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New book aims to ‘revolutionize Christian theology regarding creation and all things cosmic’

Just when you decide to forget about it, along comes Terry McIntosh. He’s not a recognized name in the world of quantum physics but his exciting conclusions might change that. His theory of time and things mysterious may be destined to revolutionize Christian theology regarding creation and all things cosmic.

His book, The Time Particle, delves into spooky things that Christians often wonder about but fail to explain when others ask about it. There’s things like prophecy, time loops, time travel, aliens, predestination or free will questions that stump a lot of us because we don’t know how to answer it satisfactorily. That leaves a void that needs be filled. How does it work? The Time Particle brings clarity to it all.

According to Terry, things Christians can’t explain are explained with revelation of the pseudoscience Time Particle. “It’s a new approach to all things cosmic,” he says. “Nobody really knows what time is until now. It’s much more than a measurement of movement. It’s a real thing. Among other things, it’s God’s memory book.”

Science may or may not adopt his conclusions but Terry believes he’s on target because it’s rooted in known science at quantum levels. “Time will tell the tale,” he says, and jokingly adds, “no pun intended.” The hypothesis covers events from before, during, and after creation week.

Terry isn’t a stranger to controversial subjects. He is CEO of the Jesus Christ Embassy Palestine, which is a Christian organization promoting reconciliation of Jews and Palestinians. He previously authored, “I Shall for the sake of my holy name” which, he says, upset some peers. “Truth is a tough pill to swallow but God’s truth finds it way into the hearts of his saints.”

Regarding the Time Particle, Terry has already been hammered hard by atheists who oppose anything God related. “God haters attacked the hypothesis in a public forum without even knowing its content. Maybe it frightens them? I expect them to organize bad reviews to diminish its value to potential readers once it goes live. Closed minds impede progress.”

Terry was introduced to the subject in a dream that led him to the exciting new concept of time, why it exists, and how it works. He says, “We live in an age where knowledge abounds, and so much of it is contrary to God’s truth. Science offers answers to legitimate questions whether right or wrong. If Christians can’t give the right answers, it’s expected that others will adopt the godless explanation. The questions posed are the same ones that people of faith are confronted with. Someone will say that imparted faith is all that’s required and that’s enough. True, God imparts faith but he also gave us a mind to reason with. He said as much in Isaiah 1:18.”

Terry goes on to say, “All we need to know Christ and live good, godly lives is in the Bible but we want to know more and that’s okay, I’m excited that the Lord is giving us a glimpse into his handiwork. It has a divine purpose. The revelation of how time works and it’s eternal significance is imparted first for edification of the church. Secondly, perhaps it will eventually serve science as well. It needs a new concept of time and this is it. It’s not mandatory to understand the mysteries of God to be saved, but it’s very helpful in bearing witness of a living God who created time. It’s for those with inquiring minds,” he says with a smile.

The book is a short read but you’ll likely read it more than once. It goes live on November 1. The retail price is $6.95 for the e-book version and $11.95 paperback. You can pre-order the e-book for $4.95 and save a couple of bucks. You can reserve your copy at The Time Particle.

Contact info
Terry McIntosh Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 766, Paducah, KY 42002
Phone 270-217-0132.

“The Jeremiah Johnston Show” Celebrates its First Anniversary on Faith Radio Network


FAITH NEWSWIRE – St. Paul, Minn., September 17, 2019 —Faith Radio Network, in conjunction with Christian Thinkers Society, celebrates the first anniversary of “The Jeremiah Johnston Show” radio show and podcast this month.

Within the past year, the weekly hour-long interactive talk program hosted by Dr. Jeremiah Johnston has grown significantly with the help of many distinguished guests such as: Sheila Walsh, John Stonestreet, Derwin Gray, Lee Strobel, Greg Laurie, Alister McGrath, Angie Smith and Karen Swallow Prior. A hallmark of the show is that Dr. Johnston concludes each of his guest interviews with a final question, “What is your unanswered question for God?”

“We are excited to see ‘The Jeremiah Johnston Show’ thrive on Faith Radio Network’s lineup of unique and live programming,” says Neil Stavem, director of Programming. “We have been encouraged by Jeremiah’s wisdom, insight and ability to present deep truths in compelling ways. Along with guests, he addresses complicated issues in relevant and thoughtful ways with God’s Word as the source of truth and hope.”

As one of the most popular podcasts on Faith Radio Network, “The Jeremiah Johnston Show” has received amazing feedback and reviews during its first year on-air:

  • “Binge worthy! The conversations have challenged me to go deeper in my relationship with the Lord. I appreciate the thought-provoking content Jeremiah and the guests bring to the show, along with the Q&A at the end of the program…I can’t get enough!”
  • “I don’t know of a stronger, smarter voice in the world today than Dr. Johnston. He’s hip, he’s funny, he’s engaging, he’s normal but yet this young PhD has a wealth of knowledge…”
  • “I really enjoyed the variety of real-life questions and how thoughtful/thinking Christians should respond…”

“When we began ‘The Jeremiah Johnston Show,’ we committed to create inspiring content to help every listener have the confidence to ask their toughest questions and give them answers,” says Johnston. “We are especially grateful for our partnership with Faith Radio Network, supporters, prayer partners, pastors, leaders and seekers who regularly interact with us in a desire for a thinking faith that answers the toughest questions life throws at us.”

