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Should Evangelicals Terminate Their Affair With the State of Israel? By Rev. Alex Awad

For Years, I, a Palestinian and evangelical, have watched with pain the unholy alliance of evangelicals and the State of Israel. Evangelical infatuation with Israel began before there was a Jewish state in the Holy Land. British evangelicals, some of whom were Christian Zionists, helped bring the Jewish state into existence. This fixation kept deepening in the last seven decades. We used the Bible, our pulpits, publications, politics, finances, and our radio and TV stations to expand the territory and power of a Zionist state in Palestine. The average evangelical in the U.S. does not realize the volume of hurt and harm that the political might of evangelical leaders has wrought on the people of the Middle East and especially on Palestinians.

Students of church history are aware that Christians made appalling mistakes in the last two millennia. Now, we reflect back on the crusades, the pogroms, the inquisition, colonialism, slavery and apartheid in South Africa and we ask ourselves, “How could Christians have supported such inhumane and bloody injustices in the name of Christ?” Yet, evangelical collaboration in the establishment of Israel and our continued uncritical support of Israel will be added to the list of bloody injustices. Future students of church history will be asking the question, “How could evangelicals who never stop preaching sermons on God’s love for all people, have been so callous toward the dispossession, death and suffering of millions of Palestinians and Arabs throughout the Middle East?”

During the last 75 years, evangelical leaders have actively supported every Israeli and American war against Palestinians and Arabs. Furthermore, our leaders considered any peace settlement between Israelis and Palestinians that resulted in Israel giving territory to Palestinians as out of sync with the will of God. Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, James Dobson and others were openly critical of U.S. presidents who urged Israel to make territorial compromises to end the conflict. Some went as far as linking natural disasters taking place in the U.S. as God’s punishment caused by presidents pressuring Israel to make territorial compromises. In 2016, Christian broadcaster Robertson claimed that former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was stricken by God and ended up in a coma due to his withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip. Later he apologized for making the statement.

Not all evangelicals are as extreme as their leaders; however most white U.S. evangelicals are either complacent or extremely silent on issues of justice. At any time in the future, if Israel decides to wage a war on an Arab or a Muslim country, evangelicals, as usual, will demand full U.S. military, financial, and political support for Israel regardless of the causes or consequences of such a war. Rev. John Hagee had even urged President Barack Obama to attack Iran to eliminate Iran’s perceived threat to Israel. Since Donald Trump became president, he has given Israel everything that Israelis, extreme Zionists, and my evangelical brothers and sisters asked from him—and even more. Trump’s permissive policies toward Israel are inspired not by moral factors or political advantages to the United States, and certainly not to help bring about a peaceful end to the Arab-Israeli conflict, but rather to please his base of white evangelicals who voted him into office.

But, evangelicals should end our affair with the State of Israel because Israel is behaving illegally, immorally and recklessly and these are not evangelical values. Let me explain why.

Illegal behavior: International law is clear and the international community has repeatedly and overwhelmingly declared that Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the annexation of lands in the West Bank and in the Golan Heights, and the 13-year blockade of the Gaza Strip are illegal. Regrettably, our evangelical leaders seem to consider “irrelevant” all U.N. resolutions that do not favor the State of Israel. Do evangelicals care about international legality? Or, do we believe that international laws apply to all nations except for the State of Israel?

Immoral behavior: Evangelical support for the policies of the State of Israel contributed to the death, the injury and the dispossession of millions of Palestinians and continues to pile more death, destruction and loss of homeland and freedoms. Palestinian Christians and Muslims continue to be considered collateral damage on the altar of evangelical eschatological speculations. We close our eyes and hearts to Palestinian suffering and refuse to question Israel’s daily crimes against them. This is simply due to our zeal to see our prophetical agenda come to fulfillment. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, we continue to play the role of aides and cheerleaders to the robbers and assailants on the Jericho Road. Such attitudes contradict not only the ethical teachings of Christ and his apostles, but they also go against basic evangelical theology and tradition.

