of the Death and Dying of COVID-19 in African American, Latinx Communities

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Washington DC – The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a coalition of 34,000 churches representing 27.7 million African Americans are joining with over 150,000 faith communities across America to give the Center for Disease Control (CDC) an ‘F on migration of the death and dying of Covid-19 in African American and Latinx Communities.

CDC does not care if we live or Die

  1. No strategic plan
  2. No Education
  3. No PPE
  4. Confuse about testing
  5. Acceptance of unverical testing plan
  6. Death and dying
  7. CDC Foundation who have made no grant to the black and Latinos communities
  8. The scientific community is losing faith in CDC leadership
  9. No longer have control of the data / transplant way for the point of accurately
  10. Confusion around School opening guildlines
  11. CDC has not reach out to our to start to preparation in light of a vaccine
  12. NBCI flu campigm

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative said.

About NBCI

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) is a coalition of 34,000 African American and Latino Churches working to eradicate racial disparities in healthcare, technology, education, housing, and the environment. NBCI’s mission is to provide critical wellness information to all of its members, congregants, Churches, and the public. Our methodology is utilizing faith and sound health science.

NBCI’s purpose is to partner with major organizations and officials whose main mission is to reduce racial disparities in the variety of areas cited above. NBCI offers faith-based, out-of-the-box and cutting-edge solutions to stubborn economic and social issues. NBCI’s programs are governed by credible statistical analysis, science-based strategies and techniques, and methods that work. Visit our website at

Increase in domestic violence and mental health in society inspires this author to make a difference

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – As domestic violence levels have dramatically increased right around the world, one New Zealand author felt it was time to use her talents to, in her own way, do something about it.

Grace Fauchelle is a Wellington-based artist and author who wrote her first novel, The Day I Met God, back in 2011 after she was deeply inspired and moved by the dramatic increase in family violence being shown on the news. Everyday, it seemed to be another poor child being senselessly and violently murdered. She has now followed it up with the sequel, The Day I Met God 2.

“I’ll never forget the story of the Kahui Twins,” she told me. In this disturbing case, referred to as the ‘Cris and Cru Kahui homicides’, New Zealand brothers Christopher Arepa and Cru Omeka Kahui died in Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital after being admitted with serious head injuries. Their family initially refused to cooperate with police in the homicide investigation into the children’s murder.

The father, then 21-year-old Chris Kahui, was charged with their murder. His defence was that the mother, Macsyna King, was responsible for the deaths. After a six-week trial, the jury took just one minute to acquit him. In July 2012, a coroner’s report was released, which concluded that the children’s injuries occurred “whilst they were in the sole custody, care and control of their father”.

“I felt God wanted me to write a story that touched on this subject, since it was and still is an ongoing issue in New Zealand,” Grace said. “As well as family violence, I focused also on the mental health aspect as well. As one who deals with mental health struggles, I used my own struggles to create a character called Amy Harris. This story is about how you’re never too broken or too dark for God to save you, as this has been a constant reminder in my own life.”

Grace’s new book, while fiction in genre, does have a personal touch to it. Some of the events that Amy deals with, Grace also has to contend with in her own life. Not on the side of family violence, but definitely on the mental health side. “In a way, this book became therapeutic for me as I was able to express some of my own pain,” Grace stated.

“I’m an extremely creative person. I wrote my first ever novel when I was only 13 years of age and I haven’t stopped writing since. On top of my writing, I also love to draw and paint.

“I draw anything from animals to people to cars. God has gifted me with such amazing talents and I use them for the future purpose of helping and inspiring others. I want to be like Demi Lovato, or NF, my favourite artists who use their own experiences to help others. God told me during a difficult year that I was to never give up my talents and that’s what I’ll never do. Through them I have purpose, something I’ve been searching for a long time for.

“I had planned to write a third novel in this series when I was in college, but it never came about. This won’t be my last novel though. I’ve written at least ten others, which I’m hoping to one day publish. I keep a message of hope throughout them all, despite their heavy topics that they delve into.”

The Day I Met God 2 is not exclusively for Christians. While Grace is a Christian, she feels compelled to share a message of hope to all, telling me everyone needs hope and to know they’re not alone in their suffering.

“I want to reiterate in my books, especially these two novels, the truths about God,” she said. “I have heard of and been told things about God that simply aren’t true. Today we hear some Christians telling certain communities that they are abominations. Unloved. Unworthy. I want to make it blunt that God loves us all. He created us uniquely and with such care and he loves us so, so much.

“There is nothing we can do that will separate us from God’s love. No matter how dark or how bad our circumstances may be, God is but an inch away, waiting for us to ask him for help, and he is ready to do so.

“I think that’s what people will like as they read these two novels. I touch on subjects that are still so taboo, especially in the Christian genre and people want to know what God would do and be like. So many young people these days are struggling with things like mental health and they are searching for something that will let them know that they’re not alone.

