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Believe it – Eating, the Way God Intended, Can Stop Disease in Its Tracks!

FAITH NEWSWIRE – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – January 2019 – Do you want to eat right but aren’t sure how to do it? Maybe you need some inspiration to cook the foods your body needs.  In Nine Servings of Vegetables: The Cookbook for the Nutritional Balancing Diet to Eliminate Toxic Metals, Balance Your Biochemistry, and Prevent Disease, by Josephine Zanetti (published, November 2018 you will find that, and more.

The goal of nutritional balancing is entirely different from that of other programs as it does not seek to return a person to a regular diet and lifestyle.  Instead, it seeks to drastically improve mental and physical health, providing complete restoration to the body. This requires a different type of diet and one that can keep you away from the doctor’s office.

We’re told from the time we could lift a fork, to eat our vegetables.  Little did we know how right our parents were.

The challenge we face is getting the recommended nine servings of vegetables each day.

Josephine removes that challenge in this book. She reaches deep-down drawing on her faith and encouraging you to do the same.  A suggestion of attending a 12-step program for addiction is also a wonderful tool for strengthening ones resolve to follow this new, healthy, way of eating.

This book has been written with great care and detail to include everything from purchasing your food, to cleaning, to storing and of course the preparation.

It includes lists of the best vegetables and proteins from maximum nutrition along with an explanation of “Nutritional Balancing.”  There are over 100 pages of ingredients for a nutritionally balanced diet. With more mouth-watering, easy to prepare, recipes than most traditional cookbooks.

There is also a three-week, three meals and two snacks a day, meal planner to help get you started.

This is a book that, if followed, will change your life – for the better.

JOSEPHINE ZANETTI holds a degree in culinary arts from the Dubrulle French Culinary School in Vancouver, B.C and certification in holistic nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Let her be your guide in returning your body to its natural alignment through healthy cooking and eating.

Praise for Nine Servings of Vegetables

I got Josephine’s lovely book today and I have been reading it like a crazy person. I really do love it!!
It is different than I thought it would be. I had envisioned this book would be mostly vegetarian and I was pleasantly surprised that it covers, well…just about everything.
I love that Josephine has wonderful lists in the book of what to eat and what not to eat.  And it is all referenced as to what page the additional recipes for sauces can be found. It is very easy to navigate and I do like Josephine’s stories about the different foods, and stories from her family and her up-bringing.  It reads very well, and I am super impressed with it.
It is a comprehensive look at the diet we all have, the foods we all eat, or should be eating. 
Thank you for putting this one together for us all! We have needed this book! 

 —Kathy Scogna, CA, U.S.A 

Author of Junk DNA and several other books

Josephine’s Nine Servings Of Vegetables Is the most comprehensive book on nutrition I have ever read! 
Her eloquent style of communicating the benefits of nutrition, expertise, background, and great recipes, is a real treat to read and reference.
Every home should have a copy of this enjoyable, and comprehensive, nutritional guide to health- conscious lifestyle cooking.
Thank you Josephine, for publishing this great creative life influencing work!

—Jim Manegold, PA, USA
Certified SAF Practitioner

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