Reckless behavior: Evangelical support of the occupation of Palestine and the siege of Gaza torpedoed all efforts to arrive at a peaceful resolution of the conflict. John Hagee, addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention on March 11, 2007 said, “America should not pressure Israel to give up land and America must never pressure Israel to divide the City of Jerusalem.” Hagee’s prophetic agenda does not allow for any compromise for the purpose of making peace. The tragedy is not what Hagee believes but rather what the millions of evangelicals who follow him and his counterparts believe. Consequently, the continued occupation and the absence of a viable solution is making Israel an apartheid state. Intentionally or unintentionally, evangelicals have pushed Israel to become the apartheid state that it is today. If we continue to approach the conflict through our narrow eschatological prism and refuse to consider issues of legality, morality and justice, we will continue to be culprits in this blood-stained conflict.

When we heed the words of the prophet Micah, we may end our political recklessness. He declared:

With what shall I come before the Lord
and bow down before the exalted God?
Shall I come before him with burnt offerings,
with calves a year old?
Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams,
with ten thousand rivers of olive oil
Shall I offer my firstborn for my transgression,
the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?
He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.  Micah 6:6-8 (NIV)

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is threatening to annex much of the West Bank to satisfy Jewish settlers and right-wing Israelis. Most nations, most Christians, and the majority of American Jews are against the possible move. His plans are illegal, immoral and reckless. Evangelicals have the opportunity either to support annexation and continue to lay another brick to the wall of their historical mistakes or terminate their love affair with Israel and side with legality, morality and justice, and start working for genuine peace for all the people who call the Holy Land home.

Rev. Dr. Alex Awad is a retired United Methodist Missionary. He and his wife, Brenda, served in Jerusalem and in Bethlehem for more than 25 years. Rev. Awad served as pastor of East Jerusalem Baptist Church, dean of students at Bethlehem Bible College, and director of the Shepherd Society. Awad has written two books, Through the Eyes of the Victims and Palestinian Memories. Rev. Awad is a member of the Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace (PCAP).

Mother Earth to the Rescue: Juice Bar Launches New Anti-Viral Smoothie, Tea & Consultations

An African -American naturopathic doctor in Queens NY is seeing results from using Olive Leaf Extract to keep clients healthy in these pandemic times. Dr. R. Simone Lord is the owner of Mother Earth Juice Bar Cafe in Richmond Hill, Queens, where she also offers iridology, pH balancing, and preventative medicine.

“Iridology allows me to study the fiber patterns and markings of the irises. This tells me which organs need support. My clients are always surprised by its accuracy when the results are revealed,” said Dr. Lord.

Mother Earth Juice Bar Café offers one stop shopping for your health needs. Come in for freshly pressed juices, Power Shots, ice cold smoothies or hot foods like sautéed spinach in olive oil and garlic with basmati rice and leave healthier than before.

Mother Earth’s drinks are provocatively named: The Fight Back is a delicious new smoothie with Olive Leaf Extract that packs an anti-viral punch. The Immune Power, an old favorite; the Take Care of Me, a green wonder with wheatgrass and celery; the Digestive Delight, the Energy Booster, Liver Tonic, Toxin Free and the Conqueror all delight the taste buds and offer a healthy boost to the immune system.

Stay healthy with Dr. Lord’s Olive Leaf Tea Formula, Energy Elixir, Power Shot and Dr. Lord’s Amazing No More Joint Pain Oil, all patent pending and available at Mother Earth Juice Bar and online at

Live far away from Queens NY? Not to worry, get some help to take a clear snapshot of both irises and email to Dr. Lord for your personal naturopathic health consultation.


Dr. Lord is a pastor, naturopathic doctor and author of five books, on a mission to help people live healthier more prosperous lives especially those in poor, urban communities of color. She offers clients a second opinion based on alternative (plant) medicine. Email her for more information:

Life Factors Fatherless Ministries Calling and Mission to Evangelize and Encourage Fatherless Families

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The national non-profit ministry focused on fatherlessness Life Factors Fatherless Ministries released “A Guide to Ministering to Fatherless Families on One of Their Hardest Days: Father’s Day” before Father’s Day. The purpose of this free guide is to lead local churches across the United States with ideas in evangelizing and discipling fatherless families around one of their hardest days.