“This book is that one they’re looking for. It will tell people truths about God that will break through those walls of lies. This book is dark and gritty and controversial in the topics it deals with, but it’s a story that needs to be told.

The Day I Met God and The Day I Met God 2 are both available globally.

How you can ensure you’re one of Life’s Winners.. and not one of the Few Losers.

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Most of us have had a few losses in life and need to find our ‘mojo’ to once again have the courage to get up and have another try. It’s unfortunately a part of growing up and becoming an adult.

We dream big, we try the impossible… and sadly, many times, things do not work out the way we plan them. At least, that is the case the first time around, and as many successful people will tell you, it is often on the second, third, fourth… even fifth attempt that, with all of the knowledge and experience of what went wrong the previous times, you can finally see breakthrough.

Ray Keipert is an Australian author who, from a young boy, has always had an interest in creative writing. In his new book, Life’s Winners … and a Few Losers, the theme for the book was developed as he drafted stories over a period of about three years. As Ray told me, he cast his mind back to people he’d met and places he’d been to, not to mention challenges he had met in his own life.

With age comes wisdom and Ray has taken the time to look back on a range of people – some massively successful, while others not so much – to find out what it is that makes people tick.

“I always loved writing, even as a young boy at primary school,” Ray said. Sometimes, interested teachers would get me to read my school compositions out to the class, so that was some affirmation of my writing. However, once I was in the workforce as a teacher of modern languages, I rarely seemed to have the free time necessary to concentrate on writing. One exception was in the mid-1970s, when I was teaching in England and had time to write during a winter vacation.

I completed a short novel (still stored in the bottom drawer of a garage cabinet). I did send it to a couple of British publishers, but they felt it needed much more work – no doubt it did – and I left it alone. Now that I am retired and have joined a University of the Third Age writing group, I feel much more motivated and have more time to write.”

Most of the stories inside Ray’s inspiring book are based to some extent on true situations, with names and places changed to keep the subjects of the stories anonymous. “In terms of the stories enclosed, there is a thread of truth in most of them,” Ray said. “It could be someone I’d met and quite often, places I have visited. As an example of a minor victory, the ‘Halls of Justice’ story represents me being vindicated in court when I contested a parking fine which I felt was unjustified.

“’Christmas Lunch’ was based on a real event, where a teenage girl was accidentally killed by a wayward golf shot hit by her best friend. The parents of the dead girl reacted magnificently to the girl who caused the death, doing much the same as the reaction in my story.

“As another example, ‘Five and a Half Centimetres’ is, as you see in the book’s final acknowledgement, a depiction of a real event that happened in 1963. Why did I write the story? Well, I remembered when that dramatic escape took place in 1963, recalling that the escapees had used a cut-down sports car. Having substantially written the story, I checked the events on the Internet, yes, there it was, complete with the names. Thus it was fitting to write an acknowledgement.”

So just what is it that makes someone continue through to see their dreams come to life, when others give up, not able to handle the emotional roller coaster? In the words of Ray Keipert: “I think it is strength of purpose that enables some to have success and others not; the ability to persevere in the face of discouragement. I equate it to taking a yacht through often stormy seas: you keep the bow pointing upwards so the waves don’t swamp it. Have Christian faith and pray to the Lord for strength  – I would urge everyone to do so.

“Another key ingredient is strength of character. You need to have that ‘stickability’ in your nature to not be put off by discouragement. Education, devoting time to your craft, surrounding yourself with those who offer encouragement, being reliable and trustworthy, honest in your dealings… all these positive virtues are essential to ensure you emerge as one of life’s winners.”

As a Christian author, Ray stated the importance of having a Christian faith as the base line for a successful life. “On top of this, one must resist fear and panic,” he said. “Everyone should keep company with positive people. Negative people engender fear, which is destructive. Finally, do some uplifting and motivational reading. I do hope that my book provides that and sets people on a pathway to be one of life’s winners.

“While it is easy to make the assumption that this book is for high-achieving Christians, I hope that it motivates people who have had a few losses to find their way back. I trust that they will be inspired to try again when they see ‘ordinary people’ responding to sudden challenges.

“I also deliberately included ‘minor’ matters such as the parking fine and the ‘resistance’ man who refused to pay for his radio and TV licence (abolished in Australia in the 1970s) to indicate that sometimes, minor concerns can become too big in people’s minds. They just have to come to see their problems in proportion and not blow the issue into something that it is not.

“Successful people are good at this. As the old saying goes, they don’t ‘make a mountain out of a molehill’. They don’t over-emphasize their challenges and so, with a calm head, plus prayer and faith, they can work clear pathways to get beyond the challenges they face.”

Life’s Winners … and a Few Losers, published by Ark House, is now available globally.