The Jeremiah Johnston Show is a weekly, one-hour, interactive talk show airing on Saturdays at 9:00 am CT and Mondays at 12:00 am CT on Faith Radio Network stations, online, and through iTunes and other podcast platforms. The show is available for syndication via Faith Radio Network through Amb-OS. To learn more about carrying this program on your station, please contact Neil Stavem at 651-631-5030, or via

For a full list of Faith Radio Network stations, click here.

“The Jeremiah Johnston Show” On Demand Channels:

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Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D., is president of Christian Thinkers Society, a New Testament scholar, and apologist. He is the author of several books and Bible studies, including: Unimaginable: What Our World Would Be Like Without Christianity. Jeremiah is married to Audrey, and they are parents to five children — including triplet boys!

Connect with Jeremiah:

The Jeremiah Johnston Show

To submit guests for interview consideration, please contact Karen Campbell at and send books to: 

The Jeremiah Johnston Show
Christian Thinkers Society
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The Whole Truth Announces Winners of 2019 “40 Under 40 Award”

The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) award-winning e-magazine, The Whole Truth (TWT) reveals the names of its 40 Under 40 Award recipients.

Memphis, TNThe Whole Truth magazine is excited to award and recognize 40 young, dynamic leaders who are praying, praising, learning, volunteering, texting and tweeting their way to success in business, church and community. We are more than proud of each of their vast accomplishments and TWT is delighted to acknowledge the contributions of each of the 40 Under 40 recipients through this unique award mechanism.

Robert Coleman, Jr. the Managing Editor of TWT and COGIC’s Public Relations Director says, “The 2019 TWT 40 Under 40 Awards provides an opportunity to highlight and showcase some of the incredible young adults who are making a difference in their communities around the country.” He went on to say, “The 2019 recipient list includes a state representative, doctors, doctoral and master’s degree holders, pastors, entrepreneurs, musicians, a former juvenile corrections officer, and more.”

“With over 6 million members globally, it’s difficult for many of us to realize the greatness that is occurring outside of our own sphere of churches, jurisdictions and communities,” stated April Quillen, Editor of The Whole Truth. “40 Under 40 is only a snapshot of the amazing accomplishments flowing throughout our denomination among some truly phenomenal young adults. I am thrilled to be part of such a showcase of COGIC’s very own. Congrats to all!”

The winners of the 2019 TWT 40 Under 40 Award are:

1. Sarah Anthony Lansing, Michigan
2. Krystal Bracy Durham, North Carolina
3. Karen Burks Metairie, Louisiana
4. Korie Christian-Moreland Rochester, Pennsylvania
5. Kalynn Clinton St. Louis, Missouri
6. Keren Clinton St. Louis, Missouri
7. Tequila Dorris Joliet, Illinois
8. Otis Dupree Bowie, Maryland
9. Jason Erby Richardson, Texas
10. Timothy Fair Auburn, Alabama
11. Steven Fluker Hill Lithonia, Georgia
12. Sidney Frye II Rochester, Minnesota
13. Katrina Garrett Alexandria, Virginia
14. Noah Gordon Arlington, Tennessee
15. Christian Green Claremont, California
16. Ebony Green Columbia, South Carolina
17. Mosaic Griffin Wichita, Kansas
18. (Mr.) Morandon Henry Richmond, California
19. Jennifer Hudson Atlanta, Georgia
20. Anthony Hudson, Sr. Cincinnati, Ohio
21. Michael Hunt Waldorf, Maryland
22. Cedric Jackson, Jr. Cleveland Heights, Ohio
23. Breana Jelks Montgomery, Illinois
24. Aliyah Joseph Sherwood, Arkansas
25. Terry Kidd Houston, Texas
26. Jacqueline King Cordova, Tennessee
27. Ms. Christian Lewis Detroit, Michigan
28. Wayne Martin, Jr. Atlanta, Georgia
29. Erinna McKissick Saginaw, Michigan
30. Tena McQueen Lufkin, Texas
31. Carl Patten II Atlanta, Georgia
32. Kylese Hammond Charlotte, North Carolina
33. Jacquetta Ransom Grovetown, Georgia
34. Angela Sims Kansas City, Kansas
35. Brandon Smith Baton Rouge, Louisiana
36. Sophia Strother Pflugerville, Texas
37. Christin Thorpe Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
38. Tony Torain II Owing Mills, Maryland
39. Julius Van Hook Hercules, California
40. Kelly Webb II Minneapolis, Minnesota

An awards reception will be held during the 112th Holy Convocation of the COGIC on Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 4:30pm at the St. Louis America’s Center. To purchase tickets go to for more information.