“To many people, Father’s Day is an annual reminder of rejection and sadness,” said Pastor Sean Teis, Founding President of Life Factors Fatherless Ministries. “But this Father’s Day churches can encourage and share the love of Christ with the fatherless families in their circles of influence”!

They also released a new free three-day devotional to encourage the fatherless called: “Fatherless on Father’s Day” on the YouVersion Bible app: This three-day devotional covers:

  • Embracing God as your Dad!
  • Forgiveness yourself, God, and others!
  • Thriving every day!

“There was a time when I used to hate Father’s Day,” said Pastor Teis. “My view of this day was changed when I was a teenager when one-year my youth pastor invited us out for lunch with his family allowing me to be able to take part in the holiday. It then continued to change in the years after as I had loving Christian mentors enter into my life and I started to learn to rely on God. These types of actions by others and finding fulfillment through God can be a gamechanger to fatherless families not just on Father’s Day but all year long.”

Life Factors also has which is a free mobile app and website. Users will find encouraging and inspiring videos and articles, stories from others who have made it through fatherlessness, and some other help for the fatherless and single moms. Also, they have published teen and single mom devotionals and children’s books available on their website stores.


Since 2008 Life Factors Fatherless Ministries has been leading fatherless families to the Heavenly Father through spreading awareness, creating unique resources, speaking, and partnering with local churches. To learn more visit or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Sean Teis

How a simple blood test turned this woman into an author

For Australian writer Sheryl Nostrini, another blood test at the hospital during a bout of health issues was an unusual place in which to be inspired to start writing.

While sitting in the waiting room, Sheryl happened to stumble across a magazine called ‘Country Style’. Inside, she read about a writing competition, which got her excited.

“Writing a book had never been something I thought I’d do,” she said, “and I had always been in awe of authors, for I love to read. Then a first paragraph exploded in my mind about my husband’s parents’ story.”

She couldn’t get the idea out of her mind and had to write it down. From there, she got inspired and decided to enter her 1,500 word short story, submitting it to the magazine. While she never did win a prize, the experience gave her the confidence to take her writing to the next level.

“After sharing the story with family, I learned even more about Jack and Emily that I hadn’t known before and discovered it was a story that needed to be told and not lost or forgotten,” she added. ‘Emilia and the Monument Builder’ is therefore a true story, written as fiction, as Sheryl’s Italian immigrant parents-in-law passed away in 1989.

Sheryl read many books on writing fiction, writing to be published and took two Summer School Writing classes in 2017 and 2018 to learn how to make her project come to light.

“I loved writing it, loved the research and discovered many more aspects of the story that were intriguing. It took me four years to complete.”

“While I was in the throes of the last part of writing ‘Emilia and the Monument Builder’ a seed was sown for a purely fictitious story about Courtney – the same thing happened – the story flowed, and I felt it was God-inspired,” Sheryl continued.

‘Courtney’s Keys’ is thus the story of twenty-year old Courtney Lancaster, raised as a ward-of-the-state in New South Wales in Australia, who becomes the beneficiary of her unknown great-uncle’s estate in 1980.

She arrives in Mt Barker in the south-west of Western Australia to discover treasures from her past. A desire for a new beginning after a chequered past and poor decisions allows Courtney to learn new life lessons and growing faith in a loving God from her trustworthy neighbour.

Discovering love, care and affection never experienced in her institutionalised upbringing helps her find keys that reveal resolutions to her confusion. However, trials and temptations create stumbling blocks along the way and confrontations conspire to undo her. She harbours a secret, that once revealed, changes everything.

“It is as interesting to me to see how the story unfolds. Sometimes there are twists and turns I did not expect and it was fascinating to watch the story emerge as I wrote it.”

“’Courtney’s Keys’ had been written, proofed, edited and sat silent while I found the courage to submit its synopsis to Ark House Press. My writing friend, Audrey, whom I meet with every Friday since Summer School 2018 (where we met) insisted I stop procrastinating. She told me to trust God for his leading.”

