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New book helps children discover their inner superhero

A new children’s book is an imaginative tale about dreaming big and believing in yourself.

Arya’s Flying Dreams was originally conjured up as a bedtime story for the author’s nephew and two sons to inspire them to believe that anything is possible. A few years later and whilst on maternity leave with her daughter, her eldest son encouraged her to write the book.

Arya’s Flying Dreams is a fresh perspective on taking good risks, because that is where the real discoveries are made and resilience is born. With the help of nutrition and rest to boost the mind and body with energy, anything is possible.

“What started as nothing more than a dream saw the seeds of my first children’s book planted and my publishing journey begun. Thanks to my encouraging husband, the great people at Ark House Kids and the visionary illustrator, Valerie Bouthyette, this book is now a wonderful dream come true.”


In this beautiful children’s book, Arya dreams about flying. Like a bird, like a plane or like Superman! Can he make his dreams come true? Even though he fails to fly time and time again, he doesn’t give up. With his mum’s encouragement, Arya keeps inventing and learns to have fun along the way!

About the Author:

Dawn is passionate about reading and writing meaningful stories whilst raising her three kids, together with her husband in Melbourne, Australia. Dawn is a member of Writer’s Victoria and writes regularly on her blog, and on She aspires to empower parents with insights to have fun connecting creatively with their kids.

Invitation to a Fast – A Study on the Power of Fasting

Never has there been such a vital time for the church to rediscover the ancient weapon of fasting. Battles over legislations, worldviews and souls are breaking out all around us and often the individual can feel close to impotent to do anything about it. In response, over the last decade, the worldwide church has seen a reawakening around prayer and fasting.

More churches than ever in recent memory are calling congregations to seasons of Prayer and Fasting. But how does an individual believer or a local church shed the overtones of legalistic fasting and engage with this in such a way that is full of grace and sustainable?

Invitation to a Fast is a follow up to This Chosen Fast (Ark House) and will give you all the tools to answer that question. It presents a survey of all of the major biblical texts. It has a multitude of personal stories and tips to make fasting accessible. And it is all wrapped in a grace covered, invitational framework that can be missing from so many works-orientated fasting discussions.

Lou Engle, founder of The Call and The Send, which gathers tens of thousands in stadiums across the world, in his foreword says,With the sound of fasting on the lips of generals of intercession there will always come the questions, the doubts, and the critics – primarily from among the Church.

“Many raise very important questions concerning fasting. I am proud of this book. It is so well written, and it answers many of these questions with well thought-out and articulated biblical revelation. I believe this book should be a key resource for those who are serious about leading the parade of history in fasting and prayer and mobilizing this last days movement described in Joel 2 and elsewhere in the scriptures.”

Invitation to a Fast is an opportunity to delve deeply in scripture, engage with an author who has fasted for multiple 3 day, 7 day, 21 day and 40 days fasts, and throw off guilt around prayer and fasting and respond to the heavenly invitation to change the history of the world.

About the author:
Matt Madigan is a pastor, speaker, author and a passionate faster. When Matt speaks about prayer and fasting, he does so from a wealth of personal experience. Much of Matt’s personal breakthrough has come through dedicating his life to prayer and fasting. For the last 20 years, a 40 day fast has been part of his annual routine. He is a known authority on the topic, leading the 40 day fast for ‘The Call Australia’ in 2004 which culminated with 6000 people attending 12-hour event at the Sydney Showground.

Matt has written 2 books: This Chosen Fast and Invitation to a Fast as well as blogging at

Invitation to a Fast is available now on Amazon, and all book sellers.

Matt is available for interviews and speaking engagements. We would love to forward you a copy of Invitation to a Fast, so you can use it as a giveaway on your channel or review it for articles and book reviews. To book Matt or request a complimentary copy contact him on +61402 302 405 or

Northeastern Seminary Offers Free Child Safety Webinar Training for Churches

On Tuesday, August 6, at 6:00 p.m. (EDT) Amy Lynn Smith, licensed master social worker, mother, and 2015 graduate of Northeastern Seminary’s Theology and Social Justice, M.A. program, leads a free webinar on “Implementing Child Safety Strategies in Houses of Worship.”

“I regularly come across churches and communities that have a difficult time implementing important safety policies, such as having two unrelated adults in a classroom,” Smith said. “Leaders often wonder how they can accomplish this when they only have five volunteers for their children’s ministry.”

Pulling from her training as a social worker and experience in pastoral ministry, Amy will offer insight on how church and ministry leaders can:

  • Complete a preliminary child safety vulnerability analysis for their church or ministry addressing common critical areas of risk
  • Identify how their church can safely engage with and protect children online
  • Implement best practices for safety and prevention
  • Rethink what a community of wholeness can look like inside and outside of the church

This webinar is free and open to the public. Webinar attendees will receive a best practices toolkit download that includes sources for further training and research-based information. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a special two-hour workshop hosted by Amy on August 15 at Northeastern Seminary.

For more information or questions, please contact Maria Gilluly, event coordinator, at or 585.594.6420, or visit the event website at

About Northeastern Seminary

Since opening its doors in 1998, Northeastern Seminary has continued to grow in prominence as an independent, multi-denominational seminary and as a significant resource for the Church and community in upstate New York. Located on the campus of Roberts Wesleyan College, Northeastern offers five Masters Programs available fully online and onsite and one Doctoral program with residency. Through innovative approaches to ministry, engagement of cultural contexts, perseverance in the face of challenges, excellence in biblical preaching and worship, and transformation of self and others through spiritual formation, Northeastern Seminary students share in the creative and redemptive work of God.

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