The Church of God in Christ is one of the oldest Pentecostal denominations in the country and the 4th largest Protestant group in the United States with churches in over 105 countries worldwide and a membership of nearly 6.5 million adherents.

The Whole Truth (TWT) is the #1 award-winning e-magazine of the Church of God in Christ. Established 124 years ago, TWT is one of the oldest religious quarterly magazines in the world.

Contact information:
Church of God in Christ PR

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is Recruiting Homeschool Bloggers

Applications are now open to join the 2020 Homeschool Review Crew


The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine loves to connect families with the best homeschooling products and resources on the market. A key way it does this is through the Homeschool Review Crew—a community of families that get to try out (and keep) a wide range of curriculum and other products. Each family receives these resources for free, in exchange for a personal review of each item on their established blog or vlog.

The Homeschool Review Crew is currently hosting a recruitment season for the 2020 crew. Interested candidates are encouraged to complete the online application form. Those who are selected for the team will be notified shortly before Thanksgiving. Throughout the year, members will be given approximately six weeks to utilize in their homeschooling each item that is under review. They will need to maintain an active blog or vlog, and be committed to writing and sharing honest reviews on their social media platforms.

Publisher Gena Suarez describes how this review process helps all the parties involved. “Vendors benefit from the increased exposure for their products, potential buyers are encouraged by the testimonials of fellow homeschoolers, and crew members are blessed by the opportunity to enjoy the latest and greatest teaching resources for free!”

Members of the Homeschool Review Crew receive two additional free benefits—a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, and a family membership to, the full-curriculum website of The Old Schoolhouse®.

Interested homeschool bloggers and vloggers are encouraged to apply now, before all the spots are filled for 2020.

About The Old Schoolhouse®

The Old Schoolhouse® ( is a privately held corporation that publishes the industry-leading homeschool education print magazine, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, as well as hundreds of books and planning support tools for homeschooling families., a division of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, supports over 7,000 member families, with more than 400 courses for preschool through high school, as well as educational videos, World Book Online, transcripts, report cards, planning tools, and recordkeeping. Established in 2001, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is focused on providing high-quality, encouraging, affordable solutions for homeschooling families.

Publishers Paul and Gena Suarez are available for radio interviews.

Contact: Paul and Gena Suarez 


What’s a Christian single to do?

Being a Christian and single is an interesting exercise for many. In a church world that has been obsessed with matching up men and women for marriage, the reality of the modern age is that more and more Christians are living single lives.

Christians are not immune from the challenge of finding a life partner, and hence a new book has entered the market addressing this very issue. On Being Single is written by Bethany Bell, a Christian woman who had to address this very issue in her own life.

“As a young adult, I didn’t feel the pressure so much to marry, but I perceived judgement that if you were not in a relationship, there was something wrong with you,” she said.

“I attempted to live a life balancing this perceived judgement, the self-expectations that formed as a result, along with my contentment being single with my desire for a relationship whilst trusting God. This was a challenge. I looked around and observed that many others were also in the same boat, struggling to reconcile the many aspects of logic and emotions that can so easily arise.”

With the church having been focused on young people either dating or getting married, Bethany felt the need to discuss the topic of being single to bring some clarification.

“One thing I have noticed in church life is that singleness is rarely acknowledged as a ‘relational status,’” she continued. “Those on the platform often refer to people dating, engaged or married, completely neglecting those who are single. As a single person, there are relational, sexual and financial challenges, just like any person in a relationship.

“The challenges in each relational dynamic – single, dating, engaged, married, separated, divorced, widowed – look different, but are still present. These subtleties can leave single people feeling as though they have not yet arrived and do not face such challenges. I believe this perception needs to change.”

As society sees more and more people single, the church needs to change its thinking around being single and ensuring that singles feel valued for who they are, and understanding that relationship status does not determine adulthood, worth or maturity.

“Single people want to be acknowledged, not because we are single, but because we are people,” Bethany stated. “We need to shift our thinking and language not to make people feel single, but to make them feel valued.

“This change isn’t cultural, it’s personal. It involves each of us shifting our thinking, which will, in turn, change our language and behaviour as a whole. As single people, we are not living idle or still lives; we are living. We have a choice to join the ride of life, or let it pass us by.

On Being Single is definitely not a rule-book for maintaining a balance between being single and hoping and praying for a partner, however it does address realities that encourage both hope and contentment, stemmed in the knowledge of being deeply loved by God.

Readers of this bite-sized book will read chapters that are each the length of or a bit longer than a blog post. It is easy to read and is not a ‘how to’ book. The book is relevant for all people, single or in a relationship – an invitation to another person’s life that may shift perceptions, thinking and cause us to see our world and those in it with a fresh perspective.

On Being Single is now available globally.

Bethany Bell