“I knew she was right. I put the fleece out, to use Gideon’s exercise in faith – submitted it, was asked to send the first two chapters which was the next step. I received an email from Ark House Press stating they had accepted it. There, God had opened the door and I had to walk through it.”

Writing and storytelling ran in Sheryl’s family. “My father was a great story-teller and I’d had the experience of learning ‘not to wait’ because I’d intended to give my Dad a special book and pen for Father’s Day in 1996 to write down his stories.

“Sadly, he was in a serious traffic accident, in a coma for a week and died the day before Father’s Day. Now his stories are lost, we only remember some of them and not particularly well. It showed me the importance of writing things down while you can.”

“I love, love, love writing,” she said, “and I feel truly blessed that God has seen to offer me this opportunity. It is my desire and prayer to nurture the reader’s faith in God and to draw them closer to Him.”

“These stories can be used as an evangelistic tool for those seeking to know God for themselves.”

‘Courtney’s Keys’ touches on some social issues and perhaps the guidance to resolutions of these problems in the story could help those who face similar situations. ‘Courtney’s Keys’ is Book One in the Plantagenet Trilogy. Book Two, ‘Seth’s Solace’, is due out in November 2020, while Book Three, ‘Miranda’s Mother’, is set for a 2021 release.

‘Courtney’s Keys’, published by Ark House, is now available globally.

New Devotional Offers Hope with Perspective

The Yellow Balloons Daily Devotional, available from the inspirational team at is a FREE email resource now including audio, and selections via the YouVersion app.

The Yellow Balloons Devotionals are comprised of various practical topics that are found throughout the Yellow Balloons book. The devotionals connect age-old biblical truths with modern-day life in a way that gives guidance for daily living, in a brief, user-friendly format.

“Working with Tim to write the devotionals has helped me to perceive the world around me more clearly,” explains Joey Willis, Content Developer for Yellow Balloons. “It has made me more aware of central themes in Scripture that are vital yet don’t get talked about very often. Themes such as the difference between approval and acceptance, our role as the referee between flesh and spirit, and the valleys/plains/mountains as co-equal arenas of life. The devotions have helped me see each day as an opportunity to take ownership of my perspective rather than blaming everything and everyone around me.”

Grouped by themes, the listener can begin with The First 40 Devotionals, which are an introduction into how to discover and accept reality, choose a true perspective, and make the most of the life God has called us to. Encouraging and insightful, these devotionals, remind the listener that we have a choice to move towards God and to overcome our circumstances. Through Scripture engagement and reflection, the devotionals encourage us to seek God’s truth and His perspective in our lives.

The Yellow Balloons devotionals have also been made available through the popular Bible app, YouVersion. These devotional topics include:

  • The Perspective to See Benefits of Difficulty
  • A Godly Perspective During Personal Tragedies
  • Reality Is an Acquired Taste
  • Perspective in The Valley
  • The Holiness of The Every Day
  • Embrace Your Inner Superhero
  • Perspective on The Mountaintop
  • Soon to be released: The Recipe for Victory

The Yellow Balloons team knows that the Biblical narrative is a guidepost for daily living. The truths found in this narrative invites listeners and readers to be transformed by the choices we make and the God we serve.

All of the devotionals, podcasts, along with the book, are available for FREE at

These insightful, under two-minute devotionals are available for stations to download for daily airplay. Please contact Tina Jacobson ( for more detail.

The Yellow Balloons team is committed to influencing individuals and organizations towards choosing a true perspective. Throughout all the diverse circumstances of life, we have the power to make choices and live life above our circumstances. Yellow Balloons provides free resources such as books, podcasts, and devotionals.

Diane Morrow
The Barnabas Agency
Phone: 817-319-9805

Black Ministers, Professionals, and Activists Join Together to Fight Police Misconduct & Mass Incarceration in Michigan

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – June 16, 2020 Saginaw, MI: On Sunday, June 28 at 4pm EST, seven well-known and respected black community members, all Michigan residents or natives, will combine their ministry, media, and professional platforms for a virtual Townhall meeting designed solely to reveal the truth behind police misconduct and the mass incarceration of black men in Michigan.

This discussion will delve deep into the history of systematic racism in the American criminal justice system and assist in expanding the national conversation around protest against police misconduct and killings to include the untold narratives of thousands of black men who have been sentenced to die in prison due to the broad scope of police misconduct. The goal is to create a greater sense of awareness and to issue a call to action to demand that Michigan police and prosecutors be held accountable for their choices.

The Townhall’s featured panelists are Ericka Taylor, PhD, Executive Director of Early Childhood for Saginaw Intermediate School District; Jimmy Greene, CEO of Associated Builders & Contractors, Greater Michigan Chapter in Flint; Reverend Dennis Laffoon, African American Lectionary with Vanderbilt University and Pastor of Bethel A.M.E. Church in Saginaw; Bryanne Standifer, MD, Department of Internal Medicine, Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit; Breannah Alexander Oppenhuizen, Disability & Racial Justice Organizer of Michigan Disability Rights Coalition in Lansing; and Attorney Janey Lamar of The Lamar Law Firm in Saginaw.

Media personality and motivational speaker, Dwan Bryant, PhD, of DBryant Enterprises in Dallas, Texas will be the moderator.

The Townhall is sponsored by A Life for A Life Urban Initiative, a grassroots organization founded in 2013 and currently overseen by the friends and family of juvenile lifer and Detroit native Robert Hinds. Charged with first-degree premeditated murder and possession of a felony firearm at the age of 17, Hinds was convicted of both charges and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

After maintaining his innocence for years (specifically that he had no involvement with the crimes he was convicted of) and with the assistance of supporters, Hinds discovered a miscellaneous case file maintained by the Detroit Police Department. This case file contained exculpatory evidence that was wrongfully withheld from his state-appointed defense attorney during his trial in 2001. Within this miscellaneous case file, Hinds discovered the existence of an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting his claims of actual innocence including witness statements, DNA evidence, and usable fingerprints.

After losing over 19 years of his life in prison while painstakingly pursuing every investigative lead to help gather enough evidence to prove his innocence, in April 2020, Hinds was finally able to file an exoneration application with the Wayne County Conviction Integrity Unit that alleges to police misconduct in his case. However, things are not progressing as quickly as he had hoped.

According to a Detroit News article published on May 25, 2020, the Conviction Integrity Unit with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office has been assigned to look into Hinds’ case, but assistant prosecutor Maria Miller said, “The status is that it is an open case. They have not done any work on it yet.” Unfortunately, that means an indeterminate amount of time remains for the nightmare Hinds has been living for nearly two decades now.

While Hinds awaits news of his freedom in a Michigan prison, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the lives of people across the world, including the prisoners and staff throughout Michigan’s correctional facilities. With 68 prisoners across the state already reported dead on the MDOC website, Hinds states that he especially fears that the pandemic could threaten his life before his expectant release from prison.

Concerned family and friends of Hinds have started a petition on his behalf to urge the Wayne County Conviction Integrity Unit to expedite the investigation of his exoneration application.

Supporters can sign the petition at and financial donations to help support his exoneration process can be made at

When asked why his supporters have chosen to sponsor this virtual Townhall meeting Hinds replied, “I think that this Townhall is going to be a great way to help create awareness about the truth behind mass incarceration in the black community. It’s systematic, it’s intentional, and it’s destroying lives. The justice system has failed me and so many other innocent black men like me because of police misconduct and racial injustice and the public deserves to know.” Hinds went on to say, “The bottom line is that they have stolen 19 years of my life that I can never get back. I refuse to just sit silently and let them take any more.”

The virtual Townhall meeting will be streamed via Facebook Live from the business page of A Life for a Life Urban Initiative at

More information about Hinds’ exoneration journey and community service over the years can be found at

Hinds can also be contacted directly at using the inmate ID 410196.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Ignores Victims of Police Brutality

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Thousands of complaints have been filed in the state of Tennessee against law enforcement officers using excessive force, with no end in sight.

On December 30, 2010, Christian missionary George Raudenbush was brutally beaten and barely escaped with his life. The individual responsible for the assault, Brian Millsaps, a City of Tellico Plains Police Officer. According to public records, Mr. Millsaps has a past documented history of using excessive force, having federal complaints filed against him, was charged with theft of city property, as well as reckless operation of a police vehicle. He was discharged from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department for violation of department policy. Mr. Millsaps also has had three separate failed marriages during the course of his public rampage of abuse of authority. See release at Christian Newswire.

What happens next is completely shocking. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department hires Brian Millsaps back and gives him a promotion! Mr. Raudenbush, as a result of the malicious attack is permanently physically disabled from head trauma and spinal injury. “I was attacked that night because I was bringing African American Youth Groups into Monroe County to perform mission work in the community, I was told to stop bringing in these groups by sheriff department officials and I didn’t.” See summary brief.

Mr. Raudenbush petitioned Governor Bill Haslam’s office in 2018 about the coverup and abuses in Monroe County Tennessee however, the Tennessee Board of Parole obstructed Mr. Raudenbush’s petition form ever reaching Governor Haslam’s office according to the governor’s former chief legal counsel, Dwight Tarwater.

In August of 2019, Mr. Raudenbush again petitioned the governor’s office asking newly elected Governor Bill Lee, whom Mr. Raudenbush voted for, to hear his petition and conduct an investigation. No such investigation was conducted according to Mr. Raudenbush and reflected by public records and no relief was granted. See summary brief.

Representative Justin Amash of Michigan sent out a letter to his colleagues introducing the Ending Qualified Immunity Act to eliminate qualified immunity and restore Americans’ ability to obtain relief when police officers violate their constitutionally secured rights.

Mr. Raudenbush spends his days in physical therapy under the Americans with Disabilities Act and he continues helping others in his limited capacity.

Investigative Reporter Sharon Rondeau at The Post & Email has extensively covered Mr. Raudenbush’s story since 2010.

CONTACT: George J Raudenbush III

Best-Seller Leadership with a Servant’s Heart earns 4th literary award in 2020

FAITH NEWS SERVICEClarksville, Maryland (USA). A new decade and a new year has ushered in unprecedented despair to the world. The unanticipated COVID-19 pandemic has crossed paths with a well documented, yet often unaddressed, societal ill: Police brutality. This perfect storm, resulting in hundreds of thousands of COVID19-related deaths, widespread store closures, stay-at-home orders, record unemployment, along with protests and demonstrations to influence policy changes, has the world watching and wondering. These, and other prevailing issues, result in a plethora of questions about leadership, specifically, how will our leaders get us through these times?

Leadership with a Servant’s Heart: Leading through Personal Relationships (2019), by author Kevin Wayne Johnson, is an independently published best-selling book whose target audiences include both the general and Christian marketplaces. In 2020, it has earned four literary awards to include: (1) Readers View Reviewers Choice Awards, First Place,

(2) Christian Indie Publishers Association Award, Business/Finance, (3) Human Relations Indie Awards, Leadership Human Relations, Gold Winner, and (4) eLit Award (Digital Publishing Excellence), Silver Award, Business/Career/Sales, from The Jenkins Group. Leadership with A Servant’s Heart equips leaders at the front-line, mid-level and senior-level of small, medium and large organizations, including churches, with practical and proven leadership principles and strategies to create a new and dynamic cadre of leaders. The goal is to teach, coach, mentor and share the concepts of leading others by valuing and caring for them. Leaders learn: (a) Part I – The Key to Servant Leadership: Serving Others (b) Part II – The Goal of Servant Leadership: Inspiring Others and (c) Part III – The Result of Servant Leadership: Leading Others.

Three of the book’s 15 endorsements include –

“This book certainly packs a punch, it is loaded with solid statistics aligned with scriptural references. Highly recommended for men and women who want to be successful leaders in any field.”
 – Dr. Reg Morais
Founder, Anoint the World Ministries
Founder & Senior Pastor, Living Faith Community Church Global, Perth (Western Australia)

“Kevin Johnson has created a valuable resource to accelerate leadership development with a Servants’ heart. His foundation of scripture supported by practical business examples, cases, and models provide a detailed guide for the growth-minded leader.”
Nigel Adams
Owner, Adams Consulting LLC and C12 Group Chair, Washington DC Metro Region (USA)
Former Vice President, Customer Service – JetBlue Airways 

“I commend to you Kevin Johnson’s latest book, as he describes not only servant leadership theories, but provides practical applications and examples which connect the dots.  As the president of a Christian university, and having served as the head of a 60,000 person federal agency, and Deputy Director of the FBI under Robert Mueller, with over 35,000 employees, I understand and appreciate the importance of those who lead with a servant’s heart.”
– Dr. John S. Pistole
President, Anderson University, Anderson, IN (USA)

About the Author:
As Founder and Chief Executive of The Johnson Leadership Group, Kevin provides organizations, and the people who work within them, with the tools to forge effective personnel and interpersonal communication. He delivers training on the elements of dynamic relationships, to equip teams with the attitudes and attributes needed to develop individuals into leaders.

He is a John Maxwell Team certified trainer, coach, mentor and speaker, and an active member of the International Coach Federation. A native of Richmond, Virginia, he earned a B.S. in Business Administration and Management / Economics / Finance from Virginia Commonwealth University. Kevin is an ordained minister by the Church of God Ministries, Incorporated, Anderson, IN, and has held multiple leadership positions at the local, regional, national and international levels, including Senior Pastor. He currently lives in Clarksville, Maryland, with his wife Gail and three sons. For more information, view the website at:

Contact details
(410) 340-8633

New book explores a boy’s search for identity for his father lost at war

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – For boys, the identity they gain just from being in the presence of their father is essential in shaping and molding their lives. However, in the case of Ian Heard, he never got that chance.

Ian’s war hero father was sent off to war in World War II to fight for Australia. In the process, his life was lost, leaving his young son to move from boy, to teen, to young man, without his father there to model his identity and support and encourage him.

The loss was something that weighed upon Ian heavily, and as such, he has released a biography to share his story of growing up and searching for his identity in his father-less world.

In Looking for NX1477, Ian shares the pain and struggles of not ever knowing his dad. In his words, “a ripping yarn becomes a gripping yarn.” Translated from his Aussie colloquialism, that simply means that this book will captivate you.

“What spurred the effort in putting the story together was a simple desire that we all have, and that is to understand who we are… to connect with our forbears and understand better their DNA and how it reflects on who we are,” Ian said.

“In my case, my father was mostly a heroic mystery and a time came when I wanted to ‘know’ him and so my research began. It is about discovery; about ‘finding’ the father I never knew.”

Ian has shared his story in front of thousands of people in churches, clubs and elsewhere.

“I wrote the book for a number of reasons,” he added. “It has broad appeal to a fairly wide age-group because many my age have lost family in the two great World Wars, or Vietnam, or elsewhere—and younger generations are also showing renewed interest in history, as evidenced by their ‘pilgrimages’ to Kokoda, Gallipoli and even Vietnam’s killing fields.

“There is also renewed interest by people in tracing their roots and family history, while it is also a story that draws people in to its series of coincidences. In addition to this, the book has an excellent Gospel application.”

In part of his series of coincidences, he is lucky to have been born at all. In August, 1942, Ian’s father was given a few days’ leave from the war, in which time Ian was conceived. His father went back to war soon after and was then killed in the frontline. In his words, “I am not here by chance!

“For some reason, sitting in my office on a day that’s now chiselled on memory stones, I looked up the website of the Australian War Memorial. It demonstrates, really, that the issue of identity and connection is never really far beneath the surface for any of us. It is my firm conviction that the essence of each person’s ultimate identity resides not in earthly ancestry—as rewarding a search as that can be—but in our true Source, as we shall see.

“Our temporal and earthly DNA is from earthly parents, but there is also within us what I like to think of as our spiritual ‘DNA’, sourced from the One who, we are told, had us in mind—before time began.”

Ian is also a pastor, bible teacher, author, businessman and a keen sailor. He is a member of the ACM Network (Associated Christian Ministries) in Australia and attends Sydney’s Northern Beaches Christian Centre, where he regularly ministers, as well as in other churches.

Ian writes on Biblical subjects and comments from time to time on current and personal events in an attempt to contribute clarity and Biblical certainty.

Looking for NX1477 is now available both within Australia and globally.

Birmingham Alabama’s 2nd Largest Christian TV Broadcasting Network now connects to any device in the world


FAITH NEWS SERVICE – BIRMINGHAM, AL, June 15, 2020Igniting A Nation, Inc recently launched its own app, available in the Apple Store and GooglePlay, along with the debut of their new channels on AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku, AmazonFireTV , Apple Podcasts, TuneInRadio, Spotify, iHeart Radio, , Apple AirPlay, and Chromecast. We can now connect to anyone, anywhere, and On-Demand at any time. Already watched in over 110 Nations, The Igniting a Nation Broadcasting Network, is now adding new programming to its already rich lineup.

Constantly on the go and not able to watch or listen to your favorite Igniting A Nation teaching or show? Now you can watch the Best-Selling Author of The Codist and The Seven Laws of Abundant Living, Messianic Rabbi Eric Walker, Host of “Revealing the Truth”, “Revealing the Bible”, and “Revealing Prophecy” anywhere from your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, or Smart TV. Included in the apps are over 990 hours of audio and video teachings revealing the truth of the Bible.

Watch all of your favorite shows Live with the Igniting A Nation live stream function and stay up to date with what’s happening using the weekly live stream schedule. Keep up with all of Igniting A Nation’s Featured Guests like, Best-Selling authors, Dr. Michael Heiser, Dr. Mark Baker, Rabbi Zev Porat, Pastor Carl Gallups, Germaine Copeland, Dr. Michael Lake, Drs. Michele and Mark Sherwood, Dr. Kim Maas, Dr. Timothy Jennings, Rhonda Stoppe, and many more. Save all of your favorite On Demand shows in your own personal favorites list so you can share them with your friends and family later.

Pat Lozito, Vice President of Programming says, “Our goal is to spread the Gospel to as many people as possible, and these new viewing methods contribute yet another way to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ. We are excited to see how God moves through this exciting new development!”

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Faith Newswire re-brands as Faith News Service; guarantees exposure starting from just $39

Christian press release service Faith Newswire has re-branded as Faith News Service as it has also announced a new pricing and exposure system.

Starting at just $39, every press release published to Faith News Service will also automatically feed on to popular Christian news sites and (an under 35 Christian news and popular culture site).

“We saw an issue in that while many press releases make it to the newswires, generally speaking, they are never read by the people the press release advertiser is targeting: individual Christians,” said Matt Danswan, the CEO of Faith News Service’s parent company, Initiate Media.

“There are so many incredible Christian organizations all around the world that need to draw attention to their message, and as we know, ad campaigns are prohibitive for many. Faith News Service is the perfect, low-cost option to guarantee that organizations can get their message seen.

My Christian Daily and SP are popular websites that bring loads of traffic to the their sites every day because of the volume and consistency of articles published. We have purposely placed the Faith News Service feeds on both sites right up and in the middle of our editorial to ensure that our Faith News Service advertisers get the exposure they need.”

While stating that newswires have their place, Matt said that Initiate Media wanted to do something different.

“This is completely unique and I know this is going to be fantastic for so many ministries and Christian groups,” he continued. “Of course, in advertising, what you pay for is what you get, so for those with tiny budgets, they cannot expect the same results that advertisers spending tens of thousands of dollars are going to get.

“However, with our options starting at only $39, even the smallest of ministries can make themselves known to Christians within America and all over the world.

“The other benefit is that we have very loyal audiences on both My Christian Daily and SP because we are so focused on serving up-to-date news, without even a hint of anything being fake about it. We are a credible daily news source for Christians worldwide.

“Our advertisers are therefore not only getting great exposure, but also the goodwill that comes with being associated with two fantastic news sites